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  1. Re: It's the Little Things.... Our current game, one character is The Mime. Whatever he does becomes fully invisible reality. Walls, ropes, ladders, jackhammers, etc.... He has 2 really cool little powers added for effect. One, in his multipower, he has eating... requires skill roll like everything esle.. but it created real food with a Transform on the air around him. Sure, you can't see it, or taste it.... but it fills you up. He also has Clinging... bought with Gestures, requires a Mime roll, does not resist knowckback.. and cant use it to climb or move. This allows him to sit on invisible chairs and lean on invisible walls without falling. he can also do the whole body tilt and mambo like a champ! Really funny things come out of this... all for only 3 points.
  2. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Back in our day you young whipper snappers... Martial Arts costs more based on how strong you were, so you didn't have all these martial arts bricks running around...
  3. Re: It's the Little Things.... I am a big fan of giving the GM soemthing to work with. 11 pts.... Retrocognitive Clairsentience (Sight Group And Normal Hearing), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (67 Active Points); No Conscious Control (-2), Extra Time (1 Minute, Character May Take No Other Actions, -1 3/4), Precognition/Retrocognition Only (-1), Blackout (-1/2) This gives the character flashes of the past, but only when the GM decides those flashes would help propel the story forward.
  4. Re: Confused about 6th edition Best possible approach is you make a few of us very happy at Spo Con in a few weekends!
  5. Re: Magic system opinions With regards to spell usage, and keeping it in check, I tend to favor increased endurance cost. Now I know charges covers the feel of the D20 magic systems a bit more accurrately, but then we run into these issues we have here. I like to set an end reserve, and have the usual recovery limitations (like sleep time or prayer) and then i calculate how many spells can be cast out fo this reserve. Basically, I limit the number of spells by ensuring the end reserve can only accomadate a specific number of castings in a given day. This also helps simulate spell levels also. I try to make minor spells cost roughly 3 end or so... and each jump form there increases this by 2 or 3 points. The most powerful spells should cost around 20 End to use. When your reserve is at 100, thats 5 castings of your biggest, or multiple castings of smaller spells. In one game I had a character with 5 distinct levels of spells... End cost on each were 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. He had a 100 pt reserve when the game began, and got it up to 150 by campaign end. I limited how quickly he could build this so it was a gradual climb. For recovery, it had a 5 Rec, with the limitation you had to be fully asleep for 2 hours before it woudl kick in. Normally 3 hours of sleep got him back to full, but anything less than 2 would not let it kick in fully. So, in summary, I like using End... and especially increased End where warranted, as my limitation tool rather than charges. Charges often end up way mroe advantageous in the long run. Plus having the End reserve gives another way to influence the magic in your world by lettign ley lines or artifacts influece his reserve... or even reduce the casting cost of certain spells. Like taking a Necromancer talent, and now all Necromancy spells cost 1 end less per level, making the new costs 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. This alone really lets the primary focus on a school of magic have a major influence on how the character works.
  6. Re: Slasher Movies You coudl go the Freddy Kreuger route also, and make it Mental Illusions. If these were limited to only enhance physical actions, you can severely mess with peoples minds. Like only the intended target sees the killer out of the corner of their eye, and they are then gone. Hearing the phone ring, and their voice, but the phone line is cut. Seeing weird things on TV. This can evolve to the killer seeming to walk through walls, and seemingly teleport. Whenever they appear in front of soemone, they often don't catch or kill them, normally the person runs another way. With creative use of this you can herd the target where the killer is waiting just by having his image pop up where you DON'T want the victim to go.
  7. Re: Slasher Movies Well, one neat twist is how the fear they instill can be immobilizing or debilitating. Create him with Suppress and Drain powers. And lots of fear effects. Draining your opponents Strength, or especially run speed, is a wonderful trick to make them feel powerless. Draining Ego is great also, because then the fear effect will slowly overpower them. It also explains why they run instead of going to the police, or any other of a million more logical actions.
  8. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I just have to say it again, I really admire your work Storn. From the earliest times I saw your pics in games (mostly HERO) I always liked the themes and the action involved. Being honest, there has been a definate progression and growth, and it is noticable. It seems like now you are able to accurrately nail what your mind wanted to show in the past. Always good really, but now the work is just great. I tend to like your Black and Whites (and expecially your pencils) better than your colors, but your book covers are certainly an exception. Your digital coloring looks great now and I like that it isn't ever overdone. Just a question, do you prefer the black and white work? Do you feel that pics are often complete at that stage and don't need the color? Or do you generally feel your works are done only after fully colored?
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