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  1. It's the day of the swim meet and everyone's excited. The school's Mouseketeers and privileged cliques are out in force, as are students, staff, and faculty members. Lane one is closest to the back wall. Lane eight is closest to the stands. First up is the match race, Nancy verses Jodie, two lengths of the pool. As they get ready to mount the blocks, Nancy offers her hand to Jodie, who rejects it. Jodie is in lane seven while Nancy is in lane two. As they mount the blocks, the announcer says, "Jodie will swim freehand while Nancy swims mermaid-style and will stay underwater t
  2. (I found Joker on Mike Surbrook's site and Catwoman on Matt Ignash's site. I think most Rouges Gallery members would be easy to write up because they are normal criminals with some gimmick and would be in the Standard Heroic range, 150 points plus 50 points in complications.)
  3. (Okay, but let's finish this story first. I still have to design the Batcave and find a map of Gotham City that I like, preferably one without names for DC Comics people for places.)
  4. (Don't forget, we're down a member due to illness, which means I'm playing two heroes. I just might end the campaign after the swim meet and start a third version after Halloween and after I finish typing a few things.)
  5. (We are nearing the end of this topic...or are we? The swim meet is yet to come.)
  6. Spirit Cat and Ghost Cat leave, too. The after action reports can wait to tomorrow.
  7. "No, it can't be," Foxbat says just before Samantha takes him into custody. She then reads him his rights and asks him if he wants to say anything. "Yes," he says. “Look behind you, because that will be the front!” As she's about to get into her car, Samantha says to the heroes, "The gazelle had her baby. Mother and child are doing fine. The zoo veterinarian is staying with them for a bit to make sure everything's okay."
  8. "To exchange for Mickey Mouse's autograph," Foxbat replies as Ghost Cat and Spirit Car arrive.
  9. You finally find him at one of the zoo's playgrounds, riding its playground carousel. (These carousels, also called roundabouts, are muscle-powered.)
  10. "No, but thank you anyway," she replies, removing her vinyl-gloved hands. "The baby is finally in the proper position. Good hunting."
  11. "Haven't seen him," she says. "This young lady's about to give birth. Unfortunately, the baby started out in a breech position. If I don't get it turned the right way, there'll be problems. Plus, it may not be breathing on its own. If it isn't, I'll have to get it breathing. Fortunately, I have what I need in my bag and vehicle."
  12. She spots the doc's SUV on the grass. It's white with red lettering. Dr.McCauley's hands are inside the gazelle.
  13. Neither of the two men have seen him. "Claire McCauley might've, but I doubt it," says one. "She's paying attention only to the gazelle she's tending to." "She has a Ford Expedition," the other says. "It has the same lettering ours has, with one addition, the words, 'ANIMAL HEALTH'."
  14. Okay. The zoo is quiet, no surprise. It closed at 4 PM. However, zoo employees are still at work. One comments to another that Dr. McCauley is tending to a sick gazelle in the African Savanna area.
  15. "The zoo," Spirit Cat says. "It's in the northwestern part of Samuel Brackett City Park. The amusement park is in Southport, which is southeast of the city, across US 170 from here."
  16. "I don't know," Spirit Cat replies. "However, they have a carousel there, too, in the area they call "The Village" and there are two hand-powered ones in the playgrounds in the zoo's "Kids Kingdom". "There are also two at the 49er amusement park," Ghost Cat adds. "Of course, that ticket stud could've been dropped by anyone."
  17. Lady Heart is looking around the carousel when Cornerstone, Ghost Cat, and Spirit Cat arrive. They look around the area, too. In a nearby planter, Cornerstone finds part of a ticket to the San Angelo Zoo and Aquarium, which is located in nearby Samuel Brackett City Park. "Doctor Claire McCauley is their head veterinarian," Spirit Cat says. "She's appeared on The Mickey Mouse Club when the zoo is visited on Discovery Day to learn about animals."
  18. Neither can they. Samantha calls the Sheriff's Department's crime lab to examine Foxbat's vehicle, then radios for a patrol car to keep an eye on it while she takes Darlene to Saint Mary's General Hospital's Emergency Department. Once there, she notifies the county's Child Protective Services Department. Social Worker Paige Matthews gets sent to look into things. She stays with Darlene until her parents arrive, then gives them her card.
  19. "Okay," Darlene says as Samantha joins them, her badge in plain sight. After Darlene repeats what Foxbat said, Samantha says, "'What goes around makes me dizzy' could refer to the Samuel Brackett Plaza Carousel." "That plaza on the other side of the main building of Saint Mary's General Hospital, whose campus we're on," Ghost Cat adds.
  20. "No," Darlene says as Samantha parks her unmarked police car on Bellefield near where Foxbat's vehicle is.
  21. "I'm fine," she says. "Foxbat didn't hurt me. He did say, 'What goes around makes me dizzy'."
  22. Yes. You hear a siren behind you. Sounds like it's getting closer.
  23. Darlene's in the back, bound, gagged, and trying to free herself.
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