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  1. 1) What would be the Limitation for a Luck Power just used to counter someone else's Luck spent against yourself. 2) Does Suppress have a cap on how much it can suppress? I haven't found it yet. - revxopher (thanks ahead of time guys)
  2. Re: Power Null Thanks everyone, all the posts have been very helpful, I'll talk to my GM and with these suggestions I'm sure we'll come up with a workable solution.
  3. My friend, who will be new to the Heroes System, would like to play a power null character, where by simply being in the room (or with in an area of effect around her) other peoples' powers stop working. If you watch Heroes then think of the Haitian. At first I told her that with the way the rules work that she won't be able to shut down peoples' powers completely and they may only get a bit weaker and she was okay with that. But now I'm looking at the points and I just can't figure out how to make the power in anyway that is cost effective. Can anybody out there give me a hand with this one? -Kenny
  4. Okay, so the visual of the power is a cloud of energy that constantly billows out around the character, when attacked the cloud lashes out at anyone that the character would perceive as a threat. Could it be built as: Energy Blast 3d6, Continous, Persistant, 0 END, Damage Shield, Area of Effect Selective. / Always On Also if the Damage Shield is bought to work against Mental attacks, then would the mentalist have to be within the range of the AoE, or would it affect him as the damage shield normally would? Also would the people within range of the AoE be automatically hit since a damage shield doesn't require a to hit roll, or would only the attacker get hit automatically and some form of To Hit roll would need to be made for any others. Help? Thoughts? Feedback?
  5. Alrighty, I'm having a heck of a time understanding how to build naked advantages. I can understand building a group naked advantage because the Hero Designer program seems to do it just fine. But can people throw some examples of single power naked advantages at me so I can see the math? Actually examples of both couldn't hurt...I could be wrong about my understanding of group naked advantages too. Thanks guys. - revxopher
  6. Hey all, I've been trying to read up on the rules for building an AI, and I'm having trouble with it. Here is what I'm shooting for, our group of superheroes is going to have a loft apartment building with an AI computer that can manifest a holographic image of itself within our loft. I'd like the AI to be able to help with researching and cataloging supervillians and to be linked into the security system the loft has (which I already built as apart of the base). Any tips or ideas for a build, I've been working on it, but I seem to keep running in circles. - revxopher
  7. Re: Personal Sacrifice Well, I'd say buy a power framework that once activated can only be active for 5 combat turns or 1 minute outside of combat, and buy a limitation (not sure of the cost, possibly just a -1/4) that makes all the powers drain STUN instead of END. Then just throw an extra limitation on the framework that gives it a 5 minute cooldown. I have a pretty laid back gm, so maybe I'm under thinking this, but I don't really see any problem with it. -revxopher
  8. Alrighty, I've got a poser for you guys, not quite sure on how to go about this one. Okay, so the idea behind the power is that its a defensive teleportation ability that allows you to switch places with someone that is about to get hit. So that in an instant you are standing where your ally was and your ally is now where you were, and as a result you are the target for whatever attack was about to hit them. I figure this power needs the ability to Abort to suddenly do this. I'm not overly clear on teleportation so I figured I'd toss it up on the forum. - revxopher
  9. Re: A progressive multiform. I tried building the idea in an elemental control, it just got to be too much. Lots of triggers and certain powers only active when others are already active... it got to be annoying. From what I've done already, this actually seems to streamline it more and make it a bit easier to handle, I just have to switch from one sheet to the next and everything is upgraded and pretty with no fuss.
  10. Alrighty. I am currently working on building a character with a multiform power. Now looking through the rules I saw that if you are building a multiform with more points than your base character, than you either have to account for that with more disadvantages or spend 1 for every 5 points over the limit you are in addition to the cost for the actual points. (I hope I'm describing this well enough) Anyway, this is what I'm looking to build. Main form: 150 base points / +100 from disadvantages. (this is my gm's build) 1st form: 275point 2nd form: 325point 3rd form: 350point Now for the third form it can take a few extra disads, so I can have 120 points from disads, but that still leaves 80 points so that would cost me 16 more points (80/5 = 16), and 350 points with x4 forms and Instant change is 85... so the total cost for these forms would be 101. First of all... am I right? Second, what about the extra points past the base disads on the smaller forms? Everything I saw referenced only spending points on the most expensive points. And finally the idea behind the character is that he goes from one form to another in a specific order, each form as it gets more expensive is pretty much the same as the form below it, just with a few extra powers, maybe slightly better characteristics and maybe an extra disad or two. As the fight goes on the character slowly goes up the level of forms until he's at the most powerful form. Any suggestions for how to best build multiform to accurately make this power? - revxopher
  11. So I'm currently working on designing a base for my superhero teen champions group, and I'm trying to figure out a few things. How do you build doors? I know that the walls of the base have the value that you buy them at... but what about doors? I'm thinking of cinderblock walls but having a metal security door. And along with that... how do you build locks and security systems? I saw that in the skills section under Lockpicking and Security Systems, that it says that difficult and well made locks or security systems give negatives to skill checks. How do you build that as a feature for your base? Obviously if anyone has any reference material with more detailed rules and suggestions on base design, if you can point me towards them I'll be happy to read up. - revxopher
  12. Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I'm currently trying to design a power that would allow me to cast a protection on an ally that would transfer any attack made against my ally to me. So in effect, I cast the power on my ally and in combat he is hit with a sword but instead of it hurting him it hurts my character... showing up as a sword wound on me. I'd prefer it if the attack still had to go through my defenses, like Feedback on a Force Wall. Any thoughts on this? - rev
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