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  1. Currently sitting at the front desk at Cray Inc. It's always a bit surreal for me when I run across references to Cray while at work.
  2. I would think what can convince people it isn't magic at the time. Who cares if the news claims there were toxic fumes that caused mass hysteria right before the gas leak exploded, you know what you saw, you know a crazy dude in a duster literally threw fire balls at a troll.
  3. It doesn't matter if this was your first time using this method as much as it matters if they understood you were using and were okay with this method.
  4. The fact that someone can't tell the difference between mechanics and special effects doesn't mean that those who can are lazy. A Wolverine built with no rDEF and a crap-ton of Regen is going to spend most fights unconscious but unkillable or be ridiculously over priced.
  5. The Dark Champions villain book had a character like this built using the Duplication mentioned above. Each head had its own Speed and actions.
  6. eepjr24, there is an ignore function on the forum. If you are using the full website (opposed to the mobile version) it should take all of 30 seconds to find when you click on your name on the top of the page.
  7. Do you want the Arachnids from the movies or from the book? They are very, very different.
  8. Per RAW a Character can use Brace with no downside since Bows have Concentration anyway. However, many campaigns ignore (or remove) Concentration from Bows. Many fantasy games I've seen also include a Naked Modifier buying off Concentration as a Talent. A character with such a build would have full DCV firing a Bow normally, but would still be halved DCV if Braced.
  9. Well, one is switching the rolls of the hero and villain, the other is switching the role of hero and sidekick, so the two aren't really comparable at all. Add to that the fact that Wang is intentionally portrayed as more competent than Jack and I'm not understanding who is being accused of "rewriting the classic story". There are plenty examples in modern entertainment of classic villains being portrayed as heroes.
  10. I'm just the opposite. \I find having to ask what the relative position between five or more characters every single turn much more harmful to keeping "the mental illusion going" than simply looking at a map.
  11. Except that's not how that works. A "big bad bruiser" breaks out of a 10 STR Telekinesis Grab just as easily as he breaks out of a standard 10 STR Grab and being in the air doesn't effect that in any way (unless he is worried about falling, but how high could he get lifted in 1 phase?)
  12. Just a note, 15 STR does not lift 440 pounds "with ease". 15 STR let's you barely lift 440 pounds and stagger a few steps before having to set it down. It's essentially a dead lift weight, not a casual my pick up and strike out at full pace weight.Also, heroic games often use encumbrance rules of one form or another so your movement, CV, and DEX rolls will often be effected long before you get up to 440 pounds.
  13. the use of the Transform Power would be visible to 3 senses. Transform is an Instant Power, and the result of the Transform has no such requirement.
  14. I thought the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon did a decent job with her origin. Obviously it didn't match the comics, but it involved the Kree and was a good shortcut to get to the character powered up and in play.
  15. Perhaps a Limitation that Mental Defense or Power Defense with Force SFX apply as a penalty to the Detect?
  16. Yes. In 5E and before Change Environment was AoE by default, just like Darkness and Images. Note that the OP lists AoE in Hexes, not Meters and the first answer that led to this entire debate references 5ER.
  17. It could be a Heroic Psychological Complication, "let her go, take me instead!"
  18. That is like complaining that D&D wasn't work well to play Redwall with mice and rats or Savage Worlds doesn't "scale well" when trying to play A Bug's Life. Obviously you have to change the scale so that your default creature is the norm. No system besides narrative-heavy abstract story games like Fate will "scale down" the way you claim you want. Any system with ANY amount of crunch or granularity will not scale down to playing insects or rodents, you have to change the scale. This is completely different than saying Hero is only good for Superheroes and doesn't "scale down" well. It scales down just fine to virtually any setting that has humans as the default characters.
  19. The fact that there is a Fuel Charge option in no way negates Hugh's (and the other people you ignored) points. Fuel is used for vehicles because you generally think of vehicle use in terms of how long you travelled, not how many instances of distinct gas units you used. The blaster gum is a gun that can only be fired x number of times. That is the text book definition of regular Charges.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nKn8t9-j8Q
  21. Only a Ninja can call another Ninja Ninja.
  22. Most are probably archived so your best bet is to Google search the forum. It's a topic that comes up every year or so I'd say.
  23. I'm fine with how they do it, but I needed to know what the default way was to know if it was a mistake, an intentional change, or me just being wrong about how shields worked all these years.
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