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  1. Very interesting Hugh. Will have to look into that. Have a player looking to do just that.
  2. That was my memory, I will take a look for that. Thanks Massey!
  3. I am not certain how that is the reading when it says that the above says that you can do other things while you activate it.
  4. Getting back to Hero after a few years of not really having a group for it. Where should I look for the rules of combining Power activation with just Punching someone? Like if a person has a No Range Flash, and they want to use a Martial Maneuver while they activate that. Thanks much for any reference on that.
  5. If you take Extra Time - Extra Segment on something like Growth, you will grow to the new height at the end of the next segment. Since Growth normally doesn't take a Half-Phase to activate, do you get a full phase to do with as you please on the turn that you activate it? I ask because 6E1 pg 376 says "he may take a Half Phase Action first, if he so desires" in reference to activating the power. It goes on to talk about a bunch of attack stuff, which lead me to wonder if they were trying to call out that attacks take the half-phase they normally do or if the power activation now has to be at least a half phase since you have taken Extra Time.
  6. Awesome! Didn't think to look at the APG. This is what switching between days and nights does to the brain. Thanks very much for the info!
  7. Hero Designer gives us the option to use Change Environment with a 30 point cost for Stunning. Where are the rules on that? Went looking into my big book and didn't see any mention of that being an option.
  8. Copy and thanks! Now I just have to figure out how to get Hero Designer to work right for it.
  9. Yes, I understand that. The adder to add Defense to a Mental Entangle costs 3 for 2 points of Defense. I guess after you have all the necessary modifiers on the Entangle it moves it up by the +1.25 that the Mental Entangle has. That adder cost is literally listed in the rules for Mental Entangle in the 6E book. I believe it is also listed in Complete Champions.
  10. Is the cost to increase a Mental Entangle Defense correct? It seems strange that the normal Adder is 5 cost for 2 Defense, while Mental is 3 cost for 2 Defense.
  11. Any good way to raise the Defense of a Mental Entangle? I see how to raise the PD/ED, but not convert over to an MD.
  12. Thanks much. The Palidromy sent me a private answer to this, so I didn't keep coming back to check. Thank you so much for the information!
  13. Trying to figure out what the Cost Multipliers do in the Campaign Rules. Read the document, still was confused.
  14. Awesome, kinda what I figured. Have been driving this version of it until the wheels would fall off. I guess today is one of the days that the wheels have fallen off.
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