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  1. Sharon enters from a door from the auditorium floor and says, "Follow spot's up and Jim's going to run it." "Lights are set according to your diagram, Sharon," Monica says. "Good," Sharon says. "I'll take the board." "Not a problem," Judy says. "Okay," Jo Anne says. "From the top."
  2. "Okay, everyone. Are we ready to get this rehearsal going?" Jo Anne Forbes asks. "Lights, set, and curtains are ready," Judy replies. Doreen, Don, and Bonita respond that they're ready.
  3. "That's true." (Shouldn't the other club members be contributing?)
  4. "Not a problem. Being a ballet and tap dancer, I have to keep my endurance up. That's why I hit the hit the hiking trails in the Samuel Brackett City Park several times a week and compete in the Komen Bay Area Race for the Cure every Mother's Day."
  5. "Mother and I are taking self-defense classes through one of UC San Angelo's leisure learning programs," Doreen admitted.
  6. "No, I can't," Doreen replies. "However, I know it's there."
  7. (Should've ended her statement with a comma instead of a question mark.) "We might be like Cheryl and Mark. After all, they plan on getting married after high school."
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