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  1. So many days there are several threads hotly debating things I am interested in but I have no time to get really involved. Today? I have been stuck at Heathrow and JFK for several hours with nothing to do but use the free WiFi and what do I find? Almost nothing of interest.... At least I will be in US time for the SuperBowl tonight... Doc
  2. Ultimately I try not to impose too many limits on the characters given to me for a new campaign. I try to make sure that no one has bumped up to all of the suggested ceilings on CV, defences, SPD etc and then look across the group as a whole. i am currently at that point in my forthcoming Golden Age game where I have one pretty much complete character submitted and a bunch of partials. I think the character I have is too effective, he will outshine all the others in most circumstances. That is not a good game starting point. I am not going to try trimming down the one I have until I see the others completed. If I can identify one area for each character to shine and at least one area where they will be a passenger then I have the makings of a group. If I cannot then I will begin to make change suggestions until I have what I want. as such the beginning levels of everything will be up in the air until after I have the heroes, I will then tailor my villains to that opposition...
  3. On the bright side, you have no good reason not to indulge in the mechanics thread. ?
  4. Have you considered STUN multiples making 6s count double? That removes the additional dice but every six thrown does 12 STUN, or 18 STUN or more depending on the multiples bought? Much more useful when rolling lots of dice than small numbers as it is more likely that sixes will appear. EDIT: adding a bit of crunch to the suggestion. Each STUN multiple in this scenario would increase average damage per die by 1. So 3D6 would average 13.5 STUN rather than 10.5 STUN with one STUN multiple and 19.5 STUN with three multiples. A 12D6 attack (60 AP) attack does an average of 42 STUN, 12 BODY with a range of 12-72. An 8D6 attack with two STUN multiples (as above) averages 44 STUN, 8 BODY with a range of 8-96. You sacrifice BODY for the chance of mega STUN and average slightly increased STUN for no extra cost... Doc
  5. I am just trying to get a handle on what I want my 6th edition Golden Age character sheets to look like, will post an early draft in this post when it is ready. EDIT: not going to get this finished. This is some of the detail for Colonel Mustard, I am still in the process of agreeing characters and this one is too effective and might be breaking some rules but you can see how the character sheet is beginning to come together... https://1drv.ms/b/s!Air1KSKvgXqLiOBCfkgdCmOttkGqpg
  6. Here is another style. This one was a 5th edition character in a game where I wanted to give a D20 vibe. https://1drv.ms/p/s!Air1KSKvgXqLgeIFeLRV7RiV8rUq4w
  7. Well, here is a 4th edition character I built for a recent 4th edition game my friend ran with the Bag of Holding pdfs. ? https://1drv.ms/p/s!Air1KSKvgXqLhf8BzhTotsyZ1RNhEw
  8. Sorry NB. I couldn't not tell folks. ? I even went on RPG.net to tell people. If anyone that uses and loves the settings wants to go and sell it harder, please do...
  9. Just noticed the good value for Fantasy Hero books in the store right now. $13.50 for Valdorian Age, Atlantan Age or Turakian Age and Grimoires - that is for book AND pdf. My only problem is that being in the UK means that a $27 bargain (VA and a Grimoire) requires $37.50 postage which takes it back from MUST buy to need to find spare cash... The fact they are 5th edition should not put any of you off from exploiting this, the pdf on its own is $10. Get yourself some dead tree HERO.
  10. Yup. ?. Obviously there are some powers that are purely there for colour purposes, but my Blast Standard is a decent way for me to convey effectiveness to players.
  11. There were a few links in the early posts but The Great System Purge has cleaned those. My sheets are all a bit customised and focussed on the groups I was running things for. Will see if I can dig up an example or two.
  12. It was the very next line, checking the utility of a power against the utility of an equivalent active point spend on Blast. ?
  13. Thinking purely in point terms, I agree. Actually putting the soul into the gem as a matter of transport leaves the victim open to communication, to being visited and possibly to being busted out. The roleplaying opportunities of it being a destination rather than a physical state are HUGE!!
  14. There is a case to be made for using extra-dimensional movement, usableon others....
  15. I think this kind of stuff comes into its own more in mystic/horror/fantasy type games. The most immediate example would be a demon walking about in the form of a human. They might look and feel like a human to sight and touch but to other senses they would look like their real scaly form with mandatory chaos spiky bits. All kinds of auras, astral forms and other things would depend on the ability of those who can see beyond the usual. To me, Images, self only is wholly self-delusional. ? Doc
  16. It will be a real loss to the community. Is it possible (and while I am expecting a simple no here, I am hoping for more) that the vast majority of images etc are associated with NGD and that we might purge NGD without losing the real gaming content that I would have thought the site was here to support?
  17. It is not a terrible question but we live in a different world. I would like to think there will be more people playing the game that I want to play but I think if I want to GM, I will always find players if the game pitch is good enough. I grew up in a time when, if there were no copies of a book in my local store then it was essentially impossible to buy it. Now the internet has changed everything. Right now, I can take a PDF to a local store and have a hard copy printed. I can have 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th Edition printed as often as I want. I will always have access to those books. It is likely that anyone that wants the book will always be able to purchase a copy and print it out. I do not think it is likely that games will ever disappear any more. The system will always be around. I think this means that game companies do have to re-think how they survive - re-selling old editions is easy. Doing new things can be easier but when all the old editions are available, are there other things they need to do? I think that the driver to produce a new edition - rather than re-print the old stuff a company would tart things up and publish a new edition. If the need to have hard copy reduces, why go to the effort of doing a new edition. This is probably doubly true of HERO where there are lots of things that are essentially the same?? I think the things that come out of this kind of discussion are the kinds of things that might sell, and thus might motivate talented people to produce text. As such I think it is good to talk. We might not necessarily change anyone's mind and talk past each other but it might inspire something the rest of will buy some time down the line. It is especially good to talk when the discourse is polite, even when it gets robust. So much more chance of positive outcomes. Also, what else would I do when I was sitting at home? Just watch TV, much more interesting to interact with folk all over the world who share an interest with me. ? Doc
  18. Even though Duke said he was not going to peek, I don’t believe him... the phrase “no matter how much maths we do” reads fine to me....
  19. This. Fantasy HERO Complete does not deliver a game, it delivers a nuance of the HERO system focussed more on designing a fantasy game than ANY genre. It narrows the options. What it does not do is deliver you Thieves World, or Glorantha, or Dark Sun. It makes none of the design decisions that would deliver the ‘feel’ you are grasping for. I completely understand your concern of everything feeling the same, that to me is the work of the GM. You work under the hood, taking the infrastructure and then you apply a skin over that which you present to the players. If you are doing a good job, the players are not choosing between a 2D6-1 killing attack with 1” range and a 1.5D6 killing attack with AP. Instead they are in a blacksmiths deciding whether they want to buy the Dwarven Long Axe or the Th’Kreen Glass Duelling Blade. The stats might influence that but the magic is right there. If the book was doing a good job, then the GMs job would be to understand what is under the hood and help players experience the created world in a consistent way. Because it is HERO underneath, the GM would be able to tell the player that while this blacksmith does not have the Th’Kreen Glass Lance (which delivers the same wicked cuts but at a range) he does know of a Th’Kreen glass maker who might be willing to deal with humankind (and can build the stats consistent with everything else, knowing just how much advantage access to such a weapon might give over other players etc). Doc
  20. Christopher, you are not reading properly. Sean said that to pass through a small hole while looking like something else to sonar, which neither Desolid or Shrinking would do, but is easily achievable via shapeshift.
  21. Good grief Duke - you churn out the words!! ? I understand what you are saying. There was a very deliberate decision made in 5th Edition to try and clarify what the HERO System is, a generic set of mechanics that could be utilised to deliver a game in multiple genres. Those genres were then described (with guidance on how to apply the HERO System) as how to play a game within those genres. That is where things diverge - the actual rule options in one set of books and how those rules might be applied in a different set of books. The Big Blue Book combined the HERO System with the Champions genre book. I reckon 5th Edition and Champions covers the same ground but better. 6th Edition further evolved the rules, breaking things down so that different genres might be more closely emulated. I think the big mistake people make with HERO is that they think they need to use the rules that exist or have watertight arguments on what they will or will not allow players to use. The genre books missed a trick in that they did not begin with an overview of the things that they would utilise and the things that they would gloss over (for the betterment of the game experience). HERO suffers when the GM does not put in enough thought into what they will and will not utilise in the game they want to run. Hugh's vision of games Powered by HERO would do that for the GM. In first edition Policeman 14 or less covered much of the detail that might take 10 lines of skills in the usual 6th Edition game - separating out all of the elements of being a policeman. If you want transfer - you know how it is built in 6th Edition - you can simply write 3D6 END Transfer. You know how it works. If you want instant change, you can write instant change - you know how it works. There is no NEED to play the maths games. There is no requirement but it means that you, as GM, have (if you want) a greater insight into how everything hangs together. 6th is only huge because it contains shedloads of design information - things I would scour magazine supplements to gain are all in 6th Edition as standard. I reckon I play HERO. I will bet I dont play pure 6th, there will be elements of almost every edition I have played and forgotten/ignored changes in later editions because I like how it plays. Would I like a Golden Age book that does not facilitate me to write a Golden Age campaign but delivers a version of the rules that push the bold strokes of four colour comics, broad skills that have little detail and a fast and loose way of playing? Absolutely. Huge time saver. Would I buy a game that better emulated Bond - giving talents that are bought as black boxes and delivers the feel of a spy game (possibly writing out the SPD chart as an explicit thing because everyone has the same SPD by design)? Most probably. I reckon my group would love that game. The other reason I would buy those games ahead of other systems that do the same is that I would know they were both built on a consistent base and that,with a little bit of work, I could consistently add elements to those games that I wanted, properly costed. In other games it would simply be changes made by sticking a finger in the air. Dont peer too closely at the detail. Pull back, ignore the stuff you don't want, aren't interested in. The system is robust enough to cope with that. 6th provides you with more options than previous editions, no one says that you have to use them all... Doc
  22. Interesting because I now find Shape Shift to be a pretty straightforward power, though I went through a lot of confusion before arriving at my enlightened state. I really like the idea that, if bought cheaply people with different senses might 'see' the real you and that it provides for all kinds of stuff. I can really get into the detail of that. Whether detailing that detail means that it ends up being too expensive for what it is, is another matter completely.... I sometimes think that we have driven detail into the system and that has caused some inflation because differences often have to be reflected in point costs for us to believe it is 'real'. For some powers, that makes them far more costly in points when compared to more straightforward powers. I like to use the Blast Standard. How useful is this power compared to an equivalent amount of points spent in Blast. Obviously this is a relatively unsophisticated comparison but it is a beginning in thinking about costs.
  23. I have had all the emails but never dug out the time to go looking at the videos. Maybe I should.
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