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  1. On 8/12/2019 at 4:27 PM, ScottishFox said:

    More people die each year in the USA to being bludgeoned to death than shot with rifles.  Stabbings are even a higher number than that.

    For every single person killed with a rifle - more than 400 are killed by medical errors.  But we won't be talking about that - we'll keep railing on about "assault weapons" because it riles up the constituents to vote.


    I think this is the wrong way to look at the statistics.  You do not compare causes of deaths in the US, you compare the same thing in comparable countries.  You look at gun deaths in the US compared to gun deaths elsewhere.  You do not look at deaths due to breast cancer in the US compared to suicides to decide whether you want to tackle breast cancer.  You see if deaths due to breast cancer in the US are significantly higher than breast cancer death rates in comparable countries.


    The comparisons of gun deaths in the US against comparable countries are stark.  There is something that needs to be done and Gun ownership is possibly the most obvious lever to pull.



  2. Welcome to the forums.  You will find folk here quite helpful.


    you are a long way in as far as design goes but your points spread is pretty broad.  Try going for 450 points, that is a lot for a beginner to play with and may provide constraints that you need to think about.


    I tend to ignore point limits to begin with, just buy the things you want and note the points you are spending.  


    I think your your biggest problem here is that you are building a character outside of a campaign.  The campaign would give you guides on what is a decent combat value, what is a decent defence, attack and everything else.


    If we go with the book standards, going with high powered superhero gives us characteristics up to 60, combat values upto 14, active points up to 90, skills up to 16- and defences upto 35, possibly 30 of that resistant.  These begin to give you something to measure Ares against.


    You mentioned STR of 80.  That looks good compared to the stat limit of 60 but if this is his primary attack then it is only equivalent to 80 active points, so you might look for other ways of boosting the attack.


    Start with the basic characteristics and a few powers to see how many points you have spent.  When you are stuck on a specific power, come to the forums and we will help you design it - would make a very long post to deal with everything you brought up in one post. 🙂


    Get some paper and start writing stuff down.  


    Does that that make sense?



  3. 2 hours ago, Thumper said:

    Mechanics to substitute for what is clearly an Attack


    It is not doing STUN or BODY, it is not actually breaking anything.  I am presuming here this is for use on kit not bought with points (you could disallow it versus such vehicles as the systems are better protected, more robust or so non-standard that the harpoon does not reach them.


    I suggested Mechanics as, while the system does not provide for damaging vehicles in this way, the skill does actually involve doing stuff to mechanical systems.  This is brute force Mechanics and has one job, to disable the electronics.  I would not think that shorting the electrics was a long job, so much less of a time penalty.  The attack would be the grab action on the vehicle, the mechanics roll simply to see if the harpoon struck a vulnerable spot...


    The more I think about it, the better it might work.  The success value of the Mechanics roll would provide a penalty to anyone trying to fix it....



  4. I am SURE someone here would be happy/delighted/desperate to write a review of the product and submit that to several ROG platforms for publication if they were offered the product for that purpose?  



  5. 14 hours ago, ScottishFox said:

    I fondly and horrifically recall the completely ineffective government safety protocols we were mandated through as a child.


    "When the nuclear bombs go off assume a fetal position beneath your desk and don't look out the windows."


    Man, that it surely going to help me survive a liquefying blast impact or the surface of the sun like temperatures.  Also, we were like 6-8 years old during this stupidity.


    How to traumatize children - Make sure they know the Russians are going to nuke them into molten glass pits on the regular.


    Here is the UK “Protect and Survive” infomercial from the 70s.


    and here is the mocking song about it....


  6. I think you have something here.  I quite like the idea of changing the way the damage system works.  In westerns shots are often deadly, debilitating or flesh wounds.  If we took BODY out of the game then we would decide whether we were looking to wound or kill.  


    In in my head I am turning Spence’s System in its head.  We first seek to hit and depending on the intent the roll will determine the kind of damage done.


    (Am busking, so details are likely to be wonky). I would say a player would indicate he was shooting to wound or shooting to kill.  Shooting to kill halves OCV. 


    Shooting to kill.  Succeed by 4 - kill.  Succeed by 2 - flesh wound. Otherwise miss.

    shooting to wound.  Succeed by 4 - debilitate.  Succeed - wound. Miss by 1 - flesh wound.


    What does this mean?  


    If you shoot to kill and succeed by 4, the opponent is at 0 BODY, 0 STUN and bleeding.  If it becomes relevant (someone saves them, you roll on the kill hit location table (head, chest, guts) to see what kind of debilitation the character will suffer until he is healed.


    If you shoot to wound and succeed by 4, the opponent takes a debilitating wound (5 BODY) (arms or legs depending on statement of intent) and takes STUN damage.  Succeeding by less delivers a wound (5 BODY) and STUN damage.  Missing by 1 delivers STUN damage.


    I would be inclined to get rid of BODY and rate characters by Wounds.  Peons would have 1 wound, Cowboys would have 2 and I Protagonisti would have 4.  If you lose all your wounds then you are on the ground whether conscious or not.  If conscious you can crawl or shout but not shoot.


    is this the basis of a Cowboy Damage System?  You can see how it would make duels dangerous.  If you stand there at DCV 0, shooting to kill becomes a real risk.  I think the stare down therefore has to improve DCV for someone, or DCV slowly improves round by round until someone goes for his gun....





  7. 5 hours ago, grandmastergm said:

    So here is what I have so far:

    Lady Britannia- female brick

    Imperial Lion- male martial artist/weaponmaster (adapted from 4e, but a native-born sikh rather than an immigrant)

    Tick Tock- robot time controller (from Euroguard in 5e)

    Cyberknight- male gadgeeter/power armor

    Sea Nymph- half-atlantean with flash and mental attacks (based off of Sea Change)

    British Bulldog- animal hybrid (based off of the Mole)I


    Hmm.  I am thinking what I would have done namewise for these characters because some of them sound slightly “off”.


    I don’t think we would call a character British Bulldog, it is a kids game here and using British in Britain sounds odd, like saying American Superman.  I would go with Bulldog or The Bulldog (I prefer the former even if it is a character out of Frasier...).


    I am surprised you have a time based character that does not mention either Big Ben or Greenwich, I might be tempted to call him Meridien.


    If you need a Scottish representation the I think you could make Sea Nymph half Scottish and call her Selkie.

  8. I don’t think you can “remove” American superheroes because they are indeed the staple of the genre here (and in the rest of the world).  Superheroes are American.


    what you are asking is whether we identify with superheroes published as British.  Judge Dredd is American (though written by Brits...in a British style).  Our comics were more focussed on war stories than superheroes.


    However, I think Alan Moore’s Captain Britain was more British than any of those four.  Warren Ellis’ Planetary series has a very British feel.  


    I really struggle beyond that...unless you go into the whole League of Extraordinary Gentleman route.

  9. Well, one of my players plays Colonel Mustard, a dashing aristocratic speedster with an array of grenades and explosives. He is not the leader of his "home" group and he is loosely associated with several groups and seems to turn up when something looks fun.

    He is primarily associated with ‘The Convocation’ a group based around the estate of rich and eccentric Lord Lyon.

    The Gryphon (HtH Damage Dealer) – Daughter to Lord Lyon. Leader of the group. Flying, Speed defence. High damage.

    Lord Lyon (Mad Scientist) – Not wholly with it, but creates an array of fantastical devices. Father to the Gryphon. Occultish visions that help guide the team. Doesn’t really have an alter-ego. Very reclusive though so not really needed. Rarely leaves his grounds.

    The Missionary (Tank) – Clergyman tough nut. Defensive tank with some mystical powers.

    If you wanted I would build these for you?



  10. On 8/1/2019 at 6:50 PM, grandmastergm said:

    The London Watch, the UK's private super-team headquartered in London.


    Blazon, a professor with a suit of mystic armor

    Lionheart, a genius gadgeteer/martial artist

    Repulse, an accountant with telekeinesis

    Swift Swallow, a cop with a mystic amulet and mask that give her sonic powers, flight, and enhanced senses

    Veil, a secretary and translator with empathy-based mental powers and mental illusions


    Blazon.hdc 105.59 kB · 1 download Blazon's Horse.hdc 47.73 kB · 1 download Lionheart.hdc 122.49 kB · 1 download Repulse.hdc 69.78 kB · 1 download Swift Swallow.hdc 87.55 kB · 1 download Veil.hdc 90.19 kB · 1 download Yeoman.hdc 103.44 kB · 1 download


    I am ashamed, I said I would do these and was only halfway through.  Kudos to GMGM for his dedication.

  11. 30 minutes ago, archer said:

    If you're looking at real-life gunfight duels (as opposed to cinematic gunfights), I've heard that they often weren't lethal: either the people doing it weren't good shots to start with or that they were so nervous that both duelists emptied their guns without hitting the other person.


    I seem to remember seeing documentary a number of years ago which showed a lot of newspaper clippings from the era.


    It is fortunate we are seeking to recreate the movies rather than the real Old West! 🙂

  12. 41 minutes ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

    I like the concept of encouraging duels because its so much a part of the genre.  The best way to do so is to give players a reason to want to do them, but "almost certain death" probably isn't going to appeal to most players.


    Yeah, I think there needs to be a tension there, I think they need huge considerations before entering into one and a real threat of instant death (not almost certain death) needs to be an element in that.


    Someone suggested in another thread that players should be able to access instant regeneration by taking on some kind of complication that could be “healed”.  I would be in favour of that.  I also think that a duellist fighting for a noble cause should be able to either survive a duel or win a duel that they might otherwise have lost.  You should get HERO points for actions that can mitigate the worst consequences or change a minor success into a major one.


    The game needs to enforce the genre and those that want to subvert the genre (against the wishes of the GM and other players) should need to work hard to do that (or quickly build up some kind of karma debt for the final showdown).





  13. I can see some kind of Dutch auction with duellists waiting another phase to gain the ability to alter the location roll with each phase forgone another DCV lost.  The person who draws first gets a bonus on the quick draw but a penalty on the to hit roll (their nerve broke) unless they wait until their DCV is zero when they simply get a bonus on the quick draw.


    I think every round of a duel should raise the stakes and tension.  I think there should also be a bonus at the start by having a Dutch auction.  The person who drops the most DCV in the opening phase gets a bonus on the quick draw and a bonus on modifying the location roll.



  14. Well, I think that the one big thing a western is getting the duel done properly and for it to be a bit separate to the usual combat scheme to make it special.  I also think that reputation is a huge thing, becoming a Named Character should be a thing, people might seek you out to test your skills and others might actively refuse to draw.


    I would make the duel more deadly than normal combat, there should be a real concern that this will be an instant death moment.


    will think about other aspects.



  15. 9 hours ago, tombrown803 said:

    go to killerstrike.com for more information. He put a lot of information and discussion about different magic systems and the advantages and disadvantages about doing multipowers and VPPs.


    Typo alert! That is killershrike.com rather than killerstrike.com


    You might have got there anyway but...



  16. I have said this before.  I worked and lived in Nashville, TN for two years.  One of the major reasons for coming home (the other was to marry my girlfriend) was the insecurity I felt over there, even though I was barely ill.  I came back and appreciate the NHS so much more than I did before I went to the US. 


    I am not saying that we have got it perfect, the politics and negotiations surrounding health and the mission creep are immense.  I am saying that when anyone in my extended family has been sick, our only concern was getting them to a doctor/hospital to get it fixed.  When my wife collapsed saying her heart was racing we went to the nearest accident and emergency where the only bad thing that might happen is that she might die.  If she survived


    she did 🙂

    then there would be no down side.


    I do not know how you guys live with the uncertainty and expense.



  17. A topic folk have been talking about for decades.  I remember devouring the article on Designing a quasi-medieval economy for D&D way back in White Dwarf (I looked - issues 29 and 30 in 1982).


    What is different in HERO is the fact things are bought with points as well as money.  As GM you need to consider what is bought by points and what with in game currency.  You also need to think what difference there is between a sword bought with points.


    However, if you want to begin with the money economy, pick a random game in the genre you plan and steal their economy wholesale.  Too much work to come up with yourself IMO.  For fantasy pick D&D for most ubiquitous books you could pick up second hand almost anywhere.  For detailed pick C&S or Ars Magica. 


    Unless you you want to do something clever, use stuff where clever folk have already done the heavy lifting. 🙂



  18. If you want the genie to be a”thing” in its own right then you get that with summon.  The genie would have the VPP being touted by others with a big NCC limitation “only to fulfil the wish of current master”, the genie itself would have psychological limitations to describe its relationship with the owner of the lamp.

  19. Well, as a starter, one player with an area effect attack working with a high damage, low OCV ranged attack.  The area effect attack player attacks hoping a low defence/ high DCV opponent who is most likely to dive for cover leaving the second player who has held his attack to immediately shoot at the now DCV reduced opponent.



  20. It all depends what you want from the sheet.  There is a need for a long detailed build sheet, that you have and update and is the authority reference for the character but there should also be the play sheet that you can bring to the table and use most of the time with no trouble at all.

    I think I did a half page sheet for a character once because someone challenged me to it and I think it does all you would need to sit and play it (as a player).  I uploaded it to the site and, by happy circumstance, it remains there. 



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