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  1. Re: Glorantha Hero It is fundamental to the setting. The idea is that Heroes can HeroQuest to change the mythic realities of the world. There are myths that are well established in the world and by ritually repeating the myth people can access magical powers, effectively 'tuning in' to the mystic resonances of that myth to get relevant mundane effects. Such rituals are easy HeroQuests, walking down well-trodden paths on the Hero Plane. True heroes will explore off the paths on the Hero Plane and attempt to wrest those myths to slightly different outcomes, thereby changing the resonances and providing them with magical abilities that might never have been seen before. However, there will still be huge numbers of people re-inforcing the old paths. The true test of changing the mythic reality is spreading your truth wider until it supplants the old one. Glorantha is big enough however to support more than one truth and those who claim a truth different to the one held by your tribe are obvious heretics to be treated appropriately. With Glorantha geeks such flexibility often leads to huge arguments over which truth is real. I think that the mantra - Your Glorantha Will Vary - best represents the setting. It has been made such that your campaign will change the setting and, hopefully, mould it around your players who will be the centre of the action. Doc
  2. Re: 6th Edition Hero System When your a grizzled veteran you dont need a character sheet to refer to, but when your a grizzled veteran you dont need to buy a new edition either! The character sheet is definitely for new players, the better the GUI the better the access to the game system. New players and GMs are not equipped to custom build a Hero character sheet and a few pre-loaded ones in the game would go a long way to getting rid of the "its hard to play" syndrome. Doc
  3. Re: 6th Edition Hero System What gets me about the discussion here is why it is being talked about as an either or situation. I dont even think that this has to wait for a sixth edition. I think Sidekick was a great idea. I think that a Sidekick with enough added to make it a playable Champions game, or a playable Fantasy or Star Hero game would be even better. It would provide people with a cut down game that they could play and possibly lead them into purchasing the full rules to get access to the other cool stuff in there. Once convinced of the system and how it works the big book is not so much a frightening prospect as an inviting one. I think that the only problem with Sidekick is that there is still a lot of work to do for the novice. Champions, or FH-lite or SH-lite would give them the basic game. Doc
  4. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Cruelty or just fulfilling the stereotype? http://video.stumbleupon.com/#p=0yks4ir64s
  5. Re: 6th Edition Hero System If that is the Mucchiello I think it is, Joe used to be very active on the old Hero email lists... Doc
  6. Re: 6th Edition Hero System The only reason a battle tank had to be upgraded in the fashion it has been was to make it a credible threat to superhero level characters. Those are the numbers in the main rulebook. As I said, its not explicit that is the driver for setting the numbers where they are and its not necessarily wrong to set them there (they have to be set somewhere) but it would nice for that to be transparent to users of the system. it would make all of the genres more accessible and facilitate the setting of standards in the other genres. Doc
  7. Re: 6th Edition Hero System Oh yeah - Steve's considerations have to be sound commercially. I think that you can keep all the system information in one place as long as it is clearly labelled fro genre use. With good genre construction advice in the source books they should be even more useful and valuable to have...no need for new rules - just new applications...
  8. Re: 6th Edition Hero System Hugh does a good job of outlining the problem faced by Steve when looking at his universal system. There needs to be some consistency of system and settings if Hero is to be truly universal. Currently the setting standards are dictated by the most popular genre within Hero (supers). Any long standing Hero GM will have no problem changing settings for other genres but the need to change is an entry barrier to new players and GMs. The detail that is necesasry to realism for other genres also clogs the filters for people wanting to play Champions (as was). So what to do? I love the principle of the Big Book - everything is there to do anything I want. Personally I would like to see a new edition use colour simply to indicate the genre that particular rules are most appropriate for. Even if the colour was simply a splash across the title bar. I think Steve goes some way to providing genre advice in teh source books when he goes through the powers etc and their uses within particular genres but this could probably be tightened up and expanded to talk about how to change settings and standards to be appropriate for the settings. It is fine for the main book to have Superhero style settings if this is explicit in the rulebook and there is some pointers to newcomers that they might want to reduce things by a percentage for other genres. his could be made more explicit in rule books. I have no real problem with a main battle tank in the main rulebook having a 7D6K turret weapon and an armoured weapons carrier in Star Hero having a 7D6K particle beam weapon. I would however expect the latter to win any encounter - either because when they meet in a Star Hero scenario for the battle tank to be reduced in power or when they meet in a time rift Gulf War scenario for the Particle Beam weapon to be upgraded. This IS toolkitting but the game is currently lacking the necessary focussed discussion on where the default settings lie and what the game expects of you as GMs and players when sitting down to prepare your game.... It would not hurt to have worksheets in the game that ask the questions GMs should naswer before they prepare their first scenario, their first NPC or ask for characters from players... Doc
  9. Re: 6th Edition Hero System But Torchwood says that it is in the twenty first century that everything changes....are you saying they've already missed it? Doc
  10. Re: Desolidify/Tunnelling Phil, my initial thoughts went along the lines your did - let me outline my second thoughts! Now this is an artefact of the power as written but gloves would not allow you to do this - they would count as part of you and as such would be desolid. Obviously the GM could handwave this as 'common sense' stuff. But he would be able to wrap a cloth around the utensil - or simply insist on wooden handles. But strictly gloves and shoes will be desolid as well.
  11. Re: Please review this Sciences package The genetics could quite easily have been covered by the Biochemistry skill - speaking as a biochemist who has worked in genetics for a while. The problem with these things is that it is always easy to look for specialisms. If you want to include genetics then you might also want to include other biochemistry specialisms. I believe there is a large connectedness table in the Ultimate Skill for this kind of thing. I would, in superhero world, tend to keep supervillain science at the very top level and give them big numbers to reflect their complete mastery of particualr fields. Breaking it down is more for super agent stuff... Doc
  12. Re: Adjusting Costs When STR is 2 points Its when I have to think about things like this that I get to thinking how much I actually dislike characteristics and figured characteristics in particular. If half of my utility in STR is figured characteristics then why should the affect the solid world be applied to the whole cost of my STR - surely it should only be tjhe lifting capacity more than the damage causing aspect. How do we work out those numbers? Not possible really - a black box in a game that aspires to be a toolbox. Anyway - to answer the question - I would think carefully about Desolid and the affects the solid world advantage... Doc
  13. Re: LotR What if... question It's an interesting question. I would think that there may have been the chance that the Rohirrim might not have gone to the aid of Gondor if they had not been stirred into action by the presence of orcs in the Mark due to Saruman's corruption. I suppose Saruman would have been an additional ally in persuading them to do so though.
  14. Re: Taming Absolutes Sean did you say lawyer or actuary - that looks more complicated than my last pensions seminar! Doc
  15. Re: Taming Absolutes You forgot the REC factor Sean. Because you're STUN is being multiplied your REC is more efficient in replenishing all of that extra STUN you just bought.... Doc
  16. Re: Advantagous sfx I'd have repped him but I'm out for the day - will have to wait and join the list...
  17. Re: Advantagous sfx And as long as you understand you are wrong then me and Sean will be happy.
  18. Re: Advantagous sfx Exactly - powers limit or remove the ability to perform cambat manouevres not SFX, powers. Those points you spent on the powers are allowing you to get an advantage the SFX that you didn't spend points on should not be as effective as the powers... Doc
  19. Re: Advantagous sfx I thought that I'd quote the part of the original mail that started Sean off (on this topic anyway) Now to me that reads like an absolute that is granted to some SFX that trumps the grabber and other people with the same power that have different SFX. As I say - I think Sean has a legitimate grievance. He hasn't announced that all SFX advantages be abolished (alongside their disadvantages). He has also said that he likes the wiggle room that SFX can give to a GM looking to apply a small advantage or penalty to a player. However, as read, the SFX here completely negate another players advantage - they allow the user of that SFX to escape grabs for free (very useful if you don't have to worry about one of the main combat manouevres. If it had said that some SFX provide extra dice to escaping a grab then I don't think that Sean would be so concerned - that'd be obvious.... Doc
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