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  1. Am I too late to finish up? I swear these days get away from me. Obligatory Fantasy Race: Animistic Spirits As inspired by "The Bear and the Nightingale", these are sprites that pertain to specific things. In a town you can find oven spirits and stable spirits and fence sprits. In the wild there might be assorted tree spirits and mushroom spirits and trail spirits. They become more substantive and powerful when people pay attention to them and believe in them, or give them little offerings of food, or even blood. Don't get the harbor spirit on the old days when they'd drown maidens in his waters to strengthen him and win his favor; he won't shut up. High Priest: Doug Jones as the Spirit of Summertime Thunderstorms Well, the ones in the valley the capital lies in. This world doesn't have any full godlike spirits. No one spirit can claim the whole of a season, or all storms, and they're all pretty geographically limited. But, the High Priest functions as an arbiter and ambassador, teaching humans and spirits how to serve one another. He is one of the few spirits with enough power to be visible all the time to all the people. He doesn't look like an anthropomorphic cloud. This is Doug Jones, so he's in a lot of prosthetics to look utterly inhuman. The Greatest Warrior: John Rhys-Davies as the Towering Knight A ten foot tall giant, and nobody in the kingdom can figure out how. He's the only giant in the world. Wizard: Dany DeVito as Benjamin Franklin. I really thought I drafted him already, but he isn't on my list. Portal Fantasy. He awoke in the fantasy world after a full life in ours. His insatiable curiosity led him down the paths of magic, and now he's been alive for a couple hundred years. Our Hero: Jason Isaacs as the Bard Suspected but never proven to be a spy. A Villain: Hugh Jackman as the Huntsman He's utterly in thrall to Snow White. Also, I didn't draft Jeremy Irons, that was somebody else. Theme Music: Lots of Hidden Citizens. Because I like Trailer Music Stealing from another Studio: The Ivory Tower from The Neverending Story Another one I thought I had Optional Character: Martyr: Amy Schumer She gets an epic protracted death scene. I'm always surprised when comedic actors sell serious parts, and I honestly think Schumer could do this.
  2. The gnomes use artillery or they get shoved in the cannons AS artillery?
  3. Wizard: Dany DeVito as Benjamin Franklin It turns out, Benjamin Franklin never died. It was just a cover story for his disappearance following an eccentric experiment with electricity. He awoke to find himself in a strange land, and immediately followed his curiosity hither and yon. He's been around a few centuries now, his lifespan having been drawn out by the magic he has studied. He's brilliant, brash but diplomatic, and keeps annoying the Council of Governors with ideas about 'Democratic Republics'. Steal from other Studios: The Ivory Tower (Neverending Story)
  4. Monster That Threatens the Entire Kingdom: Saoirse Ronan as the Vampire Snow White I just really wish Hollywood would try to adapt some of "Red As Blood"
  5. I know the commissioner said to play nice, but I have to try one more tricky pick. A consort is a difficult pick, as I went with a child. But you can pair a girl in a way that is pretty intimate but not really creepy. A horse. Consort: Galebite the Horse, played by Pinocchio, and Voiced by Alan Tudyk An animistic spirit of an avalanche was trapped in the form of a horse. Over the centuries he has calmed to his new place in the world, but even now when he charges you can hear a thunder that mere hooves can't account for and his mane smells of crisp snow. He glides across the landscape with a fluid grace that belies his unstoppable power.
  6. Designated Heir: Thandie Newton To be honest, even 10 years after the end of the civil war, the exact terms of succession aren't all ironed out. That said, the mostly likely outcome, should the Provisionarch fall, would be for the First Governor, of the College of Governors, to take over. After a babbling infant was made supreme monarch, two things were obvious. First, somebody had to run things until she was old enough to take the reigns. Second, she'd have to be taught how to take the reigns. So the lords created the College of Governors to do both. Not governor as in "of a state", but rather "sounds more dignified than nanny". The Governors were elected by the squabbling lords to run the kingdom and raise the baby. They chose the "First Governor" from among their ranks. She is slowly ceding authority to the Provisonarch as she gains in competence.
  7. Germany considers you an invasive species.
  8. Okay, fair cop. It aint a draft if we don't make you work.
  9. Most of the Marines and Sailors are extras. Those are props that eat.
  10. Will this get nixed by the honorable commissioner? Maybe. The gamble is what makes it fun! As inspired by the short story "Rome, Sweet Rome": Stealing from another Set/Studio: A United States Expeditionary Strike Group Hasn't the kingdom known enough war? Enough blood shed to slake a thousand demons? What cruel joke then, for a mad mage to summon this steel fleet! No less cruel to the strangers themselves, strangely. They were captured by a capricious wizard for his games, forcing them to sail through the elemental ether, complete tasks and win games and fight battles. He'd replenish their supplies, even raise their dead a score deaths over, just to draw out his fun. By cleverness, the Colonel won their freedom, but the mage still managed to poison the victory by returning them not to San Diego, but to these strange shores. But, at least it isn't the elemental chaos. No, they'll do whatever it takes to not go back through those waters. Conquest if necessary. Perhaps Diplomacy might be in order? The Expeditionary Strike Group includes a Marine Expeditionary Unit, a spec ops team, a few VTOL aircraft, a couple destroyers and submarines, a repair ship and even a replenishment oiler. The wizard replenished all their supplies before dropping them off, but they are otherwise unsupported logistically.
  11. The Provisonarch will be played be Dafne Keen. A childlike empress of sorts. Following decades of a seven-sided civil war, the people cried out to the gods to just settle the matter, and the gods provided a baby. Fully human, yes, but with no ancestry or family allegiance; a choice that would advantage no side from the war nor disadvantage any. Every lord was made to swear fealty, on pain of divine blade, to the will of the baby, and so the war ended. The title? It means temporary ruler. The gods assured the nobility that the baby was sterile. Granted, that's a creepy thing to mention about a baby, but this way there will be no lineage from the divine intervention. The nobility will have the length of her life to figure things out peacefully. No longer a baby, the Provisonarch is beginning to take on actual responsibilities. Dafne Keen is as she was in Wolverine.
  12. And we are ONLY drafting actors? No drafting Bavmorda or Rand al'Thor?
  13. No Modern Fantasy, but can we indulge in Portal Fantasy? A Connecticut Yankee? An English Child?
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