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  1. Funny enough Conroy, while he didn't do the stupid Bale growling thing, is the one who made having Batman and Bruce have separate voices be the standard.
  2. "Pay no attention, Fritz! We still have plenty of ham left?" "Yes, sir!" "Good! [lividly angry] Sandwiches for us, for the guests in the front room... [screaming] but not for the police! The police shall receive no sandwiches!"
  3. House of the Rising Sun is also interchangeable with both (and switching Amazing Grace with HotRS and vice versa both work surprisingly well). Much of Emily Dickinson's poetry is the right meter that it can be sung to Gilligans Island as well.
  4. I'm at the park often enough she knows me by sight and voice. Somedays we play tag, she'll chase me to one end, then I'll spin around she rears back and runs away. Other days she doesn't like eye contact because she wants to stalk. I use selfie mode on my phone to watch her try to be sneaky. I haven't been able to get a full pounce on video yet.
  5. The majestic tiger... Apparently even big cats make the "stink face".
  6. Adding dangling bits, extra weight, and heading over water seems like the worst possible way to learn to fly a drone..
  7. I thought I had an easy pick with one of my faves, Josie and the Pussycats, but it turns out it's at 52/53% on Rotten Tomatoes. So I'll throw out a movie that got so little notice it hasn't even achieved a rating on RT. 2003's Scorched. John Cleese, Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, and Rachel Leigh Cook combined couldn't save this flick from going straight to video and into obscurity, and I love the stupid thing.
  8. Fable is a great inspiration for this sort of thing. The first 2 story arcs are very solid and are both included in the premium hard cover graphic novel. The video game mentioned above is a Telltale Game called The Wolf Among Us and is a prequel to the comic series focused on Bigby (the Big Bad) Wolf, Fabletown's current sheriff.
  9. Gone for a couple years now. EDIT: There is a small Hero community that does play-by-post over on RPOL.
  10. Why? By your reasoning Voldemort should be just as likely to take a random Killing Curse as Ron or Hermione during the big battle. And what does Ron and Hermione not facing Voldemort have to do with anything? They both face Death Eaters trying to kill them repeatedly and fight in the big end battle. If the Killing Curse works the same for everyone else, who did or did not face Voldemort is entirely immaterial.
  11. Thanks for the "Like," Amigo.


    It's astounding how much flak I caught over having that particular opinion.   :lol:



  12. Just a note on Sean's PRE Attack example. Even if the GM allows a PRE Attack to use Haymaker (questionable in my opinion) that would negate several of your complaints about PRE Attacks. The Haymaker Maneuver takes a Half Phase Action (one might even argue it would be considered an Attack Action ending your turn) and the PRE Attack wouldn't effect anyone until the end of the next Segment. If a villain really wants to pose and posture at -5 DCV potentially leaving himself open to multiple attacks that could disrupt the PRE Attack from even happening, well, okay? My point is mentioning Haymaker i
  13. Invisibility to the hearing sense group would still cover the ring. No one has argued invisibility to sight would stop a sound, you using that as an example in the first place is a complete non sequitur from the topic. You state: "Invisibility doesn't make the SFX of your powers stop being obvious so the SFX of "ring is obvious because it shoots tinymagical shields" remains obvious. Again, Darkness construct." Well, per the rules the SFX of a mundane weapon like a sword is that it is an Obvious Focus of a Power. You are arbitrarily granting some SFX a bonus over others, r
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