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  1. Ben Carson makes me see neurosurgeons in a whole new way.
  2. Exactly. To them, the lack of evidence for fraud is only proof that fraud is too difficult to detect and we need to make voting more restrictive, with voter IDs and in-person voting with those dye marks they use in poor countries.
  3. Okay, here are my quibbles. Fair, but I lurk on enough conservative forums that I can anticipate their response. One of their posters literally said, that before Trump we'd only had one lapse in the peaceful transfer of power: when Obama let the FBI investigate the Trump campaign. Thus, to a conservative, THAT was the coup, and THAT was mucking with a system balancing chaos, and THIS is the explosion from that muckery. Or, the real first coup was Al Gore dragging out the 2000 election with litigation and recounts. (an interference that the 9/11 commission pointed out as a contribu
  4. Scotland raises its drawbridge, making It illegal to cross from rest of UK https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/19/uk-lockdown-travel-to-and-from-scotland-made-illegal-13625330/ So it raising the drawbridge a figure of speech? Or is there a literal drawbridge that they raise to signal that Scotland is closed?
  5. I'm trying to play similarities/differences: In 2016 the Democrats hoped against hope that some of the Electors would be faithless, because those Electors would acknowledge the foreign interference, and that Trump was a bad person, and that the popular vote should mean something. In 2020 the Republicans hoped against hope that some of the State legislatures would declare the vote illegitimate and simply assign Republican Electors, because those legislatures would acknowledge that "everybody knows" how rampant electoral fraud is.
  6. I normally don't care about my data getting shared. This, though, this seems suspicious. The US military buying location data from Muslim prayer and Quran app https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/jgqm5x/us-military-location-data-xmode-locate-x
  7. I'm really glad the militia-violence fears have not borne fruit, even with the stolen-election narrative.
  8. In interesting article that explains how the mysterious 130000 Biden votes might not be all that fishy. https://www.vox.com/recode/2020/11/4/21549710/biden-michigan-votes-trump-retweet-election-map
  9. I often hear the argument that the electoral college ensures politicians care about small states. If that is its goal, I maintain it does not do it well. The implication is that if it were not for the electoral college, politicians would only care about New York and California. But, with the college, they care about Florida and Pennsylvania instead. This is not a great improvement. I live in Idaho. The only reason politicians can distinguish us from Iowa is because at least that state has an important primary.
  10. Ewoks were supposed to be vietcong. For that to work, they should have shown way more Ewoks dying than troopers, winning only because there were a lot of them, and ewoks being supplied with Rebel hardware.
  11. Curious, why do you prefer ranked to top-two IRV? EDIT: oops, I assumed you meant ranked as in range voting, not IRV, which is obvious, and now I feel silly.
  12. Just grab nature by the puss caterpillar. When you're famous, it lets you do it.
  13. Doesn't it sometimes allow awful little parties to become kingmakers? Essential tiebreakers, and they have to be given something awful to get that broken tie?
  14. It hurts my head that this is real. https://www.amazon.com/Kissing-Coronavirus-M-J-Edwards-ebook/dp/B087KR2CQC
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