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  1. Re: Worst comic book superfight ever
  2. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Undying thread HERO
  3. Re: WWYCD: Hero with "Questionable" Political Views And they'd start getting tensor and tensor . . .
  4. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure.... Maybe not a useless power if you're in a Tales of the Floating Vagabond campaign, but otherwise not terribly useful: http://sluggy.com/daily.php?date=060722
  5. Re: Top Five vs The Unknown Menace! OK, now I'm scared I didn't know who Destroyer Duck was, and I thought about Howard, but Daffy has to be there to drive Wolverine nuts. "Slash me again. I love the smell of adamantium. And cigars. Slash me!" They were made for each other. To kind of answer the question more seriously: 1) Doctor Doom 2) Lex Luthor 3) Juggernaut 4) Dormannu (sp?) 5) Darkseid The biggest problem with this group is keeping them from cutting a deal with the menace.
  6. Re: Top Five vs The Unknown Menace! 1) Daffy Duck 2) Donald Duck 3) Duckman 4) Darkwing Duck 5) Wolverine
  7. Re: Wow....that is a useless power for sure.... Absorption, 3d6 to Aid Aid 3d6 to absorption Not the most useful power suite around.
  8. Re: Random SF Science Questions Darn, missed that. Oops. Thanks for pointing it out for me. I'd like to see his reasoning for the debris clearance time though. I think he may be overestimating the speed with which stuff moves, but it's nearly a decade since I worked with laser vaporization, so my memory is probably playing tricks on me (that and I was aiming at something not very flesh-like). A potentially nasty problem with laser weapons is if you know the frequency and there is a commonly available gas which absorbs there, your opponents with the slug-throwers have a one way shield, so choose your frequency carefully. To take a silly example, no one will build a deadly fluorine excimer weapon lasing at 157 nm for use on earth. Both water vapor and oxygen absorb strongly at these wavelengths, so the range would be very, very limited.
  9. Re: Random SF Science Questions The light does not have to be focused, though it often is. The light is coherent and monochromatic. This means that the crests and troughs of the waves line up with each other and that the light is all the same frequency (there's actually a spread of frequencies, but it's small). Nyrath has already provided a link. One problem mentioned by Dr. Schilling in that link is more general. Lasers produce a plasma when they start to vaporize things, and plasmas can act as mirrors, sending the photons away from their intended target, so you really want to pulse the light. It is probably true that the steam from a human body will scatter even more light, and that's why the good doctor left this out.
  10. Re: What power would you buy (with a twist) Here are a few many new parents would like: Detect meaning of crying/babble (10 pts) children only (-1/2) 7 pts. Extra limbs. I think six will be enough, usually. 1d6 cosmetic transform, taste of food/medicine (heck, I'd settle for transform taste of Zantac into H2O right now) Clairvoyance, only to know when child will need a bottle or a diaper change. 2d6 minor transform: dirty diaper to clean diaper. If your child's diaper has more than one body, or has power defense, I Don't Want To Know.
  11. Pogo

    Suggest a Name?

    Re: Suggest a Name? Epicycle (I think I just suggested the worst name yet) Yetzirah The Scholar
  12. Re: What I Learned from "What I Learned" threads You know what they say, ascii and ye shall receiivii
  13. Re: Lost and Found super-ads Found: one bouncing body part. If you are the owner, please come get it out of my ear.
  14. Re: A Not-So-Random Power Autofire with swords. Healing (simplified version), requires concentration. 1d6 cumulative transform: nonworking mechanical object into working mechanical object.
  15. Re: Character Curveballs A friend created The Solipsist, a master of ego, PD, and ED drains. He convinced his opponents they didn't really exist. His defences had the SFX that what didn't exist couldn't hurt him, including his opponents. Never give a philosophy major a character sheet at 2 AM.
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