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  1. Re: Really quite crazy campaign idea.... Bingo. Sixth century BCE would be ideal. Heck, I could import a whole lot of RuneQuest bronze age themes as well.. OK, I'll get hold of that. Thanks for the ideas/references!
  2. Re: Really quite crazy campaign idea.... You'll be delighted to know that I read that webpage before joining this forum (Reputation added) Sure, that's the idea. I still have Mythic Greece and Mythic Egypt to work from as well. Yes please, that would be helpful. At the moment I just have some pretty wild and woolly concepts and some oddball supplements (except for the Hero System rules of course!) I still have a couple of other campaigns that need completion. My RuneQuest game will take at least another year, as will my HeroQuest campaign, as will my Powers & Perils campaign.. Delighted to meet all of you!
  3. Re: Really quite crazy campaign idea.... Hmmm.. The initial themes would involve the good guys developing some sort of universal moral reasoning that transcended cultural contexts; so they would initially operate against crueler members of their own pantheon. There may even be an international legion of bad guys as well. After a while they may have to deal with the notion of freedom among the human subjects who would rather the gods just backed off a bit..
  4. And for my second post ever here... I've been thinking about starting up a Champions game. I used to be quite into the Hero System in the late 80s and early 90s, ran several games (mainly Fantasy Hero), played in several others (mainly Champions) and, through a club, sponsored an annual Champions pit-bash. Not so long ago I picked up 5th edition. Yes, I have the errata, yes I know there's a 5th ed revised and I believe there is a website around which has tracked the differences (thank goodness). I'm pleased that the game is still around although the differences between 4th and 5th are pretty minimal as far as I can tell... But I do want to get into Hero System again.. and I have a crazy setting idea.. I have some AD&D products... No really, hear me out. This is really quite OK. You know the sort.. Deities & Demigods.... SpaceJammer.... Planescape.. Can you see where I'm going with this? The PCs are demigods, Champions-level superheroes, in a Fantasy Earth environment, where they can all inhabit the appropriate divine realms according to their pantheon (none of that nonsense about realms being associated with alignment). With a common cause they cross their cultural boundaries (and step on some toes in their own hierarchy) to fight evil in earth or, worse still, on other divine realms. Now there's all sorts of other potential plotlines (including this rather nasty thing called monotheism which is making the divine realms disappear!) but the question I have... Well, what do you reckon?
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