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    This is an alternative way of presenting character information.
  2. Whenever players use anything, within the rules, that makes it difficult for me or takes a style I dont want in the game I tell them. If that changes nothing then I tell them that if they continue to use that tactic, then I too will use it. When the tables are turned they hate that used against them, It wasn't CV abuses for me, it was poison in an early RuneQuest game. They used it all the time until their opponents began to use it all the time. After several player characters died because of poisoned blades, they complained that it was not realistic for everyone to use poison all the time. I replied that it was not realistic for them to use poison all the time. They were using it for purely tactical advantage and therefore it was fine for me to use it too. I told them that if they foreswore the use of poison except for particular purposes then I would not use it unless their opponent was particularly evil. The use of poison would donote that inclination. :-) This was a learning step for me and my players. No major arguments but mutual agreement not to be too extreme about useful aspects of the game and coming to a mutual understanding. For the Kobold player, I would ensure that he was almost constantly faced with opponents who were also small enough to get the DCV bonus and also utilised the defensive benefits of the combat system so that their combats were a frustrating miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss while everyone else got on with the business of fighting properly. It would be easier to mop up the kobold if he was isolated and his opponents worked tactically to attack him as a team - make him dive for cover with someone else waiting to target him on the same segment while he was prone... :-) Doc
  3. My biggest epiphany in teaching people to play HERO has been treating the provided character sheet simply as a building sheet and designing a sheet that hides most of the numbers not needed often in gameplay, that uses words to describe powers rather than game terms, and has some design features that tie the sheet into the genre being played (even if that was simply a decent font). This is a long-standing rant of mine. game designers spend forever thinking of the mechanics and getting the rule book right and then seem to ruch out whatever black and white set of boxes with numbers in it that will suffice to hold the details the GM requires. The character sheet is the players window to the system and the game. The character sheet is the primary way in which the game designers must hook the players with the system and genre they are peddling. We deserve better! I would say the first sheet that put me on this loop was Justice Inc - it screamed pulp to me. That was pre-cheap printing and PC design tools...so much could be done now.
  4. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Haven't seen this on the thread - funny from a Scottish perspective...
  5. Re: Blind Immortal Sohei Sorry for the delay - wanted to go and read the text. IMO, the examples of cane sword and glove blaster are bad examples. If I was fighting someone with a focus then I would much rather that their powers came from a cane sword or glove blaster than a magic ring that did not glow or make any other sign that it was the source of the power. With the former I can make attempts to restrain or take away, it is obvious (note the use of the word) what is causing the damage. In the example of the ring, it is inobvious what I need to remove to remove the power. As such, the second example should be worth less as a focus than the first two. Doc
  6. Re: Blind Immortal Sohei Some decent suggestions by Christopher and lots of other additions however
  7. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Ooh! ooh! was this one of the Piers Anthony ones - the battle circle stuff?? Sos the Rope etc?? Decades since I looked at them but is that not the premise of those books?? Doc
  8. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Followed by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a8MguIMmCI&p=964EBF99574D30C1&index=3&feature=BF in the oddest mix ever...
  9. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? A huge favourite of mine...
  10. Re: A Whole New World That doesn't suggest a story. The sun disappearing into the pylons suggests a story at some point and something different about the world. Right now I am thinking that this world sounds like a 64 pin computer chip....
  11. Re: A Whole New World ...into the pylons??
  12. Re: A Whole New World I think Rex meant what was on the bottom of the flat earth (or that's how I read it)...
  13. Re: A Whole New World I agree with Rex. I think you should design the bad guy with close reference to the world you are creating. They might have something to do with the flat earth (upsidedowners) or the pylons (pylon flying lizard men). They should be closely tied into the building and design of the background. Doc
  14. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... I cannot really talk too much about time investment - I am on page 670 of Anathema by Neal Stephenson and enjoying it. A doorstop with poor editing but even so I have been able to read it on the train to and from work in 50 page chunks.
  15. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... My problem with fantasy is the absolute requirement by publishers that it be epic trilogies. Every fantasy series seems to be predicated on various types of people coming together to save the world - still milking the LotR formula. If I now get even a hint that a story is a fantasy epic in three (or more) parts, I refuse to buy it. I only get such things when others buy me presents (and then I have to read it - would be rude not to! :-) ) I would love to have the short story route involving people in life or death situations that do not necessarily involve the survival of the Kingdom or the World using decvent fantasy tropes, intersting exploration of the use of magic on society etc. I would even read series of these but they need not involve the same people, the same stories or even the same author! Kind of like the shared world stuff for Sanctuary. Doc
  16. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... The whole sequence has to be read in the context of his leprosy. Successful novelist (possibly nice guy, nice wife with child - all a bit vague and fuzzy) gets leprosy. Wife leaves him, takes child and he gets depressed. now leprosy and depression are poor relatives - you dont take care of yourself and so dont notice bruises etc which, with leprosy, result in bits of you rotting and falling off. After losing two fingers due to this kind of thing, he gets his head round his disease, learns to live as an outcast in his local community and learns how to survive. That does not make him a nice person but he has to be independent of people because in modern society the leper is still an outcast. When he suffers a head injury and wakes up in the Land then this is immediate wish fulfillment. He has feeling back - he can get better. It is fantasy that is dangerous to himn because if he does not keep himself grounded in the real world he will not survive, his leprosy will destroy him. The rape is early in the book - he has feeling back the girl is the representation of everything that is dangerous to him (it was her who healed him using hurtloam) and so he lashes out at this fantasy and everything in it. It is just as easy to read this as a tortured and diseased man fighting with the fantasies in his head to allow himself to survive as it is to focus on the upfront fantasy story. Doc
  17. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... It took me three attempts to get past the first four pages but I thoroughly enjoyed both this and the sequel Red Seas under Red Skies. Boys Own aventure mixed with Fafhrd & the Grey Mouser with a touch of Oceans 11. Doc
  18. Re: Blasts that leak power out the sides. The only way I can see this working is: 5D6 AoE: Radius, Explosion (not in cone or line areas, +1/4; linked - only when Line area EB used, +1/2; no range, +1/2) 9D6 AoE: Cone, Explosion (not in line area, +1/4; linked - only when Line area EB used, +1/2; no range, +1/2) 13D6 AoE: Line (no range, +1/2) The leaks can be useful but the linked is there because it will have drawbacks in its use - people and scenery will suffer if it gets used...but it should cost more than the basic line attack as it will have its uses. Doc
  19. Re: A Thread for Random Videos I think it is like a song that he sings in nursery. He does make up plenty of his own though... He also loves listening to heavy rock and giving it large with the air guitar. Doc
  20. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Just a family one - my son who thinks he's going to be a rock star when he grows up... Doc
  21. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far It's simply going to change who I invite to play in my games... Doc
  22. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far It's actually settled down over the past day or so...
  23. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Isn't the divide trans-dimensional? I thought I remembered that there were two cities superimposed on each other where each could peer at the other through breaches in the fabric? Doc
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