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  1. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I really need to get a few more posted here...... Someone feed me some Ideas heh, if I do my own stuff I end up running over to CO to really crank up the detail..... ~Rex
  2. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Rage Against the Machine, No Shelter Here...... ~Rex.....Likes to annoy his neighbors.....
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Damn, wanted to Rep for this but....must spread.....bah..... One should always Rep for an appreciation of great Music..... ~Rex
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Just snagged a few things off the iTunes...... Like this one...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajVG1SSqSDg&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLKC0THNv7VFzPgRr9uulR1A ~Rex
  5. Re: Cool Guns for your Games
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Listening to this, while desperately trying to fight off the insomnia to get to sleep...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whKcI1zMDzk&feature=BFa&list=LLKC0THNv7VFzPgRr9uulR1A ~Rex
  7. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Heh, I've gotten that open carrying a few of the weapons I have left. Especially from my deputy sheriff neighbor across the parking lot....... ~Rex
  8. Re: Cool Guns for your Games If All I have it the Full Sized Any Rifle and I'm looking to eat a squirrel. I'm gonna kill it with a Rock. Doesn't take much. ~Rex
  9. Re: Cool Guns for your Games SQUEE!!! ~Rex
  10. Re: Cool Guns for your Games GIMME! ~Rex
  11. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Most Guns bought "legally" are Expensive. The 5/7 runs about a grand, plus or minus a hundred here and there. The Ammo isn't cheap but it's not check book breaking like a few others I got sitting around. If you know where to go illegally though, that's a completely different animal. ~Rex
  12. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Rewatched the first Season of Game of Thrones, caught up on Person of Interest as well, and then watched this. ~Rex
  13. Re: Cool Guns for your Games New York Reloads with a FN Five-Seven Tactical could give you a lot of shots with the doubling rule in play, heh..... ~Rex
  14. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? This..... ~Rex
  15. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Caught up on this season's The Ultimate Fighter Live. Some Damned Fine MMA going on in that show. ~Rex
  16. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Catching up on my New and Upcoming Music Stars like this Kid from American Idol this season Phillip Phillips (Also my pick to win at the rate things are going and the way the judges are sitting on their "save)..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8mJT-YMejM&feature=BFa&list=LLKC0THNv7VFzPgRr9uulR1A&lf=my_liked_videos for example..... ~Rex...is a huge Billy Joel fan so was uber picky about this cover, and couldn't find anything to complain about....
  17. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I WANT THIS. I WANT IT NOW. *Adds the AF 2011A1 to his wish list.....* ~Rex ... .45 .... Still his favorite Ammo
  18. Re: Cool Guns for your Games One could adjust for Hit Locations as well. I've never been a fan of the bullets I've been hit with in any of their caliber. However I think I would still take being shot over the 5 stabbings I've had to go through. I've had a lot of luck though getting very close to realistic results, by building for effect. Then again I also find Phoenix Command to be a fun fast and rules light game, heh..... ~Rex
  19. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Heh, very workable regardless. Playing with a bunch of weapons builds at the moment to flesh out a VPP build. May toss this one in as well.... ~Rex
  20. Re: Cool Guns for your Games Anyone ever work up stats for the ridiculous assault rifles from the movie Deep Rising? ~Rex..... Basically it was a Calico M955a Hollywooded up as a 5 barrel Gatling assault rifle, heh....total prop weapon but should have a few extra dice of presence attack
  21. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I'm matching shot per shot on my Mini Master with .22 Magnum, time and damage at pistol ranges as my Lever Action Henry. Where I adjust for serious differences in HERO between Pistols and Rifles, even if the same Ammo is used, is with Accuracy At Range. The Round, is the same, but the accuracy at range is not (and yes you can lose some energy, much like you lose energy with semi automatic shotguns vs pump action or long barrel vs tactical cuts) but it's not really that much in game terms). Last time I went through this it was with .45 Long Colt (with my Marlin model 1894) and the same round out of my Taurus Judge. Same Round Same Grain. Equal Performance at Pistol Range, Considerable ACCURACY issues at Rifle ranges obviously. While I do Adjust for differences in total between Rifle and Pistol's (Weapon bonuses, Penalties etc), I don't for the Ammo. The Ammo is the same base but the Weapon may adjust up or down in the areas it's meant to be effective at..... Seeing a lot of this with this current fad of wrapping pistols down around Rifle Ammunition as well. Or even more fun systems like the Encore system from Thompson/Center where you can fire everything from .22 Hornet up to .416 Rigby (it's a modular system, click and swap, Pistol to Rifle, even muzzle loading up to .50 caliber, 20 and 12 gauge in addition to the previous ammo range) http://www.tcarms.com/firearms/encore.php (BTW I really really want a complete Encore set ) I'm a .22 wildcatter before most else really my first Rifle was a Ruger 10/22 and my first pistol was likewise in the same range and company. Wildcatting comes naturally if you stick with the caliber long enough (for the unknowing, Wildcatting is basically customizing your ammo, not recommended for the casual shooter, and very common amongst the .22 crowd of folks). With a basic .22 magnum Hollow Point round though (from my good ol Ruger Single Six (got a thing for single action revolvers), I've hit a 60 pound coyote in northern Maine square in the chest at 20 yards and blew off most of his front, total pelt wreckage but we did rescue the neighbors yorkie albeit with a few stitches and a serious fear of going out in the backyard after that heh... ~Rex... simply put though, if you base Ammo Damage on what the Round NEEDS to be able to do at it's useable range, .45 ACP comes in around 2d6-1 to 2d6+1 depending on load.
  22. Re: Cool Guns for your Games 2d6-1 for .45 ACP is about right scale wise. It's not really about the numbers, but what those numbers do to the target. .45 ACP makes things Dead. Pretty much one of the best Man Stopper Rounds out there and one of the best there ever will be. One .45 ACP round to center of mass = a casualty, hence you need enough Average Body to make sure that happens to your average target. Comparative Scale. Especially in 6e where the Stun X starts at a half die. Everything else then is simple a matter of looking at things like Range and energy at Various Ranges. You don't want to be to nitpicky with the damage ranges either because you'll just run into to many issues. I suppose I look at it differently as one of those folks with closet full of guns and ammo kits and what not, but let's look at a few things. Take .22 magnum for example (Just picked up a nice North American Arms mini master with a few bells and whistles (adjustable sights, custom grips, variable cylinders to go from .22 mag to .22 lr ). A .22 mag, is (@ 30 grains), a smidge over 2000 ft/second, and delivers 322 ft/lbs of force (437 j). It's Lethal, for anything from a jackrabbit up to a Coyote at 150 yards, Go with a Hollow Point and you'll rip a good size Coyote in half at 50 yards (and waste a pelt). That there alone spells more then the damage listed for a .22 caliber weapon (regardless of type) I say this because you could take a .45 ACP, and in a few configurations of that ammo, you're only looking at an additional 100 ft/lbs give or take, up to roughly twice that of the .22 magnum and that's before getting into what us Wildcatters do with that ammo.... So if the .22 is only worth a 1d6, then 2d6-1 is about right for most .45 ACP, and some of the other .45 configurations like the Federal Hydra-Shok and what not would pile on Stun X and maybe another +1 or so in RKA... Hence why I always go for the scale first, and what it does, before shifting numbers..... ~Rex
  23. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Atomnyĭ Robot The Atomic Robot![ATTACH=CONFIG]42086[/ATTACH] Think, a Combo of the Doom Patrols Robot-Man and Negative Man.... ~Rex
  24. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Yeah that would be priceless...... His Vegan thing is cracking me up because he went that route because of his bout with recurring Liver Infections, and the no TV is because he's on the road most of the year and works out like a machine other then that. I tend to drop TV for years at a time anyway myself anyway (Who needs it with Netflix and a Computer anyway....) so the working all of that in to back his Heel bit... brilliant.... The "I Have until Five Though....." shame we can't post those outtakes, ~Rex.... But, I can show off two of my favorite Wrestlers in a ROH match This way you can see what Punk is borrowing from The Current WORLD CHAMPION! heh..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSwZIMIH2Rw&feature=related There is a touch of potty mouth from the crowd, but it's pretty muffled in the crowd noise. It's not ECW level though and the entrance bit is classic American Dragon Heel, heh.... YouTube hasn't jumped all over it for Potty Mouth stuff and it's off a primary channel so it should be clean enough where as the "I Have Till 5" Samoa Joa Brian Danielson stuff is a bit....uhm....blatant.
  25. Re: WWE Snark-Free Zone Oh he see's himself as a Heel. He's always been a Fantastic Heel. Take a dig for some of his pre WWE material. What's he's doing now is leading to that. Considering how much in need the WWE has for Good Heels that can draw insane heat from the crowd as well as get anyone over without looking like a Jobber, well that's basically, Bryan, Ziggler, Swagger, and one of my favorites of all time Jericho .....Other then the Monsters what have they got to work with? A solid core of Heels is more important then the Baby Faces. Heels do all the work. They're the Bomber Pilots of Pro Wrestling. ~Rex
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