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  1. Ouch. I hope Lucius still plays. He always does death and rebirth
  2. The runes are magic AND writing. Definitely interference.
  3. So "symbiosis" basically means agriculture or horticulture? Well, fine, but if they want those gardens to give enough, they'd better be ready to offer time spent mad.
  4. There's no god of Agriculture, and I only see one crop. Hmmmm Interference: food production is done with the Ritual of the Howlers Plenty. There is one magic spell that is not illegal. It does not cause disaster and has no risk of permanent madness. This can be used to augment conventional crops, or augment the orderly wild spaces to improve hunting/gathering. With more effort, it can create basic foods (a pile of grain or fruit, or even a cleaned out turkey) but nothing prepared (no bread or stew or roast turkey). The ritual requires one Mage (often inspected to make sure he isn't practicing anything forbidden on the side) and an enormous Chorus. The chorus requires no special skills. The mage induces the chorus to madness. Their bodies dance in an ode to chaos while their minds go on an awful trip. The mage harvests the energy of madness from his chorus, and when he has enough he uses it to stimulate the fields, the orderly wilds, or summons food. After the ritual, people regain their minds with few side effects. Maybe some migraines. As in most fantasy settings, food production occupies most of the population. If you aren't working the field, you're probably in the chorus.
  5. Secondary domain: Magic (I'm pretty sure nobody has taken that yet) There are two main schools of magic: the Chaos School and the Madness School. The Chaos School has side effects of chaos. A minor effect (Or one done with masterful skill and control) just causes randomness, similar to an improbability drive. (You cast Mage Hand. A troop of penguin march by.) Otherwise, disasters strike, as in the Flux novels. (You cast Fireball. A nearby town has a Cholera outbreak). This magic is illegal in all civilized nations. The Madness School has the side effect of eventual madness, as seen in the Wheel of Time novels. This magic is also illegal.
  6. For my fauna . . . I don't know that this is particularly chaotic, but I remembered this old commercial and I had to get it. Fauna: Esuvee
  7. Pandemonium chases a bunch of actors "the whole script is on the worms!Just try 'em"
  8. Well, they could reinvent the wheel, or they could just put this worm with respectable wheel-making knowledge up their nose. C'mon, just hold still . . .
  9. You have to pick a Primary Aspect first (I suggest Hearth and Hospitality) And I don't think Ripe meat off the bone counts as a Fauna/Flora/Ore. You could drafts goats or some other food animal though.
  10. Please, join in. There is a noticeable absence of agriculture, for example. Have fun and use your imagination.
  11. I missed the "common language" draft. Pity. I was going to fracture all language. Hmmm. I see lots of reference to writing in the fan fiction (including my own), but no actual drafts. There is Knowledge. Also implied by Steampunk Technology, Music and the Arts, Acting, and Comedy. There is Priestcraft but not holy books, Navigation but not Cartography. No Actual Drafts for Writing Interference: No Writing, only Know-Worms Know-worms are about the size of a child's thumb. Insert a given know-worm into your nose and you will be able to access the knowledge stored thereon. There is no writing; all attempts to symbolically represent words or other abstractions in a graphical form causes headaches (and madness - if persisted too long) Oddly, while writing on paper is impossible, visualization is fine. Anyone who want to access information we would store as a graph, an equation, a map, or other abstraction needs to practice the skill of mentally visualizing things, then storing the visuals. It isn't too hard to store stuff to a know-worm. Just insert and focus on it while you memorize something. This can be long strings of words, images, or anything else you can know. Of course, then you won't know it when you take out the worm. Don't use more than a dozen worms at once. Know worms are eusocial. Queen's are called "library worms", and resemble tube worms the size of houses. information on individual know-worms can be transferred to the library, and the library can mass 'print' know-worms with a given set of knowledge. (this is also how their equivalent of a daily newspaper works)
  12. I think I have an appropriate idea for Sentient Life. IIRC, the original rules said that, even without Interference, we could draft 'riffs' on existing sentient species; one player could draft elves and a second player could draft blood elves without penalty. If this is false, let me know. Sentient Life: Pictclock Engdweorg spoilered for long fanfiction Description: Start with a Warforged from the Eberron Setting. Remake it in a steampunk style. Replace its few organic parts with something from a gibbering horror. Stuff it in a dwarf-shaped mold. Apply barbaric warpaint. Traits: Pictclock Engdweorg take their name from having been clearly made in the image of Engdweorg, but being made of steampunk parts (clock) that have been painted (Pict). Despite their abomination-parts, they aren't insane. Well, not always; they do have a penalty on any sanity-based rolls. They are universally savage though. They are peerless warriors but poor soldiers, working in warbands of no more than 300. They have the Berserker Rage ability. As variant Engdweorg, the edict that only Engdweorg may use technology does not inhibit them. However, they're so savage that they only use what they steal in raids. As with warforged they can change their own bodies and sometimes incorporate stolen steampunk technology. They eat charcoal (and fossil fuels when they can get them) and belch smoke when active. So, I'm not sure this will fly. I had fun writing it though.
  13. Doesn't "Crafting and Artisans" step on Hermits domain a bit? or is his just a techie industrial bent and yours is a farmers market arts and crafts bent? EDIT: scooped!
  14. Monster: Trustbreaker Sometimes called psychic vampires, but this is a bit of a misnomer; they aren't undead. These shapeshifters consume the psychic energy in trust. They eat up the confidence their victims have that they have love or support from others, or even that others have any virtues at all. Victims become increasingly paranoid, and in extreme cases have other side effects like manic contempt, prosopagnosia, dementia, or even gibbering madness. Trustbreakers are naturally gifted with silver tongues (Tziruü hates it when they get called wormtongues) and other social skills, and they use these to augment their shapeshifting. While a hungry trustbreaker might reduce a lone victim to madness straight off, they much prefer to take their time and spread out their meals among many victims, breaking up extended families, dissolving businesses, and even collapsing governments. Let me know if this is a sufficiently tight secondary domain Secondary Domain: Drugs and Bacchanalia Bacchanalia are not just big parties with too much heavy food. A proper cult of bacchanalia is an extreme affair, full of violence, sex, a panoply of drugs, and libertine excess set to a ritualistic beat.
  15. So our torus is lit with brilliant aurorae and heated with undying geothermal vents. This is awesome.
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