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  1. Because it's the explosive Marvin the Martian wanted to use to blow up the Earth.
  2. Mark Rand

    VIPERS assets

    I like them. In fact, I'm considering using Hydra instead of Viper in my upcoming campaign. They will, though, be more of an international criminal organization and less of something like COBRA from the G. I. Joe franchise.
  3. Mark Rand

    VIPERS assets

    Isn't she a leader in the Marvel Comics criminal organization Hydra?
  4. Since it's my home town, I used Pittsburgh's map as Coastal City's map. The factory-lined channel to Coastal City Bay was the Ohio River to the downstream end of Brunot Island. The island itself is, in real life, occupied by an electrical generating plant.
  5. Wasn't Atlas Unleashed the one that gave information about the generic coastal city? I seem to remember the Coastal Metro Power Company, the Coastal City Museum of Fine Art, the swank Birdmore Hotel, Wayne Air Force Base, a NASA tracking station, Mayor Lois Kent, and Captain Anderson of the military, who was probably Army Special Forces.
  6. In the campaign, the Del Oro River Delta is the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta. There are over fifty islands in the delta, one of which contains a lighthouse.
  7. Mark Rand

    Automan thoughts

    True. I thought Simon MacCorkindale was okay in Manimal, but a lot better in all three seasons of Counterstrike.
  8. Mark Rand

    Automan thoughts

    I liked The Man From Atlantis, too. It was a good show. I also watched Sword of Justice. It wasn't that great of a concept, but it had its moments.
  9. The second Junior Justice Foundation Superhero Team club has been started. I'm attaching the handout. Junior Justice Foundation.doc
  10. Mark Rand

    Automan thoughts

    Yes, to Desi Arnez, Jr. Possible to a bad Tron: the series. According to the Wikipedia, the Autocar was a Lamborghini Countach LP400 which was capable of making 90-degree turns without losing control and overtaking merely by strafing, rather than turning. However, human passengers not properly secured in their seats would often be thrown around inside with the momentum from the sudden position change. The Autochopper was a Bell Jetranger capable of landing anywhere.
  11. Mark Rand

    Automan thoughts

    I think you're right. As I recall, Automan's follower, Cursor, was easily distracted by a beautiful woman.
  12. Thank you, Simon. Have a great day.
  13. I started the Junior Justice Foundation club a last September and it seems to have run its course. How do I close it?
  14. (Since there have been no game-related posts in two weeks, I'll be closing the game shortly.)
  15. I would like to echo the need for neighborhood supplements, like Dragon's Gate. One for University Commons would be good, as would one for College Gardens and Lakeview. A supplement about Samuel Brackett City Park wold also be good as well as more information about the area airports. They could be PDFs instead of printed.
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