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  1. My friend Jeff's cat Halley died a couple of days ago. Now, to be fair, she had a hell of a run ... she was over twenty, which is roughly the human equivalence of being over a hundred years old. She was an old farm cat, friendly and affectionate though. We'd been watching her health deteriorate for a while, but she was holding up very well all things considered. I don't think she was on death's door so much as Death was at her door, and she was telling him to f*** off. She died peacefully and, near as anybody could tell, painlessly. Jeff's buried her in his yard, planted a shrub there, and put a little cat statue on it. I'm probably gonna take a few minutes to cry at it next time I visit.
  2. While I can respect him for that he created, I'm not going to miss him when he's gone (unless things somehow actually get worse). Much like many of his wrestlers (Eldertaker, Oldberg ...), he should have stepped away years ago.
  3. I dunno, I'd interpret that just as a Multipower with Growth and Shrinking, along with a Gadget Pool. I do freely admit that, the last time I paid much attention to the main Marvel comics, Pym actually couldn't change size without endangering his health, but could enlarge and shrink other objects and people by touch (and carried around a small arsenal of shrunken weapons and gadgets in his jumpsuit), and didn't use a superheroic identity.
  4. 1. Active Points and point costs don't tell the whole story. They're a good starting point for balance for direct, straightforward things like attacks vs defenses, but when you get into the less direct aspects of character building, you can't just go by the numbers. It's entirely possible to have a cheap game-breaking power, or an expensive power than doesn't accomplish all that much. 2. Remember that you can always say 'that was a mistake, it's unbalancing the game, we need to do something about that'. GMs make mistakes, and aren't omniscient ... it's impossible to foresee every possible situation a PC might end up in or how they might (ab)use a power. On a more 'which power to use' front, assuming all the forms are bipedal/raptor-bodied dinosaurs, this doesn't sound like Multiform to me, just maybe a Multipower with a Growth slot and a Shrinking slot, since the skills and overall powers remain the same.
  5. If you're gonna hack a roadsign, do it with style.
  6. The very first Champions game I was in, which was simultaneously a great thing (it introduced me to the game) and a bad thing (the GM had several ... quirks that I took as gospel and took me years to shake free of), regularly had 10 players in it, up to 12 on occasion. The only reason this didn't make things take forever was one of those quirks ... a campaign cap of 18d6 on attacks with defenses in the 25-30 range, meaning 'if you got hit, you were probably dunked for the duration'. It didn't take me too long to realize that was absurd and didn't really give much time for actual characterization, so when I started running, I decided to cap at six. I got wheedled into 8 once, but never again. Nowadays, my game group consists of 4 people including myself, so not really an issue anymore.
  7. Super Letdown didn't change anything because it's just a high-profile house show. Roman Reigns is the Big Dog, the guy we wanna push, the future of the company, the new face than runs the place? Let's have him humiliated by the owner's kid, with the once fearsome and monstrous Drew MacIntyre reduced to the role of a lackey. Triple H vs Randy Orton version 8,586. The colossal main event, featuring two legends who can't wrestle for more than three minutes without wheezing for air, Oldberg vs the Eldertaker. This match might have been good twenty years ago, but both of these guys are over, done, finished, and between Crown Jewel and this, Taker's legacy is getting a thick layer of tarnish on it. A fifty-man battle royal ... with fifty-one participants and no spots. As you say, at least Blockhead Loser didn't get to cash in. If WWE is smart, the 'Friday' he spoke of will be the first Friday show on Fox Sports (and ideally, he'll fail there ... no, ideally he'll quit before that and we'll never have to see him again).
  8. Okay, gonna try to get back into this stuff. Here's my thought for an opening adventure, 'get the gang together' sort of setup. I've mentioned the idea before, but it's been a while, so this might seem familiar to some. The idea is that Loki wants/needs to get his hands on Mjolnir, but knows damn well he can't get it off Thor himself, as Thor would kick the living crap out of him. So, he does his behind-the-scenes manipulation schtick and gets Thor and Bulldozer to get in a drinking contest. He arranges it so Dozer can't get drunk off the magicked booze, and with a bit of mental prodding, gets Dozer to grab the hammer. Now, of course, Loki, mischievous jackhole he is, does see some potential chaos that could be generated by Dozer having Mjolnir, so makes the mistake of not taking it away immediately; he knows of Dozer's arachnophobia and knows he can use that to get him to relinquish the hammer. Thor wakes up, hung over and extremely ticked off, and basically goes around tearing a path through (Campaign City) looking for Dozer. This is the PCs' first problem, because they have an angry brick on a rampage and the odds of a shared language are slim at best. I don't have any pre-planned thoughts of how they're going to deal with him, I'm just gonna have to wing it. Sometime after Thor is dealt with (or Thor deals with them), that's when Dozer will start discovering how much fun he can have with the hammer. I don't think Dozer is smart enough to think about doing more than hitting people with the hammer, either in-hand or by throwing, and I don't think he's seen any of the Thor/Avengers movies ("Comic books are for NERDS!"), so things like throwing lightning just aren't going to occur to him without prompting (also, see below). Believe me, I'm waiting for a PC to say something about it, though. "At least he's not throwing lightning at us." "I can throw lightning?" "FFFFFFFFFFFFF--" I'll be doing a lot of ad-libbing at that point, just kind of seeing what happens and reacting ... ideally, the PCs (maybe with Thor's help? depends) will weaken Dozer enough that Loki can make his move to swipe the hammer (at which point I'll have to figure out just what he wants to do with it), then they have to go after Loki. N.B. I'm not using Marvel Thor. I'm using mythological Thor. He's red-haired and bearded, and there is no 'worthiness' bit on Mjolnir (and Mjolnir cannot be used to fly). He speaks Norse (or whatever language is appropriate, I'll have to look it up), not Ye Olde English. He's short-tempered, completely without guile (and thus easily tricked), hits first and asks questions never. Anyway, thoughts? Intriguing premise? Lame?
  9. Yeah, I'm really rusty, I should be able to figure this out myself, but I can't wrap my skull around it. Using Teleportation with Must Cross Intervening Distance as the base, I want to build a power that literally lets the character dash anywhere on the planet's surface ... SAFELY. No (or at least very minimal) risk of teleporting into an object, as that doesn't make any sense with the super-running special effect to me. Help, por favor?
  10. Thanks! Now, a question about it ... from the way the power reads, the default SOP is that the user's body goes comatose while possessing something. To perform the 'merger' kind of Possession, am I to assume that one would need to take Desolidification and Clinging, or is there some standard power modifier somewhere that I missed?
  11. Hero Designer lists 'Possession' as a discrete power available, but I only have Champions Complete, and it doesn't seem to be in there. Would someone please be so kind as to tell me which book explains how this power works, that I may look into acquiring it? Thanks in advance.
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