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  1. I bought the combo, but I can't find where to download the PDF.
  2. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases & True Stories of These Mysterious Men & their Connection to UFO Phenomena by Nick Redfern Rating: ** out of *****
  3. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? Definitely like the idea of Legendary Hero in addition to Mythic Hero. One thought on that one, because I think it would both be interesting and help expand the scope a bit, would be to go ahead and include at least a section on "larger-than-life" sorts of actual historical figures. Just briefly touch on the person's actual historical details (since these are readily available to interested folks), then focus on the more outlandish stories and feats associated with them. For example, Leonardo daVinci in history was an artist and inventor; Leonardo in legend was also a secret society grand master, the inventor of photography, and a time-traveler! Grigori Rasputin in history was a monk and a court advisor; Rasputin in legend was also a psychic and practically an immortal! Mythic Hero might also have room for some general material on religions; how they function, how different branches of religions split off and how they interact with each other, how they evolve over time, etc. (since, after all, "myth" mostly means "religion that not many people believe anymore." )
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Nice DCEAU quotes! One from the Justice League game I ran at DunDraCon last month... Martian Manhunter: This appears to have been blasted with electricity, but not like an atmospheric bolt of lightning. Bioelectricity, like an electric eel's. But it would take a million eels to generate this kind of power. Aquaman: I happen to know a million eels...
  5. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Essentially, book one will be Character Creation (the kind of material in 5ER chapter one) and book two will be Combat & Adventuring (everything else).
  6. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far While I haven't seen the final product yet obviously, and while 6e does have a couple of "higher profile" changes than the 3rd-to-4th move did, I still think it's going to turn out that 3rd-to-4th was a bigger change overall than 5th-to-6th is going to be. Not that I think a substantial overhaul is a bad thing. (I'm not trying to "defend" 6E by saying I think it will be a smaller paradigm change than 3-4 was... that's just my take on it.) 4th-to-5th was really a pretty mild change -- mostly just new options and very minor tweaks. You probably could have called 5th edition "4.5" instead, and been just as accurate. So from a certain perspective, the last "major release" sort of change (in software parlance) was the 3rd-to-4th change. That was twenty years ago now... That's a long time for a game system to go without a truly comprehensive face-lift...
  7. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Saw Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. It bit. Hard. Way too slow-moving. Left out major parts of the book, but somehow found time to make up crap to insert. The scenes that should have been the most exciting were glossed over or lifeless, while scenes of minor importance were stretched out way too long. Easily the worst of the HP movies, IMO.
  8. Re: Confused about 6th edition No, I think C.L.O.W.N. is due back in APG7. COM will probably be held back for APG 11 (in honor of players who thought for years that they could have a COM of 11 for free, because the cost of the one point of COM would round down to zero...)
  9. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Mysterious Ways -- U2
  10. Re: "Neat" Pictures It looks like a giant sinking Stormtrooper...
  11. Re: Champions Steve noted in the post right above yours that the reprint of Champions is just that -- a reprint. It's not revised.
  12. Re: WWYCD Political chaos! Seeker would proceed as follows: 1. Present the evidence to the proper authorities, and trumpet the news as quickly, as loudly and as far as possible. (Or more specifically, he'd probably share the information with his team leader, and have him do it, since the team leader is much more well-respected and influential; Seeker is a bit... ah... crusty.) 2. Turn the evidence over to the proper authorities, but give them the chance to announce it if it seems they'll do so. If they seem inclined to cover it up until after the election, then as 1 above. 3. Turn the evidence over to the proper authorities. If they don't do/say anything about it until after the election, c'est la vie. 4. Nothing, as long as it was just "embarrassing", and not something disturbing (like torturing other kids for fun or something indicative of mental instability like that). If it was some thing disturbing, then he'd make it known (again, before the election).
  13. Re: Logical Consequences vs. Conscientious Point Allocation Not sure whether you're addressing the original poster or me (since I posted last). But if it's me, then yes I see the difference. I'm not saying that a character with an EB with OIF: Object of Opportunity will have just as much trouble finding (and using) something to throw as a character with STR alone would. I'm just saying that the EB with OIF: Object of Opportunity won't always have something handy to throw. The Limitation has to come in to play sometimes, or it's not a Limitation.
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