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  1. I don't know if this runs afoul of Mirth's domain of Death. Geography: the Ancestral Halls Death erases no debt, and the grave is no bar to obligation. And so, there is an afterlife. Indeed, there are many afterlives. Different civilizations have different ideas of paradise. People make sacrifices and offerings to the ones they like, building themselves up mansions in heaven. After Mirth has her way with them, they call in that debt. If they've offered little, they may find themselves lost souls, struggling to perform service to earn their way i
  2. Interference: Attributes are diegetic, and they are currency. When sentient beings reach a certain age (25 in humans, other species vary) they gain access to their innate Attributes as currency, and their attributes begin slowly draining. The rate of drain varies. Attributes can also be lost through disease, poison, magical effects, and so forth. (Luck and Magic might also be expended directly. I haven't decided. Or maybe those gods should decide) They can replenish and even grow their attributes through commerce (I'll trade this apple for three strength points). They can also do t
  3. I'm in a lazy mood, so I'll just do "fauna" and make a mount. Pinterest! Sell me on a nice fantasy mount. Fauna: Riding Turtles Not nearly as slow as you'd think. Available in a range of sizes from "a halfling could ride this" to "elephantine"
  4. I like vague magic. It gives me flexibility in my fiction.
  5. The boy ran from his camp. He knew better, but there was a butterfly he hadn't seen before, and there wasn't much for him to do on Trading Day, so he slipped out and after it. They say that whatever a butterfly led you to was more often surprising than pleasant, but it was worth it for the times it was both. The butterfly itself was headed up the prarie's solitary hill, to the solitary tree that sprang from its crown. The boy was out of breath when he reached it, but it was worth it. The tree was flowering and fragrant, and he could see a view cut by Kulan himself.
  6. Thanks, and apologies for any toe-stepping.
  7. The night owes no silence and the wild knows no debt of mercy. The villagers cried out to the idol, if only to drown out the howling horrors circling them. "Protect us Timra'Keth, oh god of fear shield us!" And yet it was the Tallywhacker that appeared. With two strikes of his blade he struck off the idols hands. "Remember you all, the gods have no need of hands of stone, but rather hands of muscle and blood. You have called on the obligations of the gods, and forgotten what you owe each other. Do you not owe your village labor? Take tools and build up an earthworks. Do
  8. "Timra'Keth, take my fear as offering to thee, I lay it upon thy altar. Timra'Keth, take my fear as offering to thee, I lay it upon thy alter." The child's prayer was the barest of whispers and all that was dared in that dark. His brother peeked around the corner. "They might not even come in. The peddler said holy places were safe, even from raiders." The first looked around. The temple was ancient and forgotten by all but the vines consuming it. How often had they passed it without knowing until they'd had to flee the ones burning the village? "If they even recognize
  9. I got a good giggle out of your use of my house elves to make your sentient race. I will say that playing gods of not-nice things like Madness or Secrets was more fun. Elves was fun, yes, mostly by way of thinking of how to work another species of elf into each category. Even so, that can't compare to the time the god of Madness took away Literacy. (except for the dwarfs in their tinfoil hats)
  10. I was perusing 'unusual god domains' looking for inspiration, and came across this one: That is just ... awesome. If I saw a fantasy novel where women flashed their lady-parts to fend off vampires, I'd assume it was a silly invention on the authors part that could have had no root in historical myths. also, a relevant SNL sketch: Cut for Time: Goddesses of Creation (Kristen Wiig) - SNL - YouTube
  11. I have no time for smugglers who drop their shipments at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser.
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