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  1. I know. At that farm, you can also learn to ride horses. Disney Studios East is also in Hayden and their Circle H Ranch, where they shoot quite a bit of the Spin and Marty serial. Gotham Raceway, the motorsports facility owned by one of Bruce Wayne's companies, is close to it.
  2. In my Outsiders campaign, it'll be Jason Blood's house, and it's close to Gotham University, Gotham Planetarium, and several hospitals in the University Medical Center.
  3. Agreed, but not all are murderous. At the western end of the county is Hayden Township. It has a farm where you can go horseback riding, board your own horse, go on a hayride, or cut your own Christmas tree. It also has Deer Lakes Park, a county park that's home to the Gotham County Amateur Astronomy Association’s Wagman Observatory. Every so often, they hold a star party, an opportunity for amateur astronomers, students and the general public to observe the wonders of the spring, summer or fall sky as the season changes the overhead view.
  4. Maybe it's not The House of Mystery. Maybe it's Jason Blood's house. In the DCU, he lives in an apartment. He might not in the DCAU.
  5. One portal goes to a hotel floor. Looking out the windows, one sees an ocean of sand. The maid, a ghost, can make herself solid. One portal goes to the base of a spiral staircase inside a stone tower. One portal goes to the ballroom where a ball is taking place. Sometimes, one of the ghosts becomes solid for a short time. One portal goes to a staircase going up. The other two portals go to bedrooms. Edit: I might make the kitchen gate going just to the pantry/wine cellar, and larder/cool room with the east gate going to the kitchen garden and the last two second floor gates going to the motorhomes at the tracks.
  6. Thanks, Dean. I'm definitely going to use some of it in Gotham City's version of The House of Mystery.
  7. The first floor, which is almost identical to that of Mobius in Mystic Masters, has two gates, each leading to other gates. The porch's east gate leads to two others, one going to a motorhome in the parking lot at Gotham Park, a thoroughbred and harness track. The other goes to a motorhome in a parking lot at Gotham Raceway, a motorsports racing facility. Both are owned by one of Bruce Wayne's companies. The other gate is in the kitchen and leads to the pantry. Gates in it lead to the wine cellar, larder, and the kitchen garden. The second floor is identical to the one in the book. The third floor has six portals, plus the hall bathroom.
  8. The floors alternate between the real world and an alternate reality. The floors are linked by the mobius staircase which, on each floor, is surrounded by a hall.
  9. Cool, Dean. I'd love to see the floor plans you created.
  10. According to county records, Jason Blood owns the house. He pays all the utility and tax bills. Edit: He also pays Lilith's salary.
  11. Unlike DC's House of Mystery, this one is close to Gotham University, which is based on the University of Pittsburgh. Amber is a wild owl, not a pet. She was originally attracted by a pan of water left out for her by Lilith. The house's magic let her mind-link with Lilith and sense that she was friendly. She now lives in the house's living woods and drinks from the brook that flows through it. There is a ballroom on the first floor, just off the living room. It has a ghostly band, clad in tuxedos and evening gowns, complete with a singer who looks like Rose from Titanic. One window looks like Dr. Strange's round one.
  12. I have The House That Jack Built. In fact, I once tried to make it into a benevolent house. I might try again to do so. I had Hidden Lands, but I may've sold my copy. I'll have to look around more for it. Edit: Just bought the Hidden Lands PDF.
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