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  1. Careful. I don't like the President. Bad things happen when we fantasize about political figures dying. Maybe just visits from the secret service, maybe inspire an actual homicide. Careful.
  2. So who takes over if prime minister Johnson is in a coma?
  3. Actually, iirc Adam's said that getting rid of telephone sanitizers led to a doomsday plague.
  4. Go look at page 1. I put them in a semicolon delimited list, so it would be easy to turn into a spreadsheet and sort, complete with links Ted kord as blue beetle, gwen stacy as spider-woman and solitaire was from an indie comic I wasn't familiar with.
  5. Just Ms. Marvel. I replaced her with Wonder Woman. It was kind of funny from my seat. Imagine a bunch of blindfolded knife-fighters, released into a cage. Everybody was trying to be careful, stake out territory where no-one else was. I think they didn't want to be one who had a duplicate Anyway, we'll do Locations tomorrow at Noon Eastern Daylight, then draft normally thereafter.
  6. Alfred Pennyworth Bane Baron Blood Blackhawk Blue Beetle Brainiac Brainiac 5 Cloak Coda Assassin Dagger Diamondback Dr. Doom Dr. Octopus Emerald Empress Enchantress Erica Slaughter Firearm Firestorm Foxbat Gabriel Van Helsing Ginormica Granny Goodness Green Goblin Green Lantern Grifter Helspont Huck Hulk Jack Frost Karate Kid Kim Possible Lobo Looker Madcap Man-Thing Martian Manhunter Mary Jane Watson Mirage Miss America Moon Knight Ms. Marvel Omega Sentinel Orion Slave Girls Pike Plastic Man Prostetnik Vogon Jeltz Radioactive Man Razzberry Lizard Shadow Lass She-Hulk Shego Silk Sinestro Solitaire Spider-man Spider-Woman Spirit of '76 Squirrel Girl Sub Mariner Superman Talia al Ghul Terra The Gemini Man The Human Bomb The Spectre The Tick Tundro Voyd Wendigo Werewolf by Night Wonder Woman Zealot
  7. Yes, I have to wait until my kids are in bed. For being home, my days are fairly busy. Soon though.
  8. The thing is, Trumps response to the Coronavirus has been defined by underreaction, rather than overreaction. He's letting governors take most of the lead on this. I am willing to bet $20 to the charity of your choice that Trump will not suspend Habeas Corpus, suspend the Posse Comitatus act (yes, he can in response to a pandemic, per HR 5122), deploy the Marines (they aren't prohibited by Posse Comitatus), or do anything else he can legally do resembling martial law.
  9. So THAT is what somebody wished for on the Monkey's Paw.
  10. I heard one theory, that this isn't just a panic buying feedback loop. Partially, yes, but also people aren't going out as much, and that means they aren't using public restrooms as much. So, they need more toilet paper in their own homes. The public toilet paper business is not the same as the home toilet paper business. They don't get made by the same companies, and sometimes they don't even come from the same mill. They don't get shipped the same way. So, it isn't so easy for suppliers to change to meet the new demand. But yes, my wife got us some TP yesterday, and she said some people have been ripping open packs at Wal-Mart and pocketing individual rolls.
  11. Doh, no, I already have you in the spreadsheet. I missed it on the update.
  12. So far I have lists from Cancer csyphrett Death Tribble Dr. MID-Nite Hermit EDIT: Old Man Pariah Psybolt Sociotard A bit thinner than last month, which surprises me; normally the supers drafts have more contenders. There is still time! Send in your lists! As long as I get them before I post the Master List late on Sunday, you will get to play.
  13. Interesting. An FDA release related to the use of DIY ventilators https://www.fda.gov/media/136423/download
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