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  1. This is an NPC and will stretch the rules but I want it justifiable as possible One of the character's powers is to summon advanced alien engineers that have, related to slightly varying skillsets, Transform: devices or components into advanced alien devices or materials; (permanent, but cannot be repaired once broken, except by the alien.) The character has paid for: 8x small VPPs of advanced devices for his own use, points of advanced tech installed in his base and vehicle, and a Wealth perk to represent financial gain, BUT he can still hand out these devices to others, and he has th
  2. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power A fair assessment and I shouldn't have too much trouble getting my own approval, but I'm looking for something workable in a broader sense. I'm looking for a character that can do amazing things with earth and stone but not much to people (say turning them into lightning rods) and looking for input on a questionable topic. The AoEs could certainly be drained beforehand with the fx of passing the additional damage harmlessly into the earth (of course the bomber would know about it then), but I'm looking for something that fits character concept a
  3. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power Well, a shaped charge on the side of a bridge beam would normally direct the force into tearing it apart, if I unshaped it it would make a big boom exploding out into the air and cause much less damage to the beam. A shaped charge in a claymore mine throws all kinds of nasty stuff through the "this side front", take out the confining structure and it explodes up down sideways and backwards doing less damage overall. Put a bullet in a gun and the barrel and expanding gas force the bullet out at high velocity, throw the bullet in the fire and the
  4. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power OK then guys, I want the earth to eat up damage from an area effect, a bomb, a fireball, a grenade, a huge fist slammed into the ground... how would you do it?
  5. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power Well, I suppose there's more than one way to skin a fireball, that sounds like the quintessential magical type and maybe that effect just doesn't match. I'm thinking more along the lines of unshaping a shaped charge,
  6. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power OK, I have a hero with earth/stone and related desolidification powers and I have this idea for an effect that he can dissipate AoE damage directed at the ground... or is that a mechanic? I have an idea that might get me there but I suppose I'm wildly missing your point?
  7. Re: AoE Damage Sink defensive power Instead of of having fire reflecting off of and rolling along the ground, some of it is dissipated downward, so you end up with a less intense fireball. Less of a hemisphere and more of a sphere, or less of a circular effect and more of a hemisphere
  8. The effect I'm looking for is this: the hero aborts to a power that desolidifies the earth under an AoE to the attack damage, doubling the volume/area affected and halving the damage, assuming the FX of the AoE match up. The nearest I've been able to come is this: 36 Physical+Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50%, Ranged (+1/2), Usable Nearby (+3/4), Grantor pays END (134 Active Points); Side Effects, occurs automatically (affects character and recipients; Surrounding Earth provides no cover; -0), Only vs. AoE groundburst Uncommon attack (-3/4), Instant (-1/2), Only on earth/
  9. I intend to build a power that can TP large objects that are far away to the character. He has an appropriate targeting sense but the schtick is that he may get more than he bargained for and have to spend extra time and END on the transport. For example: he needs a bicycle so he pictures it in his mind, fires off his TP and linked Detect. Unknown to him, the bicycle that he detected is attached to a car rack, so he ends up TPing the bicycle AND the car AND the passengers which should nearly zap his endurance, tie him up for a Turn, and leave him in a pickle with the car owners. I'm
  10. Re: Analyze Structure vs KS Architecture KS Architecture is fairly broad, I'd allow that it lets you know a little about a lot of aspects of the building including aesthetics and history. KS Structural Engineering or KS Building Construction/Demolition would be more apt to zero the character in on what's holding it up or how to bring it down. The character with KS Architecture might be less likely to be fooled by a facade though. Analyze would be another step up the ladder.
  11. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? With regard to that, I'm sure the Hawaiian mythos is much more accessible and identifiable in the states than many of the other aspects, but poly (many) is the active term. There is a lot of parallel evolution of similar deities across the Pacific islands, Hawaiian being only one facet of it. Tangaroa is very important in the Cooks, Tonga had many incarnations of Maui and his brothers and New Zealanders might click much more readily with the Maori take on things.
  12. Re: Hero System Vehicles: Sailing Ships Does HSVS have any write ups on the multi-hulled Polynesian Sailing vessels that were able to run circles around the visiting European ships?
  13. Re: Subsume Looking at 6th edition Usable Simultaneous base +1/2 -Grantor can take back and any time +1/4 -Grantor pays END -1/4 -Recipeint must remain close -1/2 all that adds up to a +0... can you even have a +0 naked advantage? If so it doesn't matter how many points you apply it to, 30 pts or 300, it'd still be (300(1+0)-300). As it sits I could build a Usable by others as a -1/4 limitation by eliminating the 'take back'. Would that give extra utility and points back? Doesn't seem quite right.
  14. Basically I've got a stretchy guy (pliable body) that I'd like to have the ability to wrap himself around another character and function as powered armor. He'd grant and put the lion's share of his powers under the control of the other. Quickly plugged it into Hero Designer and I come up with a +0 naked advantage, i.e. no cost. Subsume: Naked Advantage: Usable Simultaneously (up to 2 people at once; +0), Recipient must remain close to Grantor, Grantor can take back power at any time, Grantor pays the END whenever the power is used for up to X Active Points I guess that makes some s
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