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  1. I'm disappointed that the Senate chose not to hear witnesses. I knew they weren't going to convict. I hoped, as a consolation prize, that this whole thing could produce a nice first draft of history, a sort of truth and reconciliation commission. Load up on the testimony! Make Giuliani try and make sense.
  2. Not sure if that was a joke. Very armed coal miner strike. Battle of Blair Mountain - Wikipedia
  3. Finally, a company town with a company store where I can spend my company scrip, because the gilded age has come again and we're late to re-enact the Battle of Blair Mountain.
  4. Are real people permitted? Could I draft alister Crawley as my psychic?
  5. D (the) OG (Original Gangster) DBTR(Debater)
  6. I read an article on the Myanmar coup. It described the military's claims of election fraud as "Trumpian". Once again the US sets the example for the world to follow. *sigh*
  7. A new bookstore in Seattle has its books organized by emotion. https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/books/seattles-newest-bookstore-oh-hello-again-has-a-novel-system-categorizing-books-by-emotions/
  8. Option: Roz (Monsters Inc) Option: Demonic Invasion of Mars (Doom) Option: Troll with tumor/baby (Hellboy, the golden army)
  9. Looming threat: Sith Army (Star Wars: Endless Vigil) And my antagonist is spelled Alfred Bester (Babylon 5). You have Alferd Bester. Minor quibble.
  10. Mentor: Bob Howard (Laundry Files) Crush: Nathaniel Cade (The President's Vampire)
  11. It seems a pillow salesman went to the White House with thoughts about Martial Law. We know because he left his notes visible, like a bad poker player. Then he was very open about his discussion on Facebook and with interviewers. After White House Meeting with Trump, Mike Lindell Calls for Military Coup on Facebook - The Bulwark
  12. Hermione winced. This was by far the most powerful legilimens she'd ever had to deal with. But why did he seem to have it in for her? Antagonist: Alfred Bester (Babylon 5)
  13. An obliviate charm, in a muggle trinket? How very unexpected! The witch stepped over the agents she'd just incapacitated. She simply had to learn more about how muggles came by a very magical effect with one of their toys. Applicant: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
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