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  1. Saturday morning is bad for me, any time Sunday would be fine.
  2. Champs Complete p.27 states you can use two levels for +1 DC.
  3. So, I was having what is probably best described as an existential crisis the other day, and all of a sudden, I got it. I realized that when I die, maybe 10, 20 years, nobody will even know I ever existed. My death is going to be as meaningless as my life is. I'm an absolute, total, worthless nobody. These guys, the shooters ... at least they're being talked about. Yes, it's all negative, but what's worse, being hated, or being ignored and forgotten? Even being despised, someone's acknowledging your existence. There are better ways to make one's mark, of course, but how many of those are accessible to minimum wage schmucks who can't afford higher education and likely wouldn't have the opportunity to use it even if they could? In that moment, I really think I truly understood. And on some level, that frightens me.
  4. Thanks for the insight. I'm working on a Bullseye-like character (her whole schtick is 'I never miss', well almost never, those pesky 3s), and was curious what an 'obscene OCV' would look like to various people.
  5. Easier at this point to name the countries Trump hasn't pissed off. Russia, North Korea ... yeah, think that's it.
  6. Pretty much what it says in the title. If you were running a 'standard', if there is such a thing, 6th Edition 400pt/75 Complication Champions superhero game, what's the highest grand-total OCV (base OCV + levels) you'd permit?
  7. The 'system' is a lot of it. Like I said, he seems to think that mechanics and roleplaying are inversely proportional (despite being in HERO games which, I would like to think, amply demonstrate otherwise).
  8. Anything helps. We actually play a lot of board and card games (his collection of those is absurd) since we have such trouble getting RPGs up and running.
  9. In theory, 3 of the 4 of us *can* GM, but my wife doesn't have the time and energy to prep anymore, and I'm suffering from some severe apathy; I'm trying to rev myself up, but it's like when you try to start a lawnmower with one of those stupid pull-cords and it won't ... quite ... catch. The fourth one keeps saying he's going to give it a try, but he's been saying he's going to for so long, we're not really expecting it anymore.
  10. And now to try to remember how the hell all this worked. Do I need an invite? I feel so stupid for not remembering any of this.
  11. I'll put the TL;DR first: Friend of mine is running a game he loves, but I don't like. Torn between 'he's a friend, I'm obligated' and 'I'm not having fun, I should stay home'. The long version: He's running a game called Monster of the Week. It's designed to emulate things like Buffy, Grimm, urban fantasy shows with monster antagonists (and sometimes protagonists). The genre/concept itself, I don't mind, but the system is ... is ... there's almost no system to speak of. You have five stats, valued -1 to +3; Cool, Charm, Tough, Sharp, and Weird. To perform a 'Move' (as the game calls actions), you roll 2d6, add modifier. 7 or higher, you succeed. Here's the thing. Each stat has one or two moves attached to it. Tough is used for 'Kick some Ass' and 'Protect someone', for example. Each character has an archetype that grants them 3 'class-specific' moves, for lack of a better term. The Crook, for example, can get a move that lets him perform B&E. It seems that only people with a particular move can perform it, as most classes have an advancement of 'Take a move from other class's move list'. That's it. There's something to be said for simplicity, but this is beyond that. Unless you default to Cool's 'Act Under Pressure' move for EVERYTHING, there's no way to hide, sneak, drive, pick a lock, break down a door (unless you're kicking the door's ass?), search for things, play an instrument ... I have no idea what languages my character knows. I have no idea how much he knows about vampires or ghosts or anything else. The combat isn't even interesting because it's just 'Roll Kick Some Ass'; the GM doesn't even roll anything; if you win, you hurt it, if you lose, it hurts you. Which oddly means a melee-only monster can hurt you if you're shooting it with a rifle from 500 feet away and roll poorly. No tactics, no variety, no aim, no brain. There's just nothing THERE. No meat, no crunch, no substance. All fluff. It's the cotton candy of game systems. I don't like it. I would rather stay home and play Overwatch or Skyrim or Smash Bros or just chat online. I spend most of the game frustrated and bored because my options are so limited. Except for magic. Literally anybody can use magic, though if you fail your check, something bad will happen. This makes a high Weird essentially broken; I played a Monstrous (werewolf), and eventually in each game I've gotten so frustrated with the mystery we were on that I just used magic to Postcognition a crime scene ... but I shouldn't have, because that's not my concept, but there's no allowance for that other than voluntary nerfing. Why didn't I just give myself a low Weird, you may ask? Not an option. When you pick your class, you've given a handful of pre-determined stat outlays, and all of the Monstrous ones had +3 Weird, so I didn't have a choice. If you thought DnD's class system was restrictive, you ain't seen nothin' until you've tried Monster of the Week. BUT the guy running it is one of those that thinks mechanics and roleplay are an inverse ratio, so he loves it. He ran it at Gen Con this year and he's thinking about sending stories to the publisher, or maybe designing adventures for them, I'm not quite sure, which means he'll want to run it fairly frequently. I don't want to hurt his feelings, and I'm afraid if I say that I want to bow out, that he'll stop running it to appease me, but I don't want him to do that, either, but I don't want it to get to the point where I can't pretend to be interested. I've mentioned that it isn't really my thing low-key, but haven't really made a fuss about it; I figure he thinks I'm neutral on it, rather than outright negative. Essentially, at this point, I'm only along for the socialization aspect. Not sure if I'm after advice, or just needed to get this off my chest. Either way, if you've read all this, thank you.
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