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  1. Michelle says, "I don't blame you, Avis. I wouldn't want to either."
  2. My take on aliens for the San Angelo Junior Justice Foundation campaign is that the public doesn't know about them. I'm combining S.H.A.D.O. from the attempted revival of the old series UFO and the Stargate franchise and making a few changes to both.
  3. "Several people here haven't introduced themselves," Michelle replies.
  4. "I should've said, 'Pass on your recommendation to the proper people here'," Michelle Yamashiro replies.
  5. "Okay," Agent Yamashiro says. "I've heard rumors that there are magical girls in the San Angelo area, but, until now, I didn't believe them."
  6. "I'm Monica Yamamoto, otherwise known as Arachne, a kunoichi, or female ninja. When I'm in my costumed identity, my black nightsuit is armored, lets me climb walls, and see in the dark, and, using my bracelets, create energy duplicates of martial arts weapons. I also speak Japanese and know about Japanese culture."
  7. "I was just about to enter," said Bonnie's from just outside the door. "Lotus, I was asked to give you this." She passes her an envelope. "Internal mail." "Thanks, Bonnie," Lotus says, taking it. "You're welcome," she says as she exits. <Bonnie has shoulder-length dark-brown hair and is wearing a black turtleneck sweater, jeans, hiking boots, and leather gloves.> <Lotus opens the envelope, reads the message, and sighs.> "Got to run. My team needs me." "As I understand it, Bonnie's is allergic to nickle alloys," Agent Yamashiro says.
  8. Monica Yamamoto, Arachne's civilian identity, took a communicator and slipped it on her right wrist, just above the bracelet that was already there. As she did, a call came over the public address system that asked Bonnie Curtis to report to the think tank's main computer lab.
  9. "You should," Lotus replies to Robert's question. "I'll check with Bonnie Curtis, a computer and electronics expert the think tank employs, who may be working with the teams. You should know that she loves the cat burglar look, which is often called 'Cat burglar chic'."
  10. "None, but I'll come with you to provide backup, if Lotus thinks it's needed," Michelle replies to Drew's question.
  11. The campaign has started. You can find it under the Clubs tab.
  12. Time to get started. The Junior Justice Foundation Team has just filed into the conference room. Lotus, who heads the senior team, and an Oriental woman in business casual are there. "Good morning, everyone," she says. "I have communicators for each of you." She passes them out. Next, I'd like to introduce PRIMUS Intelligence Agent Michelle Yamashiro, who is their liaison to both teams." "Good morning, everyone," Michelle says in an unaccented voice. "I will do my best not to get in your way." "One last bit of news," Lotus says. "You now have your own aircraft, a 7-passenger Airbus Helicopters H-135, and a pilot, Joanna Rivers." She puts pictures of both on the large video wall. "Ms. Rivers will land where the police tell her to and not get involved in your cases."
  13. The game will start in the evening of Saturday, September 28, 2019. See you then. A copy of the player information has been posted to the campaign thread.
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