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  1. Re: in the spirit of christmas!


    DR. D! Du Nos pics are incredible! You really knocked it out of the park. Very cool look, dark & gritty. Awesome. In case you haven't picked up on it, I like very much. I'm gonna have to try & create a character just because of those illustrations.

  2. Re: Brother From Another Mother


    Dr. Wonder- being the team leader, would have to lecture the character on his misunderstanding and how his/her statements effect the public opinion of the team. He would then insist that the character then release a correcting statement clearing up the confusion. If hte character doesn't correct their statement, they'd be suspended from the team until doing so.


    Gunnodoyak- Would laugh it off & let people figure it out for themselves that the character obviously completely ignorant. Especially being that he's a very well known personality world wide!


    Rush- Being the impulsive teenager, he'd probably break into the team-mates room with a willing partner & have gratuitous s-e-x on thei bed & let them figure out what had happened:)!

  3. Re: Going to be running a Teen Champions game...


    I also try to be an off the cuff GM. I find that if I try to plan too much, the players tend to hope tracks on me. Then I have to scramble to keep up. If I play it loose & keep the guide lines simple everyone has an enjoyable time. One of my favorite things to do is have the players do most of your reference work for you. Especially in their character back grounds...

    I hope this helps.

  4. Re: Going to be running a Teen Champions game...


    Well, I've recently been running a tricky speedster who didn't like the way some of the teachers were keeping valuable info from the kids. Like his older brother who'd died 15 years previuosly reappearing with no explanation as to where he's been (he also hasn't aged any since the day he disappeared). So my character decided to leave the school impulsively (like a teen).

    Then he tried to get his parents to ask questions & they won't. He even went so far as to ask his parents about possibly suing the school for misrepresenting what had happened to their son. So now he's back at the school investigating his brother (who he isn't too sure of).:sneaky:

  5. Re: Superhero Legacy 2: He took my old ID!


    Dr. Wonder; Would confront the offender & proceed to "quiz" the person in his areas of expertise & decide if said person was qualified to carry the name.


    Gunnodoyak; would find the character & verify what the character's motives were for carrying on the name. Maybe also bring the character back to his tribal shaman for confirmation on personal motives.


    Rush; would probably confront new person & challenge!

  6. Re: Google Earth


    I've used it extensively in my character write ups. I explained to another player in our group, that if you don't try & confirm something's location in the real world, the G.M. might poke holes in your back story. It's yet to prove me wrong to be that paranoid.:thumbup:

  7. Re: Funny thought: Plot seed


    You could have a super inventor create giant sized milk duds that're laced with a permanent shrinking serum. Then just place the milk duds where you think the kid'll never get 'em & turn your collective backs & voila! He'll eat 'em before you know it & deny it to his little sand box!

  8. Re: The Mentalist Wrestler


    Well, the obvious one would be Clairsentience with retrocognition with limitations of only while in contact with person or object? Another limitation of only vision or sound?

    Maybe tie in find weakness? tie it to a subtle mind scan that could "find" obvious, to the targets mind, weaknesses.

    You could also utilize Images or Mental Illusions. Projecting into targets mind nightmares/ Fantasies?

  9. Re: Utility Belts


    My super scientist uses his gadgeteer pool as a force field belt. He frequently canibalizes it to build other gadgets for the other members of the team. Mental invisibility head bands, ego boosting hats, n-ray goggles, etc...

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