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  1. Yeah, dont worry about it. However, if there were things you wanted to try out just tell me and I can tinker while you finish your project. When you are you may come back to all the things you wanted to do, done and be able to go onto better things. :-) I am enjoying tinkering - who would have thought that of a HERO advocate.... Doc
  2. Aw shucks! Thank you. Long way to go and plenty of room for folk to improve and add more. Would be useful for people even to set challenges and highlight problems. :-)
  3. If anyone is on here and there is something they would like to automate in their Roll20 game, pitch it here, or join the HERO Sandbox game on Roll20 (link above) and pitch it over there. Sometimes the big issue is trying to work out what to try and do rather than how to actually do it. There are 117 games on Roll20 with 939 players. I am presuming a chunk of these are playing regularly. It would be nice if more of them were aware of the sandbox and were keen to jump in and play or just to call out wants that others might try to meet. Like build conversations on these boards. Doc
  4. Thank you. I am hoping to put together a HERO toolkit, documenting my construction of that to help anyone else that wants to use Roll20 not just to be able to use the stuff I have done but to extend and adapt it to their game. It us all pretty simple once you are in there meddling but it looks awfully difficult and abstruse from an outside perspective. A bit like HERO really! :-)
  5. I was having problems in creating a list of manoeuvre macros. I have worked it through and produced a guidance document that might prove useful to others. You can see that document here.
  6. 33 downloads

    Basic description of how I have sought to produce a macro in Roll20 that generates a dropdown of other macros that do manoeuvres in play.
  7. I am beginning to get a hang of the macro language on the site. There are limitations - the big one being you cannot display both STUN and BODY of a the same roll of dice (though I coming round to the idea of rolling twice and displaying - it should not be too disparate too often and it might even be reasonably interesting not to always know that a high STUN is accompanied by high BODY and vice versa). If folk do play on Roll20, please chat here to see if there is stuff I might play with and see if I can find a resolution or come over, join the sandbox and try it yourself... Doc
  8. On this day, 17 years ago, the moon was torn out of Earth's orbit and the brave personnel on Moonbase Alpha were lost to us forever...after 2 series and 48 episodes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wr41gaM_ow
  9. OK. First character is done. I have put Maelstrom in the sandbox and uploaded the macros as a PDF to the boards. Right now if you are on the site you can use the macros to see how it looks on the chat. If you sign up then you can tinker with both the text and the functionality. Right now it only does basic stuff - I have not attempted to draw out the defences or even to check if the attack hit or not. The dice do not, to my limited knowledge, allow me to display STUN and BODY and so I have gone with STUN. If you hover over the result in the chat box then it displays all of the d6 results - highlighting sixes in green and ones in red - allowing a quick calculation of BODY. I have also included some additional information that could be useful in play. Doc
  10. 35 downloads

    This is a set of macros that could be used to utilise Maelstrom from the 6th Edition rules in Roll20. They may provide the basis for macros to use any energy projector style character.
  11. There have been a few threads talking about using Roll20 to play Hero games. It is a lot of work to get things looking decent. I have created a sandbox over on Roll20. I will make anyone who joins a GM so that we can all work on generating resources that we can bring back here to share. :-) If you want to go look at the sandbox I have been playing with, you would be more than welcome. You can join the sandbox at https://app.roll20.net/join/1628298/KcEqwA and I will give you GM rights so that you can look at the guts of everything. Doc
  12. On this day in 1642, King Charles I raised his standard in Nottingham, effectively firing the starting gun on the English Civil Wars. http://www.parliament.uk/about/living-heritage/evolutionofparliament/parliamentaryauthority/civilwar/ Important date for us as it meant we made decisions on how to run our country that are extant today... Doc
  13. I think the big difference between Captain America and Superman is that Superman is not simply a moral authority but has the raw power to enforce that. It is more difficult to write for a protagonist that actually can do whatever he wants.
  14. Yeah but my son grew up watching Chop Socky Chooks... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chop_Socky_Chooks
  15. What I hate about it is that even if he had to make it, the writers allowed the Batman (did you hear that THE BATMAN) to be outmanoeuvred by the Joker. The whole superpower of Batman is that he always knows what is going down. I loved the fact that the villains my have appeared to have Batman in an impossible situation but the Batman's preparation and attention to detail means that he sees a flaw or has pre-prepared stuff that allows him to turn the tables at the last minute. It distressed me that they think that having Batman make a decision to choose between girlfriend and political necessity is a relevant story for Batman. I was waiting after he saved one to show why he knew the other was safe all along... Doc ...similarly distressed by writers thinking that making Captain Jack sacrifice his grandson to save the Children of Earth was a suitable outcome for a hero in the Doctor Who universe... :-(
  16. Who says I want originality?? There are scads of excellent stories in a multitude of comic books, written by folk who understand (and love) the caracters and comic book tropes, begging to be adapted for a different medium....
  17. heh. And while I used to love continuity, the way it now twists and distorts movies gives me the heebie-jeebies. I want every movie to be a story in its own right, I dont want to have to see all of the movies to 'properly' understand what is going on and I dont want what happened in one particular movie to make another cool movie impossible to make. Continuity drove me out of a monthly comic habit (to the gratitude of my wife and wallet) and it has just about done the same with superhero movies... </GrumpyOldMan> Doc
  18. I liked Suicide Squad. Went with my wife - the first superhero movie she has actually wanted to see in a decade - and she liked it. I have avoided BvS simply because I know how I want the film to play out and I know the versions of Batman and Superman I need to make that happen. I know it will not. The Superman I know and love is bright, optimistic and intrinsically good. So good that other people dont even need to ask if he is a hero. The Batman I know and love inhabits a dark world without participating in that world. He is dark and grim to the denizens of the underworld which makes others question his position in society but, at the core, he is just as much a hero as Superman. For them to fight there has to be some kind of mismatch of their world views. Batman is not stupid, he can see Superman is a hero just as much as anyone else, he can see that he would never do harm intentionally to anyone else and would try to avoid that harm even at his own expense but he knows that even that kind of hero draws risks. He would not go after Superman because Superman 'might' turn bad but because he represented a threat that Superman was unaware of and incapable of mitigating. Superman would only fight Batman in self-defence and be the one constantly looking to find a way to convince him they were on the same side. The difference between BvS and SS is that in the former you have two heroes. In the latter you have a squad of villains with, at best, a couple of anti-heroes. They need a different approach. I fear that Marvel may take Captain America to the same dark place DC took Superman. Both of them should be the shining lights of hope and optimism in their universes. Doc PS: sorry - didn't mean to write so much - obviously this means more to me than I thought!!
  19. Doc Democracy



    The EU explained for Science Fiction fans
  20. 149 downloads

    Three pdf (Jack, Jonas and Skink) character sheets with the system hidden as far as possible alongside three more standard pdfs... I have also added 4 pdfs (Clin, Hans, witchdoctor and Jean-Philipe) who were created for a Day after Ragnarok game we were playing...
  21. Like JmOz, I am not new but I am not a prolific poster. My name has been a long running evolution, we used badge names in our local Glasgow convention and had fun trying to put clues in the names to who we were - my friends then tried to work out who was which badge name. I was playing with my academic qualification and my current place of work to create a new badge name. PhD and House of Commons comes to Doc Democracy. :-) I liked it and stuck with it - kinda Golden Age-y. My first game was Original D&D from the books, Blackmoor etc. Club at my local secondary school ran it and it quickly changed to AD&D when that came out in the UK in 1978 (??). Obviously I first ran a few dungeons using AD&D but the first game I ran for any extended kind of game was RuneQuest 2 - we loved it and played it for years. The first HERO stuff was the Champions box set (old grey book, cool street map, terribly typesetting!) :-) Currently I have a close group of friends who mix and match games. In the past year we have played TORG, Traveller, 13th Age, Harnmaster, Trail of Cthulhu, a couple of FATE based games and a HERO based mash-up of our favourite characters and settings (from the above games and settings and more) in a massive birthday weekend session. We also do an hour a week playing D&D 3.5 on Roll20 with folk who cannot get to the face to face anymore. Sounds like I play more than I do - we aim for fortnightly sessions and often fall back to boardgames when numbers are low. Most games are two or three sessions then we move game, setting and GM... :-) Doc
  22. Thumbsuckers by the late (great) Shel Silverstein
  23. I think it is a great idea. It is beer and pretzels stuff, no great investment required from players. I had to run a few combats when I first bought Champions to get my head around how to use the system and run a couple of scenarios to get better at judging what was important to spend points on... My friend bought into the system when the bad guy kicked him through three walls due to knockback and I turned to him and said, "your action". He was amazed he was alive to begin with, never mind being able to get immediately back into the fight. If you can run a fight where there is a huge amount of scenery to shred, explore knockback etc, you get a definite superhero feel.
  24. I have uploaded a cut and paste version. Could not find any of the physical ones to scan. I have a box of the scutters somewhere unless my wife has been motivated to "tidy up" my gaming stuff. :-) Link here
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