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  1. Re: 5ER - What's the difference? I hope to eventually do a 5 to 5er list, just like I did for 4 to 5. However some unexpected expenses (read: having to save my cousin's financial bacon again) have pushed my purchase of 5er back again...
  2. Re: Element Control Tweaking I see more than one attack power in a phase fairly often now, under the 5th edition MPA rules.
  3. Re: Need help on Aborting An Action This looks like a job for the competing DEX Roll, captain! At least that's how I handle "can you abort in time?" actions.
  4. Re: Element Control Tweaking My standard -- The following powers will NEVER be allowed in a power framework, even a VPP Duplication END Reserve (END or REC) Find Weakness Luck Multiform Skills The following powers will only be allowed in a power framework under very specific cases with a Darn Good Reasonâ„¢ Clairsentience Enhanced Senses Extra Dimensional Movement Extra Limbs FTL Travel Knockback Resistance Lack of Weakness Mind Link Talents Skill Levels (including Penalty and Combat Skill Levels). The following powers might be acceptable in a Multipower or VPP under the right circumstances but will never be allowed in an Elemental Control Characteristics Flash Defense Life Support Mental Defense (technically covered under Characteristics, listed here as reminder) Missile Deflection/Reflection Power Defense The following powers will be allowed in power frameworks but will be watched closely/require some limiting factor Armor (yes, even in an EC) Damage Reduction Damage Resistance (MUST be bought as a separate slot, not “tacked onâ€) Summon Combined Slots This is covered under the Thou Shalt Not protocol -- don't even think of sending me a writeup using these. Movement Multipowers In the past I have forbidden separate movement powers from being in different slots of a multipower, and openly stated that the ability to have the movement power you want is one of the reasons a VPP is more expensive. Quick everyone, how often do you need to use two different movement forms in the same phase? At least for now, I am going to allow one significant exception to this rule. Please note that this will change if I find it abusive. The exception is this: I will allow characters to have two movement powers of the same type in a multipower, but only if one is a “normal†movement and the other is “megascale†movement. For example, you still cannot have Flight in one slot and Tunnel in another. You could however have a normal Flight and a Megascale Flight. editted for formatting issues And before some asks about Armor in an EC -- notice the qualifier "require some limiting factor". There are times when a limited Armor from a power that gets weakened when the 'source' power is appropriate, so I allow it. However for the 'unusual' defenses I find this turns into "free points"
  5. Re: Element Control Tweaking The biggest IMO is that you can't make MPA's (multiple power attacks) with different Elemental Control slots. Another one requires work & judgement calls on the GM -- you should only allow slots in an EC that are part of a "tight set". Usually this isn't too hard, but it is something you should keep an eye on. Personally I use an entirely different standard for what powers are allowed in what frameworks based on my own experience.
  6. Re: Jane's Superhumans RE: Random Chance Speaking as someone that hsa been on the losing end of a mathematical "effectively impossible circumstance" -- losing 42 straight rolls in Risk, just because it's unlikely hardly makes it superhuman.
  7. Re: Jane's Superhumans Like Gewing said, "useless" is too strong of a word. Like Gary said, some powers would have a bigger effect than others. Take my character, The Disruptor, as an example. His straight-up powers and defenses would do okay against an M2 or three as long as he was functioning intelligently -- but if he weren't functioning intelligently he'd run out his END Reserve after a couple of turns and then things get really dicey really quickly. However, his 20d6 Dispel vs any one technological power (bought at +1/2 instead of +1/4 because it's so broad) allows him to do some absolutely evil things against powers bought with the Focus limitation, and he possess enough PSL's vs Range to make some use of them (not enough for aircraft or artillery though). Against aircraft his Invisibility vs Radar helps -- and he could rig up Invisible to Infrared with his small VPP. He also has some slots designed to hurt the "meat element" of vehicles, bypassing their defenses. Finally, he has a number of slots dedicated to "flight", and I ain't talking the power -- this means he has a very good chance of escaping when it gets too hot for him.
  8. Re: Jane's Superhumans The new format is definitely cleaner. I'll have to try writing up a few of the characters from my campaign, although I don't have the graphics skill to make pages like that...
  9. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Feminist columnist I read when that Julia Roberts movie about a woman's college came out a while back.
  10. Re: Alternate Earth 20: Paradise Island Lost Interesting side note: it's been suggested that the status of women in the 1950's was "self-inflicted", with women willingly giving up the "gains" they made during the 1940's. Please note the scare quotes and keep the flames to "defrost"
  11. Re: The Incredibles Both movies are on my "Must See" list. I'm hoping to get to Sky Captain later today, what with being a card-carrying Pulp Fan and all...
  12. Re: Regular and Martial Maneuver Bonus? My rule o' thumb is that manuever-based skill levels work by "basis", not the specific manuever. Both Disarm and Martial Disarm have "Disarm" as their basis so both would benefit from the skill level. Another example (that's not very good for weapons, I'll admit) would be that Dodge, Martial Dodge, and Flying Dodge are all based on the same basis (Dodge) and therefore a skill level with Dodge would affect all three.
  13. Re: Does Sapphire bug anyone else? RE: How high I kicked up the killing damage. All of 3d6+1, 50 active points and *well* within logic based on Ultimate Vehicle and some of the equipment given to the police in Millenium City. RE: Her outfit. Personally I took the line about how she changes outfits to heart and basically adopted the "Wasp Effect", every appearance is a different outfit.
  14. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...
  15. Re: Essential Books My take on purchase necessity -- adapted from a recent, similar post. 100% = FREd. It's really the only one you need. 85% = UNTIL Super Powers Database (or genre equivalent). Especially if you're fairly new to the system, this/these will give you a major heads-up on how power construction works. 80% = Conquerors, Killers, and Crooks (CKC). If you're fairly new to the system or haven't played since earlier editions this one can give you some good examples of how the characters should look. 75% = Champions Battlegrounds. Normally I'm not a big fan of modules. Okay, normally I'm all but against modules except as a luxury product. This one however has some *very* good, adaptable material (what is Champions-specific is easily changed) worth recommending. 60% = Champions Universe & Millenium City. Good products if you're planning to run a campaign in the Champions Universe or (like me) a near equivalent. 50% = Ultimate Martial Artist. Some good mechanic explanations, and a ruleset that's going to cross numerous genres. 50% = Ultimate Vehicle. This should be fairly deep on your purchase list, but is something you should get around to. It's best benefit IMO is that it gives you a scale to judge your heroes capabilities relative to the "real world". However if your characters want a supervehicle or to pilot a giant robot the importance of this product increases to 80%. 30% = HERO Bestiary. Not as important in some genres (Champions) as others (Fantasy, Star HERO, etc). 10% = Champions. I accept that I'm in the minority here but I was heavily disappointed with this one. There's basically one chart in here I found useful; I photocopied it and haven't opened it since. If you've read a few comic books in your life, chances are good you won't need this. Your mileage will probably vary and all that
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