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  1. Not a good day when the headlines give you ideas for your next Shadowrun game. https://www.vox.com/recode/2019/5/21/18634505/baltimore-ransom-robbinhood-mayor-jack-young-hackers (Baltimore's city data was encrypted, and the hackers are demanding bitcoins to decrypt it) Seriously, it actually reminds me of the way old-timey bandit armies would hold cities hostage.
  2. So what class is the fiancé? Swordmage? Soulknife?
  3. They're trying this again after the last movie flopped like a drunk walrus? They gonna tackle the Mortal Engines series while they're at it?
  4. Wow, 7 is pretty young for a cat to go.
  5. It's not a lawyer, but google said "Maybe" https://www.lawyer-monthly.com/2018/10/can-i-legally-offer-sex-for-rent/ and back to the funny
  6. Don't anti-prostitution laws cover barter and quid pro quo? Or are they all just about money?
  7. I think they're implying Snow White did more than housework for the dwarves. Which is gross.
  8. Interesting article about that AI development company Musk founded, OpenAI. https://www.vox.com/2019/5/15/18623134/openai-language-ai-gpt2-poetry-try-it Basically a text generating AI. Pop in a bunch of fiction or poetry and it will spit out fiction or poetry. Quite a bit is gibberish. Okay, most of it is gibberish, although some of the poetry still works because poetry can afford gibberish. (spoilered for length is an example from the article) What I found more interesting was the ethics and motivation around the way OpenAI is slowly releasing their tools for use and analysis. They released a weaker version a few months ago, and a more powerful version just recently, but as DBZ would put it, "This isn't even my final form!" They say: This is a dangerous technology. It would make it trivial to generate fake reviews on Amazon, or post fake news. Releasing it slowly gives people a chance to see ways it could be abused and how to prepare for it. Critics say: This is just a ploy to generate hype and anticipation.
  9. Vader needs to quit swinging from the shoulder. Lightsabers don't need physical power to cut through things, and besides it telegraphs your moves.
  10. Bellenden Gardens is a street, not a city, and it is on the list because, viewed from above, it looks like male anatomy. S. Harting is there because something funny happens when you don't call it South Harting. S. Harting looks like Sharting, which is a slang term for what happens when farting results in something more substantive. A portmanteaux of "farting" with a word I can't use on this forum.
  11. Oh no, this means one of those characters is about to face their own mortality!
  12. Huh. My liberal rag of choice just ran two articles that mildly praised President Trump.Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention (except Trump)Workers in Mexico just won the right to organize real labor unions. Trump helped.
  13. Norway captured a Russian spy. The spy is tempting the captors with 'friendliness' and 'touch my smooth beautiful skin'. https://news.yahoo.com/suspected-russian-spy-beluga-whale-160247645.html
  14. Some days I wish we had a "question period" like they have in the UK, just for that level of grilling.
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