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  1. Re: Force Field Power Question Thank you. I had been looking at force field instead.
  2. I am playing 5th edition hero still and I am rather stumped on how to build a power. I want my character to have a force field the size of a shield but when it is hit by a hth attack it causes the attacker to go flying back. Any ideas? Thank you
  3. Re: Shadow Angelus i like the second try much better. more balanced then the first.
  4. Re: Shadow Angelus I can see why a corp. in a megacity with no army would want to geneticly engineer something that for the most part is human but with some "upgrades" most existing equipment would be usable on them and you get the bonus of the animalistic features.
  5. Re: Shadow Angelus I would think as far as structurally sound goes anything will work in this day in age (or a future day in age for that matter). Eosin what are you using to make this map?? Its nice Once you get that pretty outline done I will work on getting streets put into it. Not that we need it, but gives me something to do.
  6. Re: Shadow Angelus Just a question out of curiosity since it was brought up on this thread. What do you think your Paramedics is at Eosin?
  7. Re: Bleach Conversion Project So what would you count that as? a 5 point disad?
  8. Re: Bleach Conversion Project So would you consider a Substitute Soul Reaper a multiform? I mean Ichigo isn't exactly normal even in his human form.
  9. Re: Rifts HERO? Wouldn't the majority of RIFTS fall under the DC information?
  10. Re: Bleach Conversion Project If you're converting Bleach into Hero you might want to keep in mind why your doing it. If you're doing it for your players to pick and choose from the characters to play then you need to pinpoint a time in the show your going to play.
  11. Re: Hypothetically and unofficially, what would you like to see in a Mecha Hero book? Be nice if this was a full book. Wouldnt mind seeing expanded Hero Rules for Mecha and then related to realistic military combat.
  12. Re: Shadow Angelus I know I am looking foreward to what ever Edsel comes up with!
  13. Re: Google maps... with nukes! Nice, its fun to blow up your ex-friends houses. HEHE
  14. Re: normal maximum This is an impressive thread. Starts on Normal Maximum and somehow gets to talking about the dictionary. No ADD in this group.
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