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  1. Joanna is outside making sure the area around the rotor is clear. She gets back inside, straps in, puts her headset on, and says, "Starting engines."
  2. “Although not from an anime, a good match for me would be Katherine Anne “K.A.T.” Taylor from Rambo: The Force of Freedom,” Arachne says. “She’s an Asian-American military woman who was a master of disguises, gymnastics, and martial arts.”
  3. Mei-Ling and Joanna, who are already in their seats, shake their heads.
  4. "Doing the best I can." (Arachne has 12" of running - copied from a 5E character sheet)
  5. "A what?" Arachne asks as she trots to the copter, keeping up with everyone else.
  6. "He gets arrained," Arachne says. "I assume the charges will include assault and battery as well as public intoxication."
  7. "Back to the chopper," Arachne suggests. "One we get back to base, we probably have reports to fill out." She sighs and adds, "Paperwork is the band of civilization."
  8. Taken from the thread “Law Enforcement Agencies (San Angelo” The Sheriff's Department has the Sheriff's Armored Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Team. It's a team of highly trained deputies in powered armor, much like the City's PART unit. The basic powered armor used by both teams is based on the Cavalier armor of the 1990s. It has anti-ballistic plates, basic air filtration, enhanced strength, an enhanced sensory suite, communications system, a handful of defensive systems, and less-lethal weapons available, all monitored and controlled via a modern Heads Up Display (HUD). Additional modules are available which convert the suit to a more specialized role. These include the Flight module, Lethal Force module (sometimes called the "sniper suit"), a Heavy Weapons module (called "big guns"), and an Environmental module (called the "Haz-Mat" suit). There are four squads of six deputies each. Each squad has two Flight units, two Heavy Weapons units, and two Lethal Force units. (The SAFE team does not maintain any Environmental units.)
  9. (Before deciding on Defender as the armored superhero I was considering a human-sized version of a giant robot that would be worn like a suit of power armor. Among those up for consideration as the basis for it were Lion Voltron and Raydeen, from the Shogun Warriors comic book.)
  10. "You did god, as did the rest of the team," Lotus says as the Paranormal Alert Response Team rolls up and takes Amok inoto custody. "If it wasn't for snarled traffic, we'd have been here sooner." says Lieutenant Daniel “Danny” Flack, the team leader.
  11. (More or less. San Angelo isn't in the Champions Universe, but I did use the 4E writeup of Defender as well as the New Millennium writeup of Quantum.)
  12. "Webs," Lotus calls out. Quantum gestures and an energy blast hits the ground under Amok. Lady Heart can feel the gravity increasing. Lotus and Azteca grab Amok while Defender fires two entangles. Amok yells obscenities as he goes down.
  13. "Stop bothering me!" he yells, swinging his fist. He misses Lady Heart and destroys the restroom building he's standing beside. Water pours from the rubble that fell on top of him.
  14. He spots the loaded Stanford Life Flight helicopter lifting off for the nearby University Medical Center's Saint Mary's General Hospital, Joanna and Arachna heading back to the team's helicopter, Lotus pulling someone from a fountain between the university library and a classroom building, and Amok fighting with Quantum, Defender, and Azteca.
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