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  1. Hi @Simon, Why not? You just said "HD is doing things as intended and as indicated by the rules/writers' guidelines." You've repeated that multiple times. I've provided documentation and made a reasonable request for either a bug fix, a feature request, or an explanation of where the guidelines say that DCV modifiers shouldn't be reflected on the character sheet in the same manner that STR modifiers are, vis-a-vis the Growth power. I am posting in the appropriate forum. I have been polite and courteous. I don't know what I've done to earn your ire. If you can't help me because you don't know, no worries. If you are just refusing to provide information that you have but are choosing not to, I don't understand why you are behaving this way. Please, help me by telling me where the guidelines say I am wrong. Thanks.
  2. Hi @Simon, Can you point me to the section of the Writer's Guidelines that indicates the the negative DCV modifier from Growth shouldn't be reflected? In 5 ER 183, it clearly indicates that it should. Thanks.
  3. Hi @Simon, Can you elaborate? The power of Growth in HD indicates, for example, with 3 level of Growth, that the character should receive, "+15 STR, +3 BODY, +3 STUN, -3" KB, 800 kg, -2 DCV, +2 PER Rolls to perceive character, 4m tall, 2m wide". HD gives you the option to add totals to Primary Values, Secondary Values, or not at all. The character sheet then correctly reflects the bonus to STR, BODY, and STUN. It doesn't indicate knockback, but that may be a reflection of the use of the Heroic template and not the Superheroic one. It also figures the weight and size correctly based on the values I have input under the Background tab. In fact, the only thing I would expect it to reflect in the totals but that it doesn't is the modifier to DCV. I think it would be fine if the DCV modifier showed up under combat information, the same way that CSLs do, but it doesn't reflect at all. I would expect the DCV modifier to reflect just as the other modifiers do. Alternatively, if you are suggesting that this isn't a bug per se because it was never coded to reflect the DCV modifier, then I would like to make this as a feature request that HD be updated to be in line with the RAW (i.e., Growth affects DCV just as it affects STR). Thanks.
  4. Hi @Simon, Okay, then how do I report a bug/? In HD, the Growth ability does not subtract DCV modifiers from the DCV, nor does it indicate the DCV modifiers in combat information. The power *does* correctly add to STR, BODY, etc. Thanks.
  5. Hi @Simon, I know that. I am asking if my assumption is correct the HD can't reflect the DCV penalty. Since buying growth indicates the penalty in the power but not under the under combat information or with Characteristics, I presume my assumption is indeed correct. Is this something that could be added in a future HD update? CSLs do indeed reflect correctly on the sheet, so I would hope that this is just a coding issue. Thanks
  6. Hey all, Been a *really* long time since I posted on the boards. Anyways, am I correct in assuming that HD can't model the negative DCV modifiers that are associated with base weight and size changes (per 5ER 576)? HD build 20190428 (although I literally just downloaded the July version). Thanks!
  7. Hi Steve, I have a question about the disable element (obviously). I am constructing a custom martial maneuver for a heroic campaign. Disabling and Impairing rules are being used, as are Hit Locations. I am confused, however, as to the application of the disabling rules from 5ER 417 with the Disable element. Let me start with what I know: 1. The Disable element automatically targets a limb. (UMA 92) 2. The Disable element ignores all penalties and bonuses associated with the particular hit location targeted. (UMA 92) 3. A limb becomes disabled when the BODY damage done to an area is more than the character's total BODY. (5ER 417, ignoring the parenthetical about before or after location bonuses / penalties). 4. An attack that hits a limb cannot (normally) do more damage than 1/3 the total starting BODY. (5ER 413) Further, as presented in both examples on that page, one wishing to sever a limb need only do 1/3 of the total starting BODY in damage to that limb to do so. My questions (assume that my opponent has 12 BODY when fully healed, and has no applicable defenses): 1. If any attack that hits my opponent in the leg does a total of 4 BODY (after modifiers), is the leg severed, as in the example in 5ER 413? 2. Assuming in the previous question that the BODY done before modifiers was 8 BODY, does this mean that regardless of the previous answer, the limb is not disabled (but may be impaired)? In other words, if the answer to question #1 is yes, the limb is not disabled, but it isn't attached to my opponent anymore? (This seems nonsensical, which is why I must be misreading something.) 3. If I have a martial maneuver with the disable element, does that effect my chances to disable the limb at all? Is disabling now automatic, or is the only bonus that I don't receive any OCV penalties for targeting a limb? (It would seem to me that there must be something I am missing, as the rules for disabling already specify that BODY damage can be taken into account before and after the BODYx modifier.) 4. If I have a martial strike with the disable element that does 1d6 KD, and if the disable element does not automatically disable the specified limb nor provide bonuses to disabling the limb, would I ever actually be able to disable my opponents limb, as I can't roll 12 BODY on 1d6 (although I am working on it!)? Obviously, the answer to this question depends on the previous one. 5. Since a limb can only take a maximum of 1/3 starting BODY damage, is it ever possible to accumulate enough damage to disable (or sever) a limb? For example, in phase three I do 3 BODY to my opponent's leg (less than of his starting 12 BODY). In phase six, I do 3 BODY to his same leg--does this mean that I really only did 1 BODY to his leg, severing it, or another 3 BODY? In phase nine, I do another 3 BODY to the same leg (assuming it is still there). Finally, in phase 12, I do another 3 BODY, same leg. Is my opponent now at 0 BODY, with all limbs intact and fully functional, 8 BODY, but missing a leg from back in phase 6 (and I've wasted my attacks in phases 9 and 12), or 8 BODY, but with a leg that's just been disabled in phase 12? 6. Assuming that the rules for disabling nerve strikes (UMA 157) are not being used, can you disable or impair a limb with an NND attack, or does the attack have to do BODY (assuming the NND does not)? Can a limb ever be impaired or disabled through taking STUN? I know that's a lot of questions in a single post, but I'd rather bombard you all at once than make you feel like you're being nibbled to death by ducks. Thanks! Scott
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