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  1. I love all the conversation around this. The video shows a person landing hits, but again, the hits do not land at the same time. In Hero terms what's the special effect? If you have extra limbs or HTH auto fire, are they all landing at once or as a 1,2,3 combo? If a combo, then to me it should be Hit, damage shield, hit. I would agree with an argument of some type of the next hit (assuming 3 hits landed & and it's damaging damage shield) that the 3rd hit does some damage as the person was in full swing but collapsed while swinging (assuming the damage would KO the person). In
  2. I do understand that all hits "land" but equating it to reality there would be a short pause in between. Either way, game ways it's the way it's listed above. As we're trying to keep the rules in our game as close to the book as possible, thought we'd bring it to the forms for clarity.
  3. My villian has a Damage shield with teleport. So, yes it would stop the 2nd attack (in theory). Others have suggested writing the Teleport with a trigger instead, but I do want the heros to land a hit, then teleport (for melee).
  4. Hello, Character "A" attacks character "B" who has a damage shield with auto fire 3 shots. Character A's attack roll will land all three shots. However, character's damage shield will be enough to knock him out after the first swing (in theory). Question - Which happens first? The 2nd auto fire or the first damage shield?
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