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  1. I'm wondering what happened to all the great NON HTML 5th Edition formats that you could upload into Open Office and edit before printing.
  2. It's Yet Another Silly HTML character sheet. Good enough for a quick print, but forget trying to easily edit it. Sure, you can copy & paste it into your word processor, but all the HTML crap means you would have to rewrite it. Worst thing? There were a dozen or more Excellent editable 5th Edition export formats for MS, OpenOffice, etc. a few years ago that appear to have totally disappeared. Now, it is HTML or "RTF" that doesn't convert over to either word processor. Oh, or I guess you could do 6th Edition, but the best thing (IMO) out of 6th was pulling OCV/DCV out of DEX and the rest was okay I guess, but not worth the change.
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