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  1. https://allthingsliberty.com/2013/05/how-to-treat-a-scalped-head/
  2. Are there plans to keep this in stock? Money's tight right now, but I'd love to have this...
  3. The links thing is still wonky, although it was a lot closer to working this time. Thanks, Marcus.
  4. And I can't figure out how to make a link in the message with this new software. It's futuretimeline.net.
  5. So, I was poking around the internet, thinking about Solar Hero and what kind of timeline human expansion throughout the solar system might take, and found this website. It's got some pretty interesting stuff on there...helps a lot with future history ideas.
  6. The movie "Sahara" (with Matthew McCounaghy or however you spell it) takes place in the modern day, but might as well be an Indiana Jones movie.
  7. The Fantasy Hero rules can be used for this sort of thing. It gets weird if you have a huge number of very different combatants, though. If you have the full roster of the Justice League as one side of your battle, you'll have combine some pretty different power sets into one unit to keep things manageable. Also, the FH rules-as-written don't cover a lot of powers outside of KAs and normal attacks (Mind Control, for instance). One of these days I'll actually have time to sit down and work out my full War Hero rules. I started doing this under 4th Ed rules, and then started re-tweaking them for 5th Ed. Now I guess I'll have to do 6th, and hope 7th Ed doesn't come out while I'm doing it. (sigh...) I should have time next year to do it...
  8. Pennsylvania, at least, had oilfields in the pulp era...
  9. As I recall, there were a couple of pretty decent adventures included with Justice Inc. It would be nice to see official, updated versions of those...
  10. There was a Buck Rogers game put out by TSR back in the day. It was based on the original comic strips, not the '70s TV show. Worth looking into if you can find it.
  11. What happens if someone exhibits psychic powers belonging to both guilds?
  12. If it's the whole galaxy, and there's no contact outside the galaxy, does the area need a name? They'd probably refer to "the (ruling family) Dynasty" for anything specific to government, and "the galaxy" for anything specifically physical.
  13. I recently read The Martian by Andy Weir. It's about a manned, 30-day Mars mission that has to abort after 6 days, and a mishap during the evac leaves one crew member behind and assumed dead. Once he realizes what's happened, he has to figure out how to contact Earth to let them know he's alive, and then stay that way until they can come get him. Luckily, the next mission is set to land about 1000km away and in about 4 years, so, no pressure. I read this in essentially one sitting, and while I am no astronaut, it seemed realistic...it was definitely realistic enough to get me thinking about the Solar Hero period. I definitely recommend this to anyone setting up a campaign in that time period.
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