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  1. At this point, I am thinking of using EGO Rolls in place of the SAN stat, with certain creatures making an EGO Attack (similar to a PRE Attack), egregious failures might result in new psych lims which could be removed with EXP. However I am open to other ideas. And I am just using EQ for weapons and basics (like I created Geoff with a 50 point vehicle to represent an average car in his EQ) obviously, you would buy unique weapons/vehicles as perks and /or powers. And I would like to avoid Resource points if I can, just in case we get a newb or two...less to explain.
  2. A second sample character, this one focusing on 'powers' Aubrey Cochlear.pdf
  3. Historically, I have used Google hangouts with success but am open to other ideas. Well, Modern World, I doubt we will stay in America all the time. PC's can come from any background that fits a modern origin. Medieval wizards are right out. As far as whether or not PC'S know each other, it's up to the PC'S. It certainly makes sense considering paranormal investigations on this level are probably fairly uncommon. Stay away from Cthulhuan Knowledge, although occult, parapsychology and similar skills are probably okay. Stay away from actual powers (within reason, an occult
  4. Feeling the urge to run something Call of Cthulhuish...but using the Hero System 5e. Wondering if anyone would be interested? Planning on doing it online, once every couple of weeks or so. 175 point characters, 100 point characters 75 points in disadvantages. I have included a sample character below. And of course, I won't limit the adventures to just Cthulhian sanity eaters but other sorts of monsters as well. Leave a message below or email me at booggeyman@hotmail.com if interested. Geoff Pettijohn.pdf
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