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  1. My apologies, yes, I can recreate the wheel. It is definitely doable since I've at least modified the the wheel before when I last GM'd a game using the Hero system years ago. That was when I mixed into a 5th Edition HD template and export template what I consider the best part of 6th to cancel out the biggest flaw in 5th (IMHO at least), which was pulling the direct link between combat and DEX. My irritation is over why it would be necessary when it is, from my personal experience, trivial to have shifted the files to a new hosting as it appears so many of the 6th Ed versions of the export formats did. Of course, I did make an error, I forgot about the Wayback Machine as another poster pointed out in another thread. If, of course, all of the users who created the text based 5th Edition export formats that are no longer available chose to deny Hero Games the right to host their files, then I offer my most abject apologies for any impression you have of my tone that I reached from the absolutely and totally incorrect conclusion that such files were simply discarded by Hero Games when they changed the forum area. Of course, the files are still available at this location online: https://web.archive.org/web/20060630084337/http://www.herogames.com:80/FreeStuff/HeroDesignerV2/export templates/RPM_RTFCharacterSheetsv2.zip
  2. Thanks much, hopefully this will solve my problem with HD caused by Hero Games being lazy (BTW, that is the nice reason why some files for HD are missing) and not copying any 5th Ed usable word processor editable export files over to this site.
  3. Yes, repeatedly and repeatedly downloaded different files, I mentioned in the OP just how worthless they are for 5th Edition users. Fortunately, someone mentioned the Wayback Machine in another forum below and I scooped up some pre-6th export formats that Hero Games decided not to copy over. I just downloaded some old friends I recognized and later I will see if they got fubar'd by "updates" from HD.
  4. There were a number of .txt and .rtf export formats for Hero Designer during 5th Edition (and early 6th), what happened to them? All there is left is a bunch of uneditable (and paper hungry) HTMLs and text formats for 6th Edition that reject any data from a HD character built under 5th Edition rules. Nothing that can be opened in a word processor for editing. The only sort of functional two page format left is the PDF export...which cuts a lot of the notes and other details out...as well as being uneditable without paying for an expensive PDF editor. Just curious, since it looks like giving the finger to those who don't change up to the new vision of 6th Ed, despite HeroGames still selling a bunch of 5th Ed books. Not that big a deal I guess since I'm only using HD for my convenience in building my player characters.
  5. I'm wondering what happened to all the great NON HTML 5th Edition formats that you could upload into Open Office and edit before printing.
  6. It's Yet Another Silly HTML character sheet. Good enough for a quick print, but forget trying to easily edit it. Sure, you can copy & paste it into your word processor, but all the HTML crap means you would have to rewrite it. Worst thing? There were a dozen or more Excellent editable 5th Edition export formats for MS, OpenOffice, etc. a few years ago that appear to have totally disappeared. Now, it is HTML or "RTF" that doesn't convert over to either word processor. Oh, or I guess you could do 6th Edition, but the best thing (IMO) out of 6th was pulling OCV/DCV out of DEX and the rest was okay I guess, but not worth the change.
  7. The problem being they are already pretty well done. As it is, my players are having fun for the last few sessions running a Weird War Two based on the Dust 1947 (aka Dust Tactics) world. Four players filling out a squad of five (oops, the SGT is dead now and no replacements), starting out as ASOCOM Ranger privates. So far, for intro, they have confirmed the existence of Axis Zombies, haven't found out about the Gorillas yet, haven't met one of the actual super soldiers (one each from Soviets and Allies), have dealt with Soviet Steel Guard (Terminator sized, disabled Red Guard heroes wired into mech chassis), Soviet mecha (as well as watching their Allied light mecha go absolutely apesh*t with his quad 50s trying to penetrate its armor right before it gave him the heavy flamer treatment), etc. Aliens (the original concept, but not mentioned anymore) and maybe Cthulhu can be added in (Dust actually is producing some minis for the tabletop now). Ignore the pricing on each link, I just pulled the first one I saw and they might be the super premium prepainted and/or limited edition ones, so the price may be seriously high. The regular minis are at least as reasonable as GWs...to the point where I almost thought of building Guard out of them. http://www.dust1947.com/news_d.php?id=413 http://www.dust1947.com/products_d.php?sid=80&id=959 http://www.dust1947.com/products_d.php?sid=28&id=1004
  8. Heh, because it is a bit hard for most players to get into. As for En Garde! itself, it is a great game for developing a character (like Traveler), but not so hot in the playing of it (again, like Traveler, but Traveler had more support) as well as being saddled with a clunky combat system that actually appears to be more useful for an early PBM (or PBEM if you wished) style. Pretty much, without any outside support, the GM had to gather his characters, plan out broad events, get each characters' plan for the next month, then decide if anything actually happened (other than the stated stuff) and roleplay that or adjust his event timeline. Other than the combat system (which was given a fan mod in an old Dragon to be a d100 system, much more playable) and general lack of module support, it is actually one of the best PnP RPGs out there for simulating Three Musketeers era urban swashbuckling. Edit: Not to be confused with Osprey's En Garde which is a similar period tabletop skirmish game based on the excellent Ronin system (it is arguably Ronin v2, but loses some of the "flavor" from Ronin of the special rules of the different warbands....but that "flavor" included some broken stuff that the author refused absolutely to address despite having simple fixes pointed out to him). It isn't like most of Osprey's stuff based on some other combat system.
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