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  1. "I know," Doreen says. "However, I think Batman, Batgirl, their associates, the police, and the Secret Service can deal with anything that comes our way."
  2. (OCC: Does Doreen know Rob is Lady Heart?)
  3. (OCC: The gear in the utility belt has been updated. It is now: a Mini-Bat Computer (Absolute Range Sense, Absolute Time Sense, Eidetic Memory, Lightning Calculator, Speed Reading, Mind Scan/Mind Control 6d6 [Machines], & link to the main Batcomputer), a Bat Communicator (may be a hands-free wrist communicator), a launching grappling hook, starlite nightvision lenses or goggles (not usable in cases of magical darkness or the total absence of light), a penlight with red, white, and infrared LEDs, flex cuffs, 6 folding batarangs, 6 explosive batarangs, 6 Taser batarangs, electro-knuckles, and a Mini-Gas Mask.)
  4. "Yeah," Jennifer laughs. "Andrea, we have to tell them." "You're right," Andrea says. "Since Jennifer is the President's niece, she has Secret Service protection. I lead the all-female detail. My cover as her teaching assistant lets me stay close without arousing suspicion. The Stage Crew and most of the A orchestra are aware of it, as are all area law enforcement agencies and people here who need to know." "Except for me and Mrs. Forbes, our wardrobe mistress, all the adults dressed like me are Secret Service agents," Betsy Clarke says. "There's one by stage control, one in wardrobe, one helping Donna and Kate look for props and scenery pieces back in our store room, and at least one with Sharon on the balcony while she gets the spotlights properly aimed and replaces burned out bulbs." "We did get a tour of the auditorium facilities and, with guidance from the Stage Crew, the chance to operate the various systems," Andrea says.
  5. "This is Robert, my boyfriend," Doreen replies.
  6. "Back to the main part of the school or outside?" Michelle asks as Ms. Clark enters with Cordelia Chase, Harmony Kendall, Aphrodesia Kingsbury, and Gwen Ditchik. "Hi, Harmony." "Hi, Michelle," Harmony says. "I put both feet in my mouth this time. If I keep this up, I'll be permanently assigned to the Stage Crew. Where am I needed?" "You can help Judy check over the props and backdrops. She's in the stage left wing," comes a female voice from the balcony edge. "Thanks, Sharon," Harmony says. "I'm on it."
  7. "I know his first name's John," Doreen says. "I've heard him called that when we're both running on the school track."
  8. "I'm impressed," Jennifer says. A stagehand enters from the stage right wing and says, "Ms. Clarke is outside with four more temporary stage hands, two of which are new to our group." "Okay," Andrea says.
  9. "Actually, I'm Jennifer Collingsworth, the orchestra conductor," comes the response. "Ms. Clarke should be here shortly. Please meet Ms. Andrea Price, my teaching assistant, and Ms. Michelle Karpman, the A orchestra concertmaster. We were going over the score for the play." (OCC: Michelle is a student while Andrea is an adult.)
  10. In the hall heading toward the auditorium are Joshua Barnes, Ph.D., the school principal, Aphrodesia Kingsbury, Gwen Ditchik, Cordelia Chase, Harmony Kendall, and Ms. Betsy Clarke. Of them, Cordelia and Harmony were serving detention as part of the school’s stage crew, which Ms. Clarke is the faculty advisor and sponsor of. During plays, she serves as a stage hand and she and Harmony are the only ones wearing a black turtleneck sweater, jeans, and running shoes and socks, the normal stage crew garb. “Harmony, you look like Catwoman,” Gwen comments. “Right, Cordelia, Aphrodesia?” “Agreed,” Cordelia replies. “You are so right,” Aphrodesia replies. “Gwen, Aphrodesia, you two are joining Cordelia and Harmony on stage crew detention,” Dr. Barnes says. (OCC: More of this to come.)
  11. I'm going with a female Robin, Tamara Carlina “Tabby” Drake, the daughter of Jack Drake and step daughter of Dana Winters-Drake. They, and the family housekeeper, are aware of her secret identity. They are also aware that she's a part-time mermaid, like the ones on H2O: Just Add Water. If it helps, I have Steve Long's ESP Aquatic Powers Volume one.
  12. "I don't know," Batgirl says. "But then, I have electro-knuckles and several taser batarangs."
  13. Batgirl replies over the radio, "Message received. Police cars and ambulances are one block away. Over." Batman's voice comes over the radio, too. "Good work, team. I got one more. I'll make a note to have batcuffs available for your utility belts. Over."
  14. (OCC: Back on line. I just PMd Tjack.)
  15. (OCC: Doctor's appointment this morning. I'll post when I return.)
  16. "I'll call the authorities," Batgirl says. "The dinosaur hall should be visible from the overlook. The Hall of Minerals and Gems is down there as is a special exhibit on gems and jewelry are right below you."
  17. "I'm looking at the building map on my Mini-Bat Computer," comes Batgirl's voice over your radio. "You are between the Hall of American Indians and the Hall of Arctic Life. In front of you is an overlook to the first floor. The Hall of Minerals and Gems is down there as is a special exhibit on gems and jewelry."
  18. "Okay," Batgirl says. "Good hunting. Lady Heart and I can use the building's two chimneys for cover."
  19. "We wait," Batgirl replies. "More than likely, the burglar or burglars plan to climb that rope and then rappel down the side of the building."
  20. The Mini-Bat Computer, which is the size of a smart phone, has a built-in video camera and Batgirl, being a Gotham University grad student, is familiar with the building.
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