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  1. Was going through my champions books on my shelf, and saw something i was surprised I hadn't noticed. I organize my books by the "catalog number" on the spine, so for example"Alien Eenemies" is #413, followed by "olympians" at #414then "Road Kill" at #415......but between "Corporations at #434" and "golden age Champions at #436....i seem to be missing #435 which book was #435? was it never published? was it a non Champions book?....or did I just "lose" it somewhere?
  2. hey all"translating" Hero character from one system to another a character in a 3rd edition book has "2u Missile Deflection. all, 14-" is this missile deflection vs. "all ranged attacks" or just physical ones? is the 14- her DCV to deflect, or is it an activation number? thanks in advance
  3. going through my 4th edition champions books (what i consider the "golden age") Currently looking through "Champions of the North (#419), And found at least a character or two that have a RCMP package deal....not seeing that anywhere in the book. am I missing it? or with it in the big blue book and I missed it?
  4. Looked back at my post and realized that a couple of things got cut (I blame editing) The "Martial Artist/Earth Angle" member of the Divine Right is named "Magdalena" There's a seventh member of the Divine Right named "Jericho"...he has Disintegration powers, and after Payne calmed him down after his powers erupted (killing his family) Jericho is now the most fanatical of the Divine Right, a real "drank thekool-aide" type the Divine right are built on +30% more points than the PC's, and out number the PC's by one, three if you count Lazarus and a Pulpit powered Payne (PPP?)...
  5. hey all, I'm game mastering for a group of players in the GURPS IST world, but have kind of written myself into a corner, and some advice wold help, I'm actuay going to cross post with ome other RPG forum for help as well as the problems aren't rules based My players work for "Amazing Solutions" a Super-for hire agency that dosen't do kid's bithday parties, but they stop at out-and-out mercenary work as well the players --A "halfway fallen" angel...bulletprrof, limited flightand can heal by sending personal energy or leeching it from others, also has a flaming sword that indces agony but no
  6. Hey I know that it's harder than ever to get a pen & paper RPG book in print, at least not without the help of aickstart. And it worker with "Book of the Empress" to go along with "book of the Destroyer"and "book of the Machine" So for fun, if nothignelse, Iwas wondering what other "books" could be done? "organization books" like Demon and Viper are disqualified because organization books are nothing new. Eurostar Manifesto: Right away I'm breaking one of my own rules as Eurostar is sometimes thought of as an "Organization" mainly be having more members than most superteams. But Euro
  7. actualy thats a big help, I'm not sure how to make the best use of th image search, pintrest, adds for othercompanies and so on....in other wodrs somethign I might be able to crib ideas for , but not actualy print out. I DID like the link you sent for an actual "buy" map in 3d, worst comes to worse I can buy the pf and some posterboard the night or two before the game more pasted notes How would you run the wilderness encounter beyond just a roll here a roll there and checking for provisions? FYI the area of China is less "Amazon Rain Forrest" and more like "mountains of Oregon"...temp
  8. Thank you for the responses. To be honest despite being "the" Superhero game, I actualy expected less responses here. Here are some more notes, whiel they are from a , perspective I'm sure it should make sense (Gurps uses the same 10 base, 20 maximum for normal human attributes, "all" attacks are considered "killing, so just triple the damage rolled, except fatigue which would be double) How would you run the wilderness encounter beyond just a roll here a roll there and checking for provisions? FYI the area of China is less "Amazon Rain Forrest" and more like "mountains of Oregon"...temp
  9. hey all, I'm a little out of practice GM'ing, I don't think I'm doing a bad job, but could certainly do better, and would appreciate the advice (I hope even though I'm not runnign this game with Hero System rules that it's ok I'm going to be cross posting this on a few other superhero RPG boards as I'm not sure how much traffic this one gets, and since the help I'm asking for is "system generic" no one will object) Suffice it to say if your playing in the GURPS IST world (Amazing Solutions "B" Team) stop reading if your going to want to avoid spoilers The World: the game takes place in the G
  10. Thanks, i couldn't find the original thread, thought it had been deleted. Much Appreicated!
  11. Hey all, going through a (3rd?) edition copy of "Scourge of the Deep". I understand that pre4th edition lifesupport was one power that gave incremental benefits the more points you put into it. Can anyone tell me what "15 points" of life support gave you?
  12. hey all, going through some of my older Champions books, and notice how they did things differently...like I'm on "scourge of the Deep" and one of the characters has "15pts. life support"...what exactly does 15 points get you in the previous edition? is it distributed amongst various things, or do you get incrememntal benefits the more you invest in it?
  13. Re: combat luck That link was excellent, the "two pages on change environment" alone might be sufficient for me to get a 5th ed copy before sixth...well if I cna find a good deal But just as that sold me on th 5th ed book it's kind of killed my 6ed interest..THAT really is the new Defender? I 'll stop short of saying it's embarrassing (Gas grenade! quick Defender...hold your breath!) BUT.... ....I can't really say this bodes well for for the charcater creation tool. Oh I don't know I probably will get the Champions video game... ...just won't buy it at full pr
  14. Re: combat luck well, I'll probably wait for 6th edition (and please don't tell me that silver and blue armor guy is the new Defender) but any examples of anything I'm missing? my geuss it was mostly be rules tweaks, and changes in point costs
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