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  1. Re: Justice League-type DC/Champions campaign. Advice, please. Hmm... Reply later, time for work. May still have some direct conversions in the files will check when I get home... ~Rex
  2. Re: Guns In The MHI RPG Custom bonuses are way easy to do in HERO. Almost intuitive, and the majority of them covered in the rules already. Hence why I've always run my MHI games in HERO. ~Rex
  3. Re: The Good and Bad about Marvel and DC I liked Watchmen. ~Rex
  4. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Thanks to Jason my FLGS has a PILE of these books and they are moving. Snagging my copies Friday. Review after I recover from my birthday binge afterwards. ~Rex
  5. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Dammit! Just got off the Horn with my FLGS. They are having "Problems" getting this book and not including me and the Dozen or so copies I am buying ( plus extras for some more overseas folks) they have LOTS of interest and inquires. I want to fix this issue. ~Rex...is not amused.
  6. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Bundle it. Insert for the GM screen that needs to be made. Toss in some old school character sheets with the character outlines circa the good old days. Goes with the theme. ~Rex
  7. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete One small Step for Mankind, One Giant Leap in the Right Direction. ~Rex....starts lining up the cash for the orders.
  8. Re: Advice sought: Uncommon Sense(s) Senses are so expensive in HERO.....love threads like this that break them down though. Footstep here so I don't loose it... ~Rex
  9. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Works fine on the Nexus 7. ~Rex
  10. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete PDF....I wish it luck but hollar this way again when it's paper. Now, running out of Autumn here and I have orders pending. When's that book gonna drop? Rex....solid idea though.
  11. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete DOJ = Galactus. ~Rex
  12. Re: The Good and Bad about Marvel and DC Lot of Marvel bad writers over in DC right now. Kept hoping they would take Bendis an Loeb but alas those two are entrenched in like Dire Ticks. Hell Loeb is the head of the TV stuff (bad marvel) so only Vishnu knows what's gonna happen. ~Rex
  13. Re: The Good and Bad about Marvel and DC The Good about Marvel. Recognizing the potential of properties like Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. The Bad about Marvel. Giving those two titles to Bendis and Loeb. The good about DC. Earth 2, World's Finest. Saturday Morning DC Nation The Bad about DC. DC Nation going on hiatus today with no warning after just getting back from Hiatus. Constant attempts to get folks to like crappy Jim Lee ideas like Team 7 and the Ravagers... ~Rex
  14. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete It IS Fall though.... ~Rex
  15. Re: MHI Hunter Template Magic swords and other artifacts pop up in all the books, and play key parts even in the last few so I wouldn't count out the use of such in a game here and there. ~Rex
  16. Re: THE MONSTER HUNTER INTERNAIONAL EMPLOYEES' HANDBOOK & RPG Is Now Live! Start spreading those links people! ~Rex
  18. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Yeah but with some folks just changing the way something is written is enough to cause nigh perma brain lock. Disadvantages to Complications for example. Either way. Ready to buy some books so let's Roll! ~Rex
  19. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Ain't nothing stopping us from sounding the charge. ~Rex
  20. Re: Announcement: The Monster Hunter International RPG! Well I've been running an MHI game since the first book, but this will be a nice set to toss on the table. I'll hit up the Kickstarter after the rent check clears.... ~Rex
  21. Re: Silver Age Champions playtest begins! Reading still. Waiting for character sheets. ~Rex
  22. Re: Has anyone tried doing an Hyborian/Conan game using Fantasy Hero Working on an REH game modeled on some of His more modern stories. Think Sailor Steve Costigan meets Tales of the Golden Monkey. ~Rex
  23. Re: Has anyone tried doing an Hyborian/Conan game using Fantasy Hero . Big pile of stuff from a yard sale, lot of collected editions and some older stuff. Few of the Jordan pastiche things which I already trashed. Pretty much all of the last set of Bundles from the last reprint. The Prize though really was a bunch of the old Savage Sword of Conan magazines. SCORE! ~Rex
  24. Re: Black Collar Hmm...coulda sworn I posted relevant scale information. Ah there it is Yes. Mordecai is the only Black Collar (And it's not a device it's a profession, like Green Beret) I'd put at a 6 Speed anyway just based on a few of the scenes in the books. 5's about right for the rest of the Backlash recipients and Caine, a solid 4 .... ~Rex
  25. Re: Black Collar Just found new copies a few weeks ago, plus a new copy of the Judas Solution as well as the old and New Cobra stuff. You really don't need a lot of points to do them (Blackcollar's, Cobra's are a bit more expensive). Blackcollars were essentially just, Ninja's in Space trained up to peak human with a touch of superhuman reflexes and training/memory aid and longevity due to the backlash drug... Got to get the scale right to. These are the Best Trained Examples of a guerilla warrior you could possibly have. Not Baseline Human. So you are already up there on the charts a bit. Toss in Backlash and then you got this from the book: Backlash—the code name for the drug that had been the heart of the whole blackcollar project. Given in a tailored dosage pattern, it permanently altered a man's neural chemistry, effectively doubling his speed and reflexes in combat situations. Backlash, and Backlash alone, had allowed the blackcollars to successfully pit their low-tech, low-profile weaponry against the more sophisticated Ryqril equipment and, in many cases, come out ahead. Shuriken and nunchaku passed detectors set for lasers and high-metal projectile guns without raising a ripple; Backlash speed and blackcollar marksmanship turned them into deadlier weapons than they had any right to be. Double the Speed and Reflexes of the Best Trained Ninja Army Ranger Green Beret Navy Seal out there. That's it. Doubling is fairly easy in HERO. Everything else is impact activated flex armor, sling shots and ninja toys. ~Rex
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