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  1. Hi Lambprey, welcome to the forums! The Hero System Combat Handbook is a 5E book, and the rule you cite was indeed the case in 5E. However, that's no longer the case in 6E. For 6E, the relevant text is the following from Hero System Sixth Edition, Vol. 2: Combat and Adventuring: "A character can make a Multiple Attack with two or more slots in a single Power Framework, provided he has enough reserve/Pool points to allocate to the two or more slots used in the attack simultaneously." (6E2, page 78). Champions Complete doesn't specifically mention that using two or
  2. IMV, the character should be presumed to have necessary gear, of ordinary quality, for performing the skill. If there's some in-world explanation for why they don't have the gear (for example, the burglar's lockpicks were taken away after a strip search or something), then they might be able to attempt the skill anyway (possibly at a penalty), either using alternate gear (e.g., a hairpin instead of lockpicks) or (in some cases, if it makes sense) with no gear at all. If there's an in-world explanation for why they have gear that's better than ordinary quality (finer cra
  3. Yes, you buy the CSL separately (not in each slot). An example of a weapon built this way is the War Fan on page 25 of the Hero System Equipment Guide. Note, however, that the CSL does still take the Focus Limitation as part of the weapon, so it is not entirely without modifiers.
  4. The same applies in 5E (5ER, pg. 137). But my take is clearly the minority take, which is fine. Ultimately, if you think the effect and the cost and everything are appropriate, that's all that counts.
  5. Maybe I'm making invalid assumptions. I figured that background radiation was a general constant in this post-apocalyptic world. I was envisioning that the area "cleansed" by this power/device would only be radiation-free while the power/device was in effect, and that after the power/device was gone, the usual environmental condition of general irradiation would return. In that scenario, I do still think Life Support is better than CE. I know the SFX you're building are technically applying to the location rather than the people, but if the end result is that the location is going to go bac
  6. I would lean toward "No," mainly because the damage that radiation can cause (per CC pg. 141) in terms of NND Normal or Killing damage is beyond what Change Environment could be used to cause. Therefore it would seem slightly off to me to use Change Environment to cancel it out. I agree with Tjack, and I think a build around Life Support with Area Effect and Usable On Others is probably a better way to go.
  7. For Sub-Zero, do you envision it losing 1 BODY per Segment in addition to any other damage it might sustain, or do you envision it losing 1 BODY only on Segments where it isn't otherwise damaged? (In other words, it loses a minimum of 1 BODY per Segment, but it doesn't lose any extra if other sources are causing it damage.). If the former, I'd probably give it a -1 Limitation (the same as if it were Susceptible to a Very Common substance or effect). If the latter, I'd give it a -½ Limitation (the same as if it were Susceptible to a Common substance or effect). For Scorpion, I migh
  8. (You may need to customize this to 5e, since my posts are always for 6e ) I think that, especially if you go more in the vein of Plastic Man, "Stretching" becomes one of the most flexible power sets you can possibly have (pun intended, but still true). Like "Superspeed," it's a special effect that can lend itself to almost every Power in the rulebook. I think a VPP or a Multipower is not only a distinct possibility for miscellaneous stretching tricks, but almost a necessity. I played a classic stretcher named "The Elasticite" for several years as a secondary character
  9. This pretty much exactly matches my experiences when I've used similar "list-driven" character sheets for convention games. I also found that they seemed to constrain player creativity. Instead of just trying to do something in the game world, or instead of asking whether they could do something with power X about problem Y, they tended to just stick to exactly what I had put on the lists -- nothing more, nothing less. And that's fine to an extent, I guess(?). I mean, simplification was part of the point. But it still felt off to me somehow...
  10. I had a villain organization called V. It consisted of five teams of five villains each, all with names that started with V. I started writing a description of them for this post, but as I was doing so, I realized it's actually a pretty cool idea, IMO. So maybe I'll write them up as a "Hall of Champions" PDF or something instead. 😃
  11. I agree. If they commit a crime to get money, it's not going to be something like blackmail. It's more likely to be straight-up theft, and almost certainly a theft that hurts Fiacho's enemies.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by the "Hero Stat Block." Can you clarify?
  13. EXACTLY! Yowsa! That's quite a crew! 😮
  14. I used to GM for a superhero team that was kind of like Suicide Squad, but not actually villains... more just less-publicity-friendly heroes who had gotten a bad rap, or had edgier personalities, etc. It was like Suicide Squad in that they were sponsored by an off-the-books, "black op" government agency that called them in when ordinary govt. agents couldn't cut it, and they were sort of deemed expendable (or at least, disavowable). Their charter allowed them greater freedom of action, so they could take steps ordinary police or other govt. agents couldn't They were the Proscribed
  15. Maybe tie Duplication and BODY together somehow. Maybe give Starfish-Guy 16 BODY, and this power: Beyond this point, the character has been cut into too many pieces, and any further divisions will make them start dying. This is just an initial thought. I'm sure the idea isn't fully-baked, and could use some scrutiny...
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Describes how each of the Talents in Champions Complete was created from various Powers and Skills, thus explaining how costs were determined, and providing examples of how to do likewise to create your own Talents.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    This contains nine example characters for Champions Complete, from genres other than superheroes. There are two Action-Adventure characters, two Fantasy characters, one Martial Arts character, one Pulp Adventure character, and three Science-Fiction characters.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    This is a detailed description of a combat pitting the Champions Ironclad and Sapphire against villains Arrowhead and Green Dragon.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This describes the rules for creating animals with Champions Complete.
  20. Nothing I can think of; certainly nothing so cross-platform and cross-browser. However, I think I've narrowed it down to something related to my user account. Just for giggles, I downloaded Opera (so it was brand-new and completely untouched by me in any way). I went to herogames.com, and without logging into my account, went to the downloads area, and clicked on Submit a File. It didn't offer me the option to upload multiple files, but it worked this time when I selected a category and clicked Continue. (At least, it let me go to the next step.) When I logged in an
  21. Yeah, the Talents section of the Champions Complete book itself actually refers the reader to the Free Stuff section of herogames.com to download the breakdown of how all the Talents were built.
  22. Just tried again with the same result. It never lets me get as far as selecting a file. Just to see if it was specific to browser, OS, or other configurations, I tried it under Chrome, Firefox, and Safari under MacOS 11 (both with and without VPN enabled), and under Chrome, Firefox, and Edge under Windows 10 (both with and without VPN enabled). All resulted in the same error message before I select a file. I've been going to Browse > Downloads, and clicking on the "Submit a File" button. I have to choose an option in order to continue, so I choose Hero System 6th Edition Do
  23. I just went to upload the first one to "Hero System 6th Edition Documents" using the Submit a File button, and I got the attached error message. @Simon, any ideas?
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