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  1. But the thing we're talking about winning is a reduction in gun violence. The cost is a whole lot of gun violence. That sounds counterproductive
  2. You don't think it would happen? You don't think that gun lovers would rise up? That the redder states wouldn't conform to their citizens wishes and use their national guards, drawing in enormous numbers of volunteers from the gun enthusiast crowd? That Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Missouri are very pro-gun, and would use their forces to seize the minuteman silos? That the US armed forces do skew conservative, and contain a strong pro-gun segment, who would desert? Desert, and possibly make taking the silos easier, or just steal some hardware and bring it over? You really think the war would just be a few fat idiots with semiautomatics? I repeat, this is the civil religion of the United States. Expect a crusade.
  3. I suspect the root is less the industry and more the civil religion. German industry makes lots of very nice guns, but they have lots of gun regulation too. In the United States, though, we are trained from childhood that we must have guns. This begins with teaching history and the founding of the country. Why were the colonists able to win freedom? Because they had personal firearms! This history is taught somewhere between an if-then-else and a cyclical prophecy. "All nations will eventually become tyrannical, and if you don't have lots of personal firearms, you can't escape the tyranny." Oddly, even our poor history lessons included counter-examples. The Native Americans of the plains did have guns, because they traded for them, but that didn't stop their rights from being taken away. The English did have a dictator, but they didn't use personal firearms to overthrow him and improve their rights. As it stands now, though, far too many Americans believe that if they ever lose any rights to personal firearms then all their other rights will be stripped away. Far too many to risk a civil war with them.
  4. If we try to use the Supreme Court to apply a more restrictive interpretation, there will be a civil war.
  5. Because maybe, maybe, we can wiggle with the second amendment to limit away large magazines. Maybe other rifle accoutrements. Maybe we can even have red flag laws. But we can't regulate pistols. The 2nd amendment is ironclad here. The only way is to repeal the 2nd Amendment. There'd be civil war before that happened.
  6. The hard part is, pistols are way more likely to be a problem than any big scary assault rifle. Most murders and other gun crimes are done with handguns. But there is no hope of regulating those.
  7. A little tourist stop near me has the prototype they made for a nuclear airplane.
  8. I'll admit, even as I was drafting craftsmanship for my elves, this is what popped in my head
  9. Well, I do have one more draft pick. And I do have enough elf species to do my theme justice. When given divine lemons, make holy lemonade! Lets honor Fëanor crafting the Silmarils! Lets honor Brokkr and Sindri crafting Mjölnir Secondary Domain: Craftsmanship and Artisanry
  10. Donald Trump is a notorious liar. He may be lying about taking it. That is what I hope for. If he is getting a placebo when he demanded a treatment, the truth will come out, and fuel "deep state" conspiracy theories for generations. If he suffers a serious side effect, this will also fuel those conspiracy theories.
  11. My elves keep asking why the architecture seems intended for people 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Well done trickster.
  12. I thought we'd been doing the mythic guardians to fill that concept, but perhaps we could allow sub gods to be attached to a domain. Like I might play zeus, and say Athens is my geography, but say if actually belongs to my progeny Athena
  13. Nice. I guess I know the primary export of my Frost Elves.
  14. Secondary Domain: Sea Elves Sea Elves can't swim. From the name alone, everyone assumes they can. They assume they'll breath underwater, have flippers, and in general be a sort of elvish mermaid. Well, they can't and they don't. Actually, the Cave Elves are the best swimmers of all elf species. Sea elves are just too dense to swim. People look at them and say "I thought elves were supposed to be lithe and slender?" But no. These elves are built like tanks, with thick heavy bones and dense bulky muscles. They sink like rocks. The upside is, they are so dense that they can simply run along the bed of rivers and sort of jump up when they need a breath of air. (they're comparable to cave elves in their ability to hold their breath). At the end of the day, any water too deep for them to jump up in should be too dangerous for Sea Elves … but they don't care. They can be found crossing the deepest oceans as easily as their native rivers. They just have a strange instinctive joy at being on a boat. They lay their eggs toward the source of rivers. When they hatch, the young sea elves instinctively run downstream. (run run and jump for air and run run and jump for air) until they are found by a boat of Sea Elves to take them in.
  15. Secondary Domain: Frost Elves Frost elves look quite a bit like High Elves, at least when they are out and about. That's in the summer, and they live in places with wickedly short summers. Most of the year they spend frozen. They lie down in their cairns and freeze solid. Unlike the anabiosis of the cave elves, freezing is when the frost elves are most alive. Certain parts of their brains only function properly when supercooled. When their bodies freeze, they begin projecting their minds. As they by nature must separate the physical from the spiritual, spirit magic makes intuitive sense to the Frost Elves. Their cairns are home to some of the best mages in the helix. They actually spend most of their time interacting with Spirits, but if you wish to visit, they always leave a few cold-modified house elves running about, ready to let them know you are there. Frost elves usually have a shrine to Kylvin and, to honor him, train in logic from a young age. They have a modified trachea that makes it easy to breath cold air (even summer is cold), but leaves them silent. They use a sign language when they are in physical forms, although they can use other languages when using house elves. Frost elves are very sensitive to high temperatures. A day a human would call "shorts and sandals time" would probably kill a Frost Elf.
  16. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an immovable object / unstoppable force situation!
  17. Fair enough, but *I* am going to make Loyahs jokes. Nitpick: Grief and Lamentation should be a BONUS domain. Interesting. My elves are competing over who the "real" elves are, potentially to the point of Genocide? Interesting indeed. Geography: Avalon Hear! Oh Hear! and remember the fall of the Wood elves! Lament! Oh Lament! remember the coming of the Loyahs! Remember the Dread Lord Bahr Istar, the maul he named attaché. Remember the year the Foxhair came blighted Remember the year we were driven. Hear! Oh Hear! and remember the Wood Elves offered refuge Lament! Oh Lament! How they came to welcome the driven Remember the High Elves driven from their crystalline cities Remember the Cave Elves, driven from their caves Remember the Half Elves, driven from humanity Hear! Oh Hear! and remember refuge in the wilds of the wood elves Lament! Oh Lament! The Loyahs laid siege to that last forest Remember the elves fighting amongst themselves Remember the resentment and mistrust Remember the contempt Hear! Oh Hear! and remember that each elf nation claimed supremacy Lament! Oh Lament! For pride, the laws of hospitality were forsaken Remember words giving way to blades and redcaps Remember the fire among the very womb-trees Remember the Loyahs pressing in Remember the Wood Elves, seeing the loss of all they called sacred Remember the Wood Elves, seeing the loss of their future Remember the Wood Elves give their whole souls in Lament Remember the Wood Elves submit before the blades of their guests Hear, and Lament And Oh! the Fair Star seeing their grief, And Oh! the Fair Star hearing their lament And Oh! the Fair Star bound their souls to those trees standing Remember the day the trees and branches and vines found power Remember the hour the Loyahs began to lament Remember the moment the other elves received mercy Hear! Oh Hear! This was the founding of the Isle of Apples! Hear! Oh Hear! This was the founding of Avalon! Lament! Oh Lament! The Wood Elves are gone. TLDR Presently, Avalon is an enormous island (think Cyprus) rising out of an even bigger marsh. The marsh is perpetually covered in mist, it has undead things walking just under the surface, and it is fed by the Lethe. The island itself is covered in trees, which contain the souls of the Wood Elves. There are no more wood elves. During a terrible war, the Wood Elves welcomed in the remaining populations of other elves. The influence of Shayol, and the stress of war, led the different elf species to try to kill one another. Wood elves had an extremely long gestation time, during which their eggs stayed inside trees. During the siege, other elf species burned down these 'womb trees'. Realizing their war had ended an entire future generation, the remaining wood elves fell to grief, and prayed their souls return to trees. The Fair Star granted this. The remaining Wood Elves all fell dead, but were spared Eternus and channeled directly into the trees. These came alive, like Ents, and destroyed the Loyah army surrounding them, but, shocking everyone, sparing the other elves responsible for the burning in the first place. The trees no longer walk (almost never), but they are still filled with the souls of the Wood Elves. With polite supplication, they grow fruits of all kinds. They will even pop out other plant based products (a bow without string, a quarterstaff, a wooden toy horse, a sheaf of paper). This is not usually worth the trip across the marsh. Avalon is a sacred place, but it is a place to visit, not live at forever. It has a tendency to make one forget upsetting things, for the grief of the Wood Elves was so great it calls to other griefs and traps them. So, there are no cities here, but a few hermits and elvish temples. Bitter divides remain between the elf species; Shayol will not be denied. But the Lament of the Wood Elves is one often repeated, and most elves are wary of letting their mutual animosity ever devolve into full genocide again.
  18. A British man was released from jail. Police suspect he swallowed drugs to avoid conviction, so they thought they'd wait until he passed them. He bested them by not pooping. 47 days. He refused to poop for 47 days. https://www.newsweek.com/police-free-man-accused-swallowing-drugs-after-he-refused-poop-47-days-834558
  19. I know that means "grains", but my first thought was crunchberry bushes
  20. In all seriousness, I suspect we need to be on the watch for 'treatment centers' in poor countries that pay parents for their kids to be tapped.
  21. Someone owes lady Bathory an apology. I remember reading this a few years back. It is interesting that it is still being pursued.
  22. That's okay. I'll stick them in my own roster. Have fun, and thanks for joining!
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