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  1. Re: Superhero Images Here's "Bleed" in the middle of a super battle: Fullsize image: http://www.deviantart.com/view/24666408/ Or: http://www.renderosity.com/viewed.ez?galleryid=1080731&Start=1&Artist=arcady&ByArtist=Yes
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... This is how I felt in a recent GURPS game I played in. I hadn't been around GURPS in years, and you could say 'it was 4e so what can you expect when everyone is new to it' but among the others were two GURPS fiends. By somewhere in the second or third session I was the one with all the rules info - and the 'there's a rule for that?' was common enough for a response. Of course, it also made me realize just how frustrating of a system GURPS actually is, as half the rules I looked up where things that prevented me or someone else from playing in the style that would have been most enjoyable... Levels of reading comprehension vary greater, and even more so the ability to look at something and then see how it would or might apply in a different circumstance is greater lacking in most people (thankfully, or people like me would be out of work in the legal profession... )
  3. Re: Anybody playing Valdorian Age?
  4. Re: Anybody playing Valdorian Age? White supremacists and christian groups with leanings toward such groups are the ones against Huck Finn, and they have been against it since the day it was published. Huck Finn is a book about overcoming racism, and showing how wrong racism is. That said, society is not focused on race enough - we slide it under the table, pretend like it's all over now and everything is fixed, and as a result the problems just continue to get passed through the generations, the social system, and in our individual actions.
  5. Re: Anybody playing Valdorian Age? Off topic to Valdorian Age: Pulp fiction was used to promote nationalistic agenda against the 'percieved threats' of the day - Chinese, Communists, Nazis, and Black middle class empowerment. Much of the genre also works to justify the exploitation of indigenous people in the Amazon, Africa, and Oceana by depicting them as violent savages. Racism is openly declared in such works as Tarzan and King Kong, along with villains who are built to engineer racial stereotypes such as Fu Manchu or depections of Japanese and 'jungle blacks / jungle amazonians'. The genre was often an openly used tool of political and social propaganda by both the government and families such as the racist Hearsts (of Patty Hearst and SF Examiner fame, who engineered many of the anti-asian laws in California and had as the greatest moment, the internment of Japanese descended Americans in WWII). Pulp reflects its times, but its times were racist. Modern readers, new writers, roleplayers, and re-enactments of pulp have to take this into consideration and address how they will deal with it in today's world were such themes are no longer viable, let alone acceptable. Further, there is a lot of pulp that goes beyond mere reflection of its times, and was a provocateur of its times - pulp often served to advocate extremes of racism even stronger than those present in its day in an open effort by some of the major publishers to 'indoctrinate a new generation' into racism. We can enjoy some of the better aspects of pulp, but we have to be aware of and account for how to deal with the less noble side as well. Saying otherwise is like (albeit not as severe as) going to a KKK rally and only noting how it promotes brotherhood, alumus connections, social activism, and community awareness (all of which is true) while ignoring 'certain other' aspects. Pulp was not a reflection of its times, it was a tool - of both the good and bad agendas. On topic: As for VA, that only reflects back in the awareness that it is a recreation of the style of fantasy started under the pulps, and later less popular in the face of the two styles of modern literary fantasy and gamer fantasy. VA's style of fantasy inherits some pulp themes, and some of those might be on the racialism end.
  6. Re: Superhero Images Two versions of 'Input'. Dual guns and single guns. Input is a living computer able to tap into the mass subconscious and the electronic net. She has noble goals, but her own ethics on how to achieve them. Input works off of being able to manipulate probabilities in the world around her, as well as possessing super human deductive skills that let her look at a scene and see its past and probable future. http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/Input.pdf (MnM stats)
  7. Re: Superhero Images Here are some 'NPC' images from my current game. You get the Team costume without a model wearing it, and 'Eagle' a guy who was supposed to be the 'mysterious sidekick' of their patron, hanging around all the time and making odd comments, but he's never quite worked well in play. I can never figure his angle or give him good dialogue. Finally Yin, an NPC who takes any energy sent at her, absorbs, reshapes, and sends it back out - usually somehow reversed. She had a counter, Yang, but his game stats have never satisfied me so the two wait in the wings until I can get him right. She showed up once in the game as a mercenary hireling of the main villain. An image for Yang is in one of my archives somewhere, and maybe I'll track it down in a bit. Finally, a woman who was supposed to be on my list of cardboard figures, but got cut for space. I will probably put her in place of the one that doesn't print well.
  8. Re: Superhero Images Spryte - My Champions character from 87 till about the end of my Champions days. I could never get her to work just right in that system. Here's an attempt at her in MnM. Sylvia is a woman who shrinks down and turns the mass of her body into powerful energy. Based on a quick read of 'The Wasp' in the days before I'd read any comic books. Recently renamed 'Spryte' in her super ID - the name I'd had all those years never seemed to fit. This one shows what you can do with 'Poser' without any post work or complex lighting - it's a very basic image. http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/Sylvia.htm (MnM stats)
  9. Re: Superhero Images Hopper is a teleporting mutant with the ability to step into the space between stray thoughts. Her history is a complete enigma, as far as she knows she did not exist before a moment when she stepped out to help people in a crowd during an anti mutant riot. Perhaps she herself is merely the result of a stray thought manifest in the world. http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/Hopper.pdf (MnM stats)
  10. Re: Superhero Images Wanted an official costume for the organization the PCs in my game belong to, and I wanted it to look a little 'villianous,' but not too much so.
  11. Re: Superhero Images This one adorns my super's website: "Her name is Dancing Star, she dances her way through life and has control of star like bursts of energy."
  12. Re: Superhero Images My most recent character: Bleed is a power stealer who suffers from depression and self-injury (she's a cutter) MnM stats: http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/Bleed_Issue17.pdf'>http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/Bleed_Issue17.pdf I've got a few more here: http://home.pacbell.net/arcady0/MnM/MyPCs/
  13. Re: Why play Fantasy Hero over other fantasy games? Well, as another thread over in the Hero System boards says, I'm going through this situation myself right now. I'm setting up a playtest to make the transition,and we'll see how it goes. Upon discovering this thread when it popped back up, I sent a link to my players. I suspect we'll be doing a session to make characters and a session for a short adventure. But the characters probably won't work for the regular game I plan (the setting to which is still inwork), so I'll have to do a character session again at a later point. Right now, I need to figure out just how much I want to show them in the playtest. How to show them enough to show them the advantages... and do it in only one session of about five hours. The last poster has hit on something about play styles. DnD is set up to encourage a certain style, and you can get very burned out by struggling against this model. Try running or playing in an almost purely social game in DnD. That's what I play in right now, and while it's a good game sometimes it seems so futile. The system doesn't support the game norms we evolved into playing.
  14. Re: Storn's Fantasy Art, Comics and Doodles My impression is no, and I'm a big fan of MnM. It has become my system of choice for supers, but I don't find it scales down well below the base PL. Even by PL8 I find it starts to lack, and the problem gets severe by PL5 - I think it was a mustake to set the Nocturnals book so low.
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