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  1. No. 6E2, page 74, Under Usable Attacks, says, "...a character cannot use defensive maneuvers or Actions (such as Block, Dodge, or Deflection) as part of a Multiple Attack." Two-Weapon Fighting just offsets the first -2 OCV of a Multiple Attack when using two weapons. It does not change the restriction on using defensive maneuvers that's already built into a Multiple Attack.
  2. If she's clever/devious enough, it should be something that's only about knives, and not at all about TK or mind reading. As much she can, she should try to hide those other powers, and make victims think the knives are all they need to worry about...
  3. Great catch! I was specifically looking for that language somewhere around Enhanced Senses, and I still missed it!
  4. Champions 3E, page 36: "Powers that don't use END aren't generally allowed in Elemental Controls, but the GM can make an exception to this rule." Weirdly, 3E never says that Enhanced Senses don't cost END to use. So if you assume they do (as the book says you should, since it says any Powers that don't cost END will say they don't cost END, and Enhanced Senses doesn't say that), then yes, you could put them in an EC. Now, I have literally never encountered a GM, even back in 3E days, that had Enhanced Senses cost END. Also, under Endurance on page 78, it says, "...some Powers do not cost END to use. These Powers are marked "No Endurance Cost" in their cost summary." Well, Enhanced Senses doesn't have a cost summary. Sooo... do they really cost END? Or was the bit that says they don't cost END just accidentally left out? I would say the latter, and that therefore they cannot go in an EC unless they get that all-important Special GM Permission™. But just reading the book as it is, it seems to say they can, but also that they cost END. 🤷‍♂️
  5. I've always more-or-less had the idea that the countries aren't quite as cleanly delineated as they appear on the map. Many of their write-ups describe monster incursions in the borderlands, and the general feel I get is that the further you get from the "core" of each country, the less well-defined it is. So there seems to be plenty of potential danger to travelers, or reasons why caravans need guards, or orc uprisings that need to be opposed, etc. And of course, the entirety of the eastern part of the Shores, with the Daemon's Cleft, Celinad, the Ruined March, the Witchwood, the Drakor Mountains, etc. are all adventureland. Kron's Wall hampers armies, and therefore keeps Daria and Ambria from constantly being at war, but I don't think that does much to isolate Daria from adventurers. I'll agree that it's no tourist destination, so adventurers are unlikely to want to just go there to see what's there, but I can think of all sorts of plot hook reasons why they might want/need to go to Daria. Perhaps they have family there being threatened under the tyrannical rule. Perhaps they've learned of an old ruin with an item of power, and they want to retrieve it before Zephrahm and Sarador find it and use it to break the balance of power with Ambria. Perhaps they're crusading do-gooder types who want to bring down Zephrahm and Sarador in hopes that their successors will be less terrible to the people. Perhaps they're spying for the Dwarves of the Peaks of Dawn, gathering intelligence on Zephrahm's war preparations. Perhaps they're smuggling something or someone into or out of Daria through Vlaskarov. Perhaps they're pirates (or just Brondheimers) plundering the All Sea coast. Heck, for a twist on things, maybe a powerful necromancer arises in Daria -- a land of ancestor worshippers seems ripe for such -- and Zephrahm and Sarador actually seek out the PCs' help in stopping him before he can put the lich of some great past Darian Wizard-King back on the throne or something. The book itself notes, "Though the Elves patrol the central forest, the outlying areas are more wild, and make a good location for wilderness adventures." The elves rule the forest, but they're not its only inhabitants, nor are they everywhere at once...
  6. Thanks for this, Scott! The next time I do a Fantasy Hero game, I think I'm going to set it in the Western Shores. I've always liked its level of detail. It's plenty to build on and get you started, but it's not so much detail that it's too much to digest or that it doesn't leave room for adding your own ideas. It offers plenty to get the creative juices flowing, then gets out of the way.
  7. You're not missing anything, exactly; it's just that the +¾ level of Takes No Damage From Attacks is unique to Mental Paralysis Entangles only, which is why it isn't listed as an option along with the +¼, +½, and +1 versions. It's a special case. It doesn't follow either of the rules of the +1 level of TNDFA. It follows the rules described on 6e1 p217 under Mental Paralysis.
  8. Let's say you have Flight 40m and you want to do an Immelman. To finish it you obviously need to turn 180 degrees, so you need to make three 60-degree turns. For simplicity's sake, I'd say you'd need to halve your movement distance for fighting gravity until you level off after the third 60-degree turn. The first turn (presumably right after the start of your Phase) is "free," and now you have to halve your movement speed, then you have to move at least X meters before making the second turn, and then X more meters before making the third turn. After this, you no longer have to halve your movement speed. Crunching some numbers, it comes out to needing to allocate 24m of movement distance to account for the halving that comes with climbing, leaving 16m unmodified for flying level after the Immelman. So the total distance traveled this Phase is going to be 28m (24m halves to 12m for climbing, plus 16m remaining of our original 40m = 28m). That gives us a Turn Mode of 28/5 = 5.6, rounded to 6. So you make the first 60-degree turn, fly 6m up, turn again, fly 6m further up, turn the last time to level off, and fly 16m more. All of that is for a Full Move. If you only want to do a 20m Half Move, then it would be free turn, fly 3m up (which uses up 6m), turn and fly 3m further up (which uses up another 6m), then turn to level off and fly the remaining 8m for the half move (14m total distance moved / 5 = Turn Mode of 3).
  9. Probably even easier to buy Movement Skill Levels for use in decreasing the Turn Mode.
  10. It's Total Distance Moved This Phase / 5. The first 60-degree turn is free, then you have to move the Turn Mode distance before you can make the next 60-degree turn.
  11. Yeah, I'd just change the format from "Only for X" to "Only for X or Y," and lower the Limitation value. How much to lower it depends on the campaign, etc.
  12. Not in one with common power sets (like all Brick or all Powered Armor), but I've done some with common origin, where all of the characters get their powers at the same time from the same cause (a la Fantastic Four). I kind of prefer that setup, to be honest. It seems to make the group more cohesive.
  13. That's probably fair. Certainly, Champions Complete intended to be much briefer in its discussion of damage classes and advantages, but I probably got too brief there. I probably should have included an entry under Adding Damage for considerations when adding damage to an attack with advantages. I do think, perhaps naively, that many/most folks will extrapolate to the correct answer anyway. In the same way that Advantages "reduce" the number of Damage Classes in the attack, so also do they "reduce" the amount of benefit you get from added damage. But you're probably right that I shouldn't have left this as something they would have to extrapolate; I should have added at least a sentence or two about it. This one I think is okay as-is in the book. However, instead of "A character automatically takes 1 STUN for every 1 point of BODY damage that gets through his defenses," perhaps I could have said "A character automatically takes at least 1 STUN for every 1 point of BODY damage that gets through his defenses."
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