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  1. "Yeah," Doreen laughed. "It's interesting though how they accept Mark and Cheryl belly dancing in public and him performing as a woman. Of course, that may be because he's performed that way since he was six and has an androgynous appearance."
  2. "Even though we're in costume, the Disney people might take it the wrong way."
  3. "No," Doreen says. *snap* Don Grant and Bonita Forest are photographed, still in costume, looking at a script. "Got shots of the Stage Crew Mouseketeers, too," the photographer says.
  4. Finally, everything is ready and Jo Anne calls for the dress rehearsal to start. It runs smoothly.
  5. "Judy and Sharon are relamping the first three electrics, which have a number of burned out lamps," says Stage Crew student head Jim Reese as he joins them. He turns to Drew and says, "I'm not sure where the PAR CAN you're holding goes. There are some on the balcony edge and some in ceiling catwalks two and three. As Annette said, Sharon will know." "Which?" asks Harmony, one of the Cordettes. Jim sighs and explains, "It's the type of lighting instrument Drew has. Can is its shape. PAR is short for parabolic aluminized reflector, which directs the light." "Oh," Harmony says. "I still say you're a bunch of geeks." "And proud of it," Monica laughs. "Come on, guys. Let's help Judy and Sharon. We have a show to get ready for." "Silly mermaid," Harmony mumbles, more or less under her breath. "Takes one to know one," Annette laughs as she walks away from Harmony.
  6. "Sharon will know," Annette says. "I know there was a problem with the second electric two days ago," David Gray says. "I thought it was several loose connections."
  7. (Not to mention Marilyn Watson [Julie Newmar’s stunt double who may've played Catwoman in one episode], Michelle Pfeiffer, and Anne Hathaway)
  8. Doreen gets herself ready, as do the Stage Crew members. Stage Crew member Donna Gray, who suffers from nickel allergies which cause allergic contact dermatitis, and almost always wears black leather gloves, expects to be teased by the Cordettes, the clique of popular and wealthy girls, who have dubbed her “Catwoman” and make cat sounds in her presence.
  9. Monica glances at Lotus' message. To her, either a burglar was doing a dry run before doing one during the play or it was just a coincidence. After all, there were a number of burglaries committed each night, some by punks, and some by pros.
  10. The rehearsal ran smoothly. The next morning, Lotus sent both teams a message. She'd heard from a burglary division police officer that a mansion in Poverty Gulch, one of the city's most exclusive addresses, had been burglarized while the owners were on a cruise and their housekeeper was visiting relatives in Chicago.
  11. Sharon enters from a door from the auditorium floor and says, "Follow spot's up and Jim's going to run it." "Lights are set according to your diagram, Sharon," Monica says. "Good," Sharon says. "I'll take the board." "Not a problem," Judy says. "Okay," Jo Anne says. "From the top."
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