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  1. Version 1.4


    This is a quick, simple 28-page introduction to the some of the basics of the Hero System, especially as it applies to Fantasy Hero. It attempts to walk a new player through some of the system's principles, showing off why Fantasy Hero is worth digging into, but without getting bogged down in math or rules minutiae. The intended audience is someone new to Hero, especially those coming to Hero from D&D or other class-based fantasy systems. The reader is walked through the basics of character creation, three character examples, a sample combat, and a few other bits.
  2. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far You're being a colossal dramallama. "Spat back in our faces"? Come on. There was a debate, one of many in the 6th ed forums, where there were two sides. I and others argued for one, you and others argued for another. Occasionally heated words were said by both sides, and the debate certainly was passionate, but I thought it was handled for the most part in the respectful, mature, and ridiculously over-analyzed manner these forums are known for. I grew to respect certain people, opponents of what I favoured, because of that thread. You're making it sound like your opponents were a pack of narrow-minded dogmatics while you wielded the banner of light and truth rather than it simply being a situation where, *gasp*, people disagreed with you.
  3. Re: N-Ray with Senses having the opposite effect?
  4. Re: N-Ray with Senses having the opposite effect?
  5. Re: N-Ray with Senses having the opposite effect? I'm honestly not sure - I must be one of the few Champions players that doesn't like superhero comics. It would just be the ability tell one mind from another and pick them out regardless of physical objects in between. It does seem like a fairly common effect though, as mental effects go. I intend it as a replacement for Mind Scan - more finely detailed, but definitely not global in scope.
  6. It's an odd scenario perhaps, but I'm confused as to how to accurately model an effect I'd like. I want Detect Mind (bought as a Sense via Mental Group). The idea behind it is that the character is able to sense the minds of anyone within range, with physical objects not blocking it, simply because I just don't see that they should. The rulebook provides no guidelines as to what blocks a sense. The FAQ says that there's nothing set in stone, and that to "...consider the special effects involved, particularly when you’re building a power. If you want to create a power that can Detect Magic without being blocked by physical objects, build it so that you don’t have to assign it to a Sense Group that would ordinarily have difficulty perceiving through physical objects. Then the whole issue becomes moot." That's exactly how I see this power build, where the character "sees" the locations of other minds in his mind. So, N-Ray Perception (Mental) seems unnecessary. At the same time, am I just using fluff to work my way around the need to buy a modifier I should have? It gets worse because if I buy N-Ray I need to specify something reasonably common that blocks it, yet the base Detect Mind build as I've described above seems to be able to not be blocked by anything (other than Invisibility of course), meaning if I buy N-Ray I'm paying points to make a power (that isn't blocked by things) weaker (able to be blocked by something). Can anyone offer a little guidance here?
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