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  1. I note on the character sheet what the modified damage is for all maneuvers and weapons used with manuevers, as well as the math ("+1 DC per 2 DC" or the like.)
  2. Resource Points already exist, I forgetc which book they are in. But they work very well for any heroic genre that still has gear being mostly bought with points and not money.
  3. Well, environmental movement could be training or skill, or it could be innate to the character - fins for swimming and such. Small nitpick
  4. If you have 15 points of "Lifestyle" that means you have near endless disposable income for vacations, booze, dining, etc. You can't have the lifestyle of a super-rich person, and not have at least a metric @%%load of liquid cash. 15 points, you are talking Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, that Branson guy, Bill Gates, etc. It really is just semantics.
  5. +CON, "only to prevent or recover from CON stun"?
  6. If not using equipment, the money perk is more an excuse for various things than a separate mechanic or resource. A small VPP for skill modifiers and common gadgets might work better in a champion game.
  7. Your friend has his arm ripped off by a shark (who is inexplicably swimming through grass) and just snaps it back on (after a brief, hilarious freak-out.)
  8. I would say they could not use any equipment not specifically designed for a bird. Their gear might transform with them, or it might not, depending on the GM's take on how that works. I like to @#$% with my players on such things, so multiform or shapeshift do NOT affect what they are wearing in my campaigns. :evil:
  9. Spatial Awareness (Touch-based for "super sensors"; LIDAR would be vision-based I believe) for ground / cartographic mapping.
  10. I'd honestly just go with boostable charges; boost for the full-power blast, use just the one base charge for standard power.
  11. Text has tone by the language used; "terrible, bad design choice." But, is often more an issue of the reader than the writer, so I will apologize if that was the case here.
  12. And it is also 'heroic' - increased risk for an all-out attack. My take on it, natch.
  13. Ways around it via powers and such are fine. YRMV but I agree with half DCV for multiple attacks, and see the reasoning. Please, mind your tone when disagreeing.
  14. There are all sorts of variant rules for this in both 5E and 6E Fantasy HERO books. Some were "spells active" = INT/5, ie. any spells with a duration, some had spells know based on INT, etc. I'd have to dig through, as I... definitely diverged from such for my magic system ("spells active" in mine being based on the VPP rules, nothing arbitrary.)
  15. Be VERY careful putting uncontrolled on stuff in a power pool. The VPP can "only have X points active at any time" and uncontrolled should not be allowed here. Else they can, really, just make a bunch of stuff then switch and make a bunch more, etc. If they have given out 25 real points of grenades, those 25 real points should not be available until the grenades are used, or are no longer available to anyone else - not just "become duds."
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