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  1. I castigate my son for constantly seeking to create false dichotomies, seeking to place me on the horns of a dilemma. I do not consider it to be true that there are only two choices. If this were true the game would never have come up with the adage that “if a limitation does not limit the character then it is worth no points”. There is an acceptance that book values are not always true for each and every character. Buying back characteristics is a form of disadvantage/complication. As my player, you come to me with a straightforward brick. Your powerset is completely physical, pretty much like Colossus in the X-Men. You have bought back OMCV to 1. I ask you to tell me how it limits the character, I do not, as GM, intend to provide maguffins that require OMCV to utilise. Tell me how it is worth the same as selling back your INT to 4, or your EGO, or even your DMCV. Doc
  2. I think Loki can manage a charm to allow Dozer to understand Thor long enough for a drinking contest. I like the premise because Loki is in the background, out of sight and probably out of the notice of the players. 🙂 Lots of your winging it can be Loki causing mischief. If Dozer is going to be beaten too easily, he might whisper in Dozer’s ear about Mjolnir’s abilities. If he is wiping the floor with the heroes then telling him he can throw the hammer provides him with a chance to intercept and abscond while the players gratefully mop up Dozer. Doc
  3. I dont know if you have played Deadlands but its fear mechanic was quite cool for a campaign. Your average zombie is not a hugely terrifying foe. If you meet him in a zone where the fear factor is high, then you will find him a much more fearsome foe, abilities higher, more difficult to put down and he hits harder. It may also take Guts to just stand and face him. You reduce the fear factor in an area by defeating the major foe in that zone and then go telling tales about how he was defeated. As the fear factor reduces you are able to penetrate further into the campaign and defeat enemies that would otherwise be too difficult until you finally meet the ultimate source of all the fear in the zone. It is a pretty cool way to prevent the players from piling straight in and trying for the big guy right off. You can talk about the big guy, give details about him and yet the players know, unless they reduce the fear factor, he is out of their league. Seems to me a ready made mechanic for something like The Dearthwood.
  4. This is good advice, where possible keep the mechanics simple. I would say that you buy a compound power 6D6 area effect+8D6 area effect (11 or less activation, max of 10 targets). Anyone in the area rolls 3D6, on 11 or less they face 14D6 damage, otherwise they face 6D6 damage. Only ten people can be affected by the higher damage. The 11 or less reflects the chance of being hit be the random secondary explosions. Doc
  5. next scenario will have a nature based villain. The first encounter the players will have is with his Weeds. These creatures are set to guard a place. When someone arrives, tendrils sprout from the ground and discharge a warrior from each. My idea is that these warriors are simply the physical manifestation of a continuous, indirect attack. The Weeds are actually underground and, lime a weed, you do not get rid of the stalks until you dig out the root. Would you consider this an unfair challenge? They will not see the weeds unless they look for them....
  6. Credit where credit is due, that was Gnome, not me. 🙂 I went for the much more radical approach of getting rid of the old primary characteristics (STR, DEX, CON, PRE, INT and EGO) completely.
  7. I think the problem is that you are looking for HERO players rather than possibly looking to find some ragtag roleplayers. Local game stores are actually a pretty good way to find local people. If you are playing Champions then ads in comic book stores could be just as useful. Obviously inviting randoms to your group involves some risk, it is quite difficult telling someone you do not want to play with them any more but my group has been gathered through just this process. Doc
  8. personally I think characteristics are what skew the system. There are two big elements to HERO. Skills and Powers. Everything a character does tends to come down to these two elements. Characteristics have been an ill-fitting bridge between these two elements since first edition. I know why that is. I know why people like them, they are a direct link to how we perceive the world. personally I think the system would be cleaner without them and all the arguments of the proper cost and the assumption that one characteristic is pretty much like another. Doc
  9. Thank you, he is likely connected with the group Roddy Reyburn comes from. I will ensure he serves with distinction. 🙂
  10. Each of the players has a small group that they hang out with when they are not The Union. Every other super will be of a lower power level than these guys. Not sure if I am going to use the Holmes Brothers, they are likely of a previous generation but may be responsible for the emergence of Mystery Men. I am focussing hard on mapping the World War with a mystical battle ongoing in Lyonesse and the link between the UK King and Pendragon.
  11. Nope. Purely done in PowerPoint and exported to PDF. There are probably MUCH better ways to do it, but I know PowerPoint and so this is probably quicker for me.
  12. This will be the last time that I post the character sheets, they are all here except for Tank. They have been playtested and so likely only to be tweaked in future. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Union.…. GA-ColMustard.pdf GA-RoddyReyburn.pdf GA-TamOShanter.pdf GA-ThePreacher.pdf
  13. I am in the UK, so timings could be an issue. If you really want a session online I might be able to organise something. The sheets are complicated but most of that is because the sheet is doing an accounting role as well as providing gameplay information. Once you are a bit more familiar, you will see it is probably no more complex than D&D and 100 times more consistent. Have a look at my Golden Age thread, I have been working through setting up a campaign in public, I have even been posting my customised character sheets for my HERO novice players. Would be happy, on that thread, to go through some of the details with you.
  14. Colonel Mustard's player (our resident artist) drew the Union tonight, they look great..
  15. My big tip is to get to know the game first. By that I mean how it plays, not how to create characters. if you take some pre-generated characters and try them out in a brawl, to check out combat, then run a short basic scenario to check out skills, talents etc. This will teach you what is important and help you focus on spending points when you decide to build a character. When you do decide, come onto these boards and do it publicly. Folk here are pretty good at advising and, you will get five opinions for every three commenters.
  16. Where are you based? those in the same time zone have a better chance of doing this kind of thing.
  17. My son is 14 and desperate to draw for my games. This is his interpretation of the Omega Men from the prologues...
  18. I agree, and I am against doing it again, even though I LOVE the numbers and the crunching of them.
  19. We thought the fact he took the opportunity to draw the belly button was strange and we were split on the effect of the red cola splash....
  20. Hmm. There are sensitive souls for whom such awful design decisions might cause real distress - I find I have no idea how to spoiler the image though...the problem is that the character is not even interesting enough to partially compensate... EDIT - worked it out....
  21. When finding the sheets for Apparition I saw there were additional sheets for Enforcer too...
  22. Well, I found three sheets that went along with the Apparition. We put a lot of effort into this kind of thing - obviously time rich...
  23. You will have to wait until I am back home, working just now.
  24. I have a surprising number of actual sheets, I have a lot more records/copies of powersets on sheets of paper (the player obviously had the paper record). I am amazed at how many of them I managed to preserve....
  25. To my memory, I had a few standard configurations that were designed for particular situations. The background was that he was one of a fleet of android police that flew around the galaxy imposing order. They had to be completely adaptable to do their job. I remember him calling out the name of a form and using that until going to another one. He rarely changed too much in the course of a combat but that ability to completely change from a fully tooled out Energy Blaster to a Brick in the blink of an eye was strangely effective (even if he was a second string EB and a second string brick).
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