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  1. “My father loves anything with B. J. Ward, Corinne Orr, the late Peter Fernandez, and the late Kemal Amin “Casey” Kasem providing voices,” Doreen says. “We have every version of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Voltron, and Ultraman. Personally, I like Voltron.”
  2. What I was actually looking for was the Batman: The Animated Series version. I just have to add in her martial arts and change her utility belt equipment. As I recall, she uses batshuriken.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a character sheet for Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon?
  4. "Someone might strike while the play is in progress," Doreen says. "They might either rob the box office, kidnap someone at the play, or burglarize one or more houses?" "Miss Collingsworth is an obvious kidnap target," Ghost Cat comments. "So are the Mouseketeers," Doreen says. "I'll notify the Secret Service and the senior team will patrol Poverty Gulch while you keep an eye on the play."
  5. "Three quick announcements," Lotus says. "First, there have been a number of burglaries in the Poverty Gulch neighborhood, mostly while the occupants were out of town and servants had the night off. The San Angelo Police have stepped up patrols of the area. Second, Miss Jennifer Collingsworth, Allderdice High's orchestra teacher, is President James Collingsworth's niece. Her teaching assistant, Ms. Andrea Price, is a Secret Service agent. Third, Miss Nancy Adams, a student at Allderdice, is a metahuman. She can change into a mermaid at will and breathe underwater in either form. That's
  6. Doreen and Ghost Cat enter, chat briefly with Margo and Dinah, then go to the meeting.
  7. The rest of the night passes without incident. The next morning, there's a request to stop by the base for a short meeting with Lotus. As you pass Margo's desk, you spot a white shorthaired cat relaxing on it while Margo works at her computer.
  8. "Photographers from The Foreward, our school newspaper, and The Allderdice,the school yearbook, will probably be there, too," Sharon says from she's helping to clear the stage. "The yearbook photographers also have to get group photos of the Drama Club, Stage Crew, the bands, orchestra, and choirs." "Which means that we'll probably have to set the stage for them," Stage Crew student president Jim Reese comments as he joins them. "Follow spot's stowed." "Thanks, Jim," Sharon responds.
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