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  1. "So do mine," Arachne says before transforming back into Monica and starting her homework.
  2. "Don't forget, we also have school and homework," Arachne says.
  3. "Okay," Arachne says. "One good thing about this is that Poverty Gulch and Brackett Park are next to each other."
  4. "Poverty Gulch isn't the only wealthy neighborhood," Arachne says. "There's also Brackett Park in the city and Falcon Bluff and Royal Grove in Lakeview. Both Poverty Gulch and Brackett Park are near University Commons."
  5. Assuming that she's been listening in, Arachne will be in stakeout mode on one site.
  6. "There are between two and three dozen burglaries each day, some are committed during daylight hours," Diana said. "It wouldn't hurt if you patrolled. During the daytime, the burglars are probably wearing regular clothes."
  7. "Afraid not, Avis," Diana replies. "It wasn't Beverly. There was a traffic accident that tied up the freeway that with the fastest route to the city. The other two good routes she could've taken were closed, one is having utility lines replaced while the other had a bus break through the blacktop."
  8. (Detective Lieutenant Diana Grove is their police liaison and head of the Paranormal Affairs Unit.)
  9. "It's a normal day," Bonnie says. "As I understand it, a lot of the infrastructure under the streets is old and some of it is falling apart."
  10. While Ghost Cat's getting hosed down, the gas company crew inspects their lines. By the time she's in Bonnie's SUV, the gas company crew reports that there are no damage to the gas lines.
  11. The bus is now on level ground and the crews get to work inspecting everything.
  12. "Okay, everyone, get clear. Once the bus is out, we have to have the utility companies come in and inspect their lines and repair any damage before we can fill the hole and put new paving down." Once everyone was clear, he said to Ghost Cat, "All yours."
  13. HQ responds that any underground electrical or communications cables would be inside either metal or plastic conduits and that it was probably caused by a slow leak in a sewer line. If it was a water main, since they're under pressure, there would've been a geyser.
  14. "From what we can tell, water eroded the roadbed, causing the pavement to collapse."
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