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  1. Not exactly (or at least, that wasn't my take on it). The sense I had from Amazing Engine was that you played the same character in every campaign (I think they called it a "character core") with just whatever functional tweaks were required to fit the world/genre. My snarky sense was that it was sort of meant as an RPG for people who didn't really like roleplaying, and couldn't be bothered to make up more than one name and personality.
  2. A true multi-genre/cross-genre campaign and campaign setting supplement. This would likely mean some sort of cross-worlds overarching setting and campaign framework, with sub-settings (other planets, other dimensions, other time periods, etc.; whatever fits the overarching setting) that are more genre-specific. The intent would be that gamers could either play groups of characters from the same genre, groups made up of characters from assorted genres, or some mix of both. I think the Special Effect-driven nature of the Hero System (where very different-seeming characters can interact mechanically very easily) would really shine in this sort of setting.
  3. I bought the combo, but I can't find where to download the PDF.
  4. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases & True Stories of These Mysterious Men & their Connection to UFO Phenomena by Nick Redfern Rating: ** out of *****
  5. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Being gradually taken in by an elaborate deception, in which the perpetrator invested thousands of hours over the course of years, hardly seems comparable. Many people were initially skeptical of Kara and Rachel, but had their skepticism gradually eroded by the sheer magnitude and scale of the deceit. This is accepting a seemingly-absurd prank at first glance and on face value. Apples and oranges. Though don't get me wrong... This also strikes me as a relatively harmless Internet prank, designed as nothing more than "Hey, let's see if we can make something go viral!" The Kara and Rachel deception was vastly more disturbing, IMO...
  6. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Enough of the guy's name is left unblocked to see that his name is Austin Knill. Here's his Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/austin.knill
  7. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster It's fake. The crazy girl's FB profile is now gone, but before it was deleted, the pic was replaced with the trollface pic, and "she" posted a status update about how she was going to take everyone on a trollercoaster ride. Also, the guy and the two girls who were commenting on it are all students at the same school. It was an internet prank. Besides, I don't see how anyone could think it was real. No one stupid enough to do such a thing, or to date someone stupid enough to do such a thing, could possibly have made that many posts on Facebook without rampant typos, misspellings, and semi-literate text-speak.
  8. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster It's obviously fake.
  9. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! There's a difference...?
  10. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! Or at least, "I only hate them because they're popular."
  11. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! These don't count. Being apathetic toward something beloved by geeks might lower your geek cred, but turning your nose up at it can actually increase it. Unless you're turning your nose up at it just because it's beloved by others. Then you're just a pretentious schmuck.
  12. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster Hard to believe anything else. I mean, the Madlanders' gods in GURPS Fantasy II were: Bax Powu Kag - The Moose (but "...an odd sort of moose, with stubby legs, gray fur and (usually) no antlers. His face is long, his saucer-sized, staring eyes deep and mournful.) (Eeyore) Bett Agwo - The Hare ("Bett Agwo's attempts at helping are notorious for backfiring on their recipients. He's a sort of reverse trickster: even though he means well, those who deal with him always get the opposite of their desires.") (Rabbit) Bubzavav - The Bear ("Some tales portray Bubzavav as a bit of a bumbler; often he gets himself into trouble in his never-ending quest for delectables. In one story, he ventures into an old collapsed Zewa Zab runnel because he sees bees flying in and out of it. Being a roly-poly creature, he gets stuck, inches away from the beehive full of tantalizing honey.") (Winnie the Pooh) Dopod Abwep - The Child ("When encountered in stories, he rarely seems to be doing anything in particular. He's usually just killing time in a childlike manner: skipping stones into a lake, making sand piles or simply staring off into space.") (Christopher Robin) Gakox Pezep - The Cougar ("Unlike normal big cats, he moves by hopping across the terrain, sometimes covering miles at a time.") (Tigger) Kikavo Vo - Big Leaper and Kikavo Dat - Little Leaper ("While most of the Madlander gods are frightening versions of more-or-less familiar animals, Kikavo Vo and her son Kikavo Dat seem to be weird hybrids of many creatures. Descriptions of them in village lore are precise: they have the heads of deer (without antlers) mounted on long thick necks. Their chests and torsos are like those of big potbellied grizzly bears. Their postures are upright, like a man's. Mounted on their shoulders are tiny arms like those of a small child. On the end of each arm are the sharp claws of a wolverine. Their powerful legs are designed like a toad's, but their huge feet resemble those of no known beast, long and flat like planks from a ship deck.") (Kanga and Roo) Vuvuti - The Owl "(As in many cultures, the owl is regarded by Madlanders as representing knowledge and wisdom. However, since the Owl in question, Vuvuti, is a god, the knowledge is forbidden and the wisdom terrifying.") (Owl) Zewa Zab - The Gopher ("Over countless centuries he has created an extensive network of tunnels throughout the land. Some are freshly dug; most have long since filled with debris or collapsed.") (Gopher) Zuutak - The Pig ("Zuutak's forms vary, but he's always some sort of pig. His most notorious trait is his bottomless hunger for fresh and tasty vegetation.") (Piglet) Seriously... How could you look at that and not think they're based on the Winnie-the-Pooh characters?
  13. Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster 'Course, the same can be said for toilet paper, so it's really not any kind of endorsement of the book...
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