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  1. Yeah, clumsy title. Anyway ... if you've got Absorption usable as a Defense, does it stop functioning as a defense if your Absorption is maxed out? E.G. Character as 20 base PD and 10 Physical Absorption As Defense. He's absorbed 20 points of incoming BODY ... is his PD 20 or 30 from here?
  2. Hopefully there's no such thing as quantity time in Alabama.
  3. So, Trump's just had another person come to his defense ... Vladmir Putin. Does this constitute a 'stop helping me' moment, getting an endorsement from one of the most corrupt dictators on the face of the planet?
  4. Does anybody know where this 'the Democrats provided no evidence' meme came from? Is this the same as the 'Obama never passed a budget' nonsense from a while back, just some bit of pernicious misinformation that somehow got wedged in people's minds?
  5. Some magic items or other magical stuff like portals might need the skill check to activate?
  6. We can only hope. WWE's roster is so insanely bloated, so much of them never get any screen or PPV time.
  7. Something I'm working on for an Eberron HERO game; trying to come up with unique combinations of modifiers to differentiate the various sorts of powers/magic/psionics/etc. in the setting. I'm not overly worried about cleaving to a D&D mechanical feel (I'll be using the standard FH grimoires for spells rather than doing the Vancian stuff). So far, my thoughts are: Standard wizardry draws on Mana (a new stat the 4e Fantasy Hero Companion 2 created). 5e used Endurance Reserves for this purpose. Typically require Gestures, Incantations, Focus, Skill Roll (Magic skill based on INT) Psionics draws on personal Endurance. Typically require Concentration and Extra Time. LOS Mental Powers will get limited range. Dragonmarks (a unique Eberron thing) use Charges. This leaves me with divine magic, and sorcery (defined D&D style as 'innate magical power' rather than learned wizardry). Outside of the skill roll based on EGO, and a limitation about the religious restrictions in using it, I can't think of anything else. Part of me wants to make it a VPP, the effect becoming more going 'hey, god help me out here' and then *something* happens, but my players are not familiar enough with the system to manage a VPP. Sorcery, I think, I will make more like free-form 'super-powers' instead of instinctive knowledge of spellcasting. I don't think any common limitations really work here ... I may use Endurance Reserves here? In D&D/Pathfinder, sorcerer powers are based on bloodlines, usually a bit of unusual ancestry, or exposure to magical energies altering the character (or character's ancestors ... I don't think the Fire Elemental bloodline occurred in a traditional genetic manner). Based on this, I think requiring a theme (as opposed to D&D/PF, where they have free rein of the wizard spell list). ... this really is just an arcane fantasy superhero, isn't it? I'm quite certain I've put on my overthinking cap here, but anybody else have any thoughts on this sort of thing? P.S. In 4e and 5e, power frameworks were strongly un-recommended. I don't have 6e FH (just FH Complete), is this no longer a thing? FH Complete seems to imply that frameworks are now kosher.
  8. I generally use the Eberron approach ... the gods might or might not exist, there's no way to prove it one way or another. There's simply no evidence. Faith is what powers divine magic, and it doesn't have to be faith in a god, one can have faith in justice or worship the sun directly instead of a sun god and get just as much divine power as an adherent to an established religion (in the words of Eberron's creator, Keith Baker, if you believe strongly enough in your left shoe, your left shoe will grant you divine powers). This also means that so long as you *think* what you're doing supports your god's agenda, your abilities will function perfectly. If I don't do that, I just go with 'there are no gods', and religion operates the same in the game world as it does in the real world. Since I don't need to worry about D&D's divine/arcane magic identity issues (there's no bloody reason wizards can't cast healing spells), it's not anything I have to account for.
  9. To my reckoning, even if Trump isn't impeached, we need enough solid, foolproof evidence of Trump's ... indiscretions that even if he's not impeached or convicted, it's painfully obvious to the American voting public that the Republicans who vote against impeaching/convicting are complicit with his crimes and won't get re-elected. That would at least be something of a victory. Unfortunately, nobody ever lost money betting on the stupidity of the average American voter.
  10. And considering how small Nixon's sense of shame was ... Trump's ego won't let him resign, even if the polls to impeach hit 99% ...he'll just decry them as 'fake news' as he does to anything that doesn't support him.
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