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  1. Re: Noob Question Oh that makes a LOT more sense. So I just need to figure out what damage a Baseball Bat does. I have skill levels to hit with it, (+3 with a single attack), but those don't add to damage as far as I know. So I need to find the damage and strength minimum for a baseball bat. Is that printed somewhere? Or is that something my GM will need to provide.
  2. Re: Noob Question Ok, I'm confused then....a club does 4d6 according to an old 4e book I have and a great club does 6d6. So do those not add strength? This is a heroic campaign, I guess I should have added. 100 pts.
  3. I have a noob question (as you may have noticed, heh). My character has an 18 strength and he's going to hit a bad guy with a baseball bat. What would my damage be? I'm not certain... Thanks!
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