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  1. I received an "undefined" error loading a character from Dropbox, but the same file loaded successfully from Google Drive. It's a nice app - my initial impression is that navigation can be a bit tricky (I keep wanting to swipe to go back).
  2. Re: Hostile guidance system Yeah, I would definitely ignore what 6E says and do this with Reflection, Ranged, Any Target, Requires a Roll. APG mentions this as an option. That, or: Hostile Guidance System: +4 with Ranged Combat (32 Active Points); Side Effects (Guidance system reaches out and smacks character; -1/4)
  3. Re: 6th Edition Hero System I use Sidekick to bring in players new to Hero; I loan them a copy, they learn the system, they return it and buy 5ER. Mission accomplished.
  4. Re: 6th Edition Hero System Well, I was thinking the character sheets that come with the book and which all supplements use. Which is my point: changing the character sheet doesn't require changing the rules, but does help the game.
  5. Re: 6th Edition Hero System The beef is not rules changes so much as usability. There are many changes which would not really change Hero at its core, but which would make the game much more presentable to new players. For example, making figured characteristics non-figured; wouldn't really change Hero much, but would remove a LOT of math. Or take the "Advantages for Multipower Reserves" section, 5ER p. 319. This section takes a lot of space to say "you can do this, here's how you would do this, but you probably shouldn't do this -- in fact, it's better not to do this". Though it conveys information accurately, it does so inefficiently. Or take character sheets. Why should the PER roll, one of the most important and commonly used rolls, be hidden near the INT stat? Why should DCV based on DEX be listed in one place, with "actual DCV" (say, with size modifiers included) not listed anywhere? None of this is really changing Hero in a significant sense, but it would all make the system a lot more accessible.
  6. Re: 6th Edition Hero System From a non-Hero player's perspective, combat numbers are written as OCV & modifiers, while skills are a roll (13-, etc.) plus modifiers. Why don't you have "Sword 14-"? Two different mechanics for adding damage (normal or killing), sure they are both "roll high", but who cares? They are different.
  7. Re: 6th Edition Hero System It is actually a loooong time, given that 5th was a relatively minor upgrade. I still remember when I was at a con and saw, unexpectedly, that 4th edition was out. I didn't do much else that con.
  8. Re: 6th Edition Hero System There are no announced or hinted at plans for 6th Edition at present, this thread is just people trying to stir things up.
  9. Re: 6th Edition Hero System I think there are huge reasons to do a 6th Edition. Recent RPGs (D&D 3rd edition in particular) really raised the bar in terms of ease of use. A lot could be done to improve aspects of Hero in this regard (WITHOUT significantly changing mechanics). That said, I hope they wait a few years; I completely agree that redoing all the sourcebooks is the last thing I want to see.
  10. Re: How would you build this in HERO: A Wireless Dog Fence The Trigger description doesn't come right out and say this, but it's implied strongly that you either set Triggers on yourself (like the "guy with smoke grenades" example) or on a specific location. So, in this case, you'd have to set the Trigger on one part of the yard, and the NND would emanate from there...which doesn't make sense for the effect. Adding No Range would just mean that the target has to be right at the Trigger spot to take damage, which wouldn't work either. Having it be on the collar itself is IMO better than tying it to a specific area, since you get to effect a given target over and over again. If the GM allows it, then problem solved. For a minor effect like this it might be fine, but if you wanted to do something more powerful it could be unbalancing to permit it. The closest comparison in the rules is in the section for Constant Powers, where it says you need Usable As Attack to make a power that moves with a target. I would use the Differing Modifiers section of UAA to build it: Apply UAA to: (1d6 NND, 0 END, resetting Trigger, always targets self (-0 here since it's not really a limitation)). It's a bit complicated, but setting up a power that sticks to someone but only goes off sometimes is a little tricky.
  11. Re: How would you build this in HERO: A Wireless Dog Fence The whole thing would have to be Usable Against Others; otherwise the Trigger sets the power off at a given location and makes an Attack Roll like any other attack power. (Alternately, you could define the location as the collar itself.)
  12. Re: How would you build this in HERO: A Wireless Dog Fence One way: build the collar as a Computer with the appropriate programming, Detect Fence Boundaries, and the shocker (personally I'd make it a 1 pip NND; not really damage, but enough to deter a trained animal). Hm, it says "6 adjustable levels"; I suppose level 6 might be higher. Another way: Uncontrolled Continuous attack, 0 END, stopped by removing the collar. Add Limitation "does not work when not crossing powered fence boundary". This lets you apply it as an attack.
  13. Re: Curious of Other Opins I wouldn't allow a power like this in most campaigns because: a) Conveying the information would be a major cause of delays unless the character was very on the ball. Possessing that information kills a lot of mystery in the campaign and makes it harder to sustain mood. (Constructing the power appropriately can negate this, of course.) Also, the way it was presented to us was very game-mechanic oriented, which makes it seem like the player was more concerned with mechanics than special effects or roleplay. This always makes me suspicious of "questionable" constructs.
  14. There was a tiff which (I believe) has been resolved. If you go to the HD forum, the templates should be there.
  15. It sounds like more than just Clairvoyance, because the character doesn't seem to need any particular sense for it to work (for example, it sounds like he could tell what's inside a dark box). N-Ray vision with appropriate SFX sounds closer to me. It also sounds like a power that could very easily be abused.
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