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  1. The rehearsal runs smoothly. As Sharon turns on the work lights and dims the stage ones, stagehand Eric Woods comments, "Looks like there's a few bulbs on the first two electrics have burned out." "You're right," stagehand Donna Gray says. "We'll change them while we fly the drapes and clear the stage." As she speaks, the spot and flood lights are dimmed and the house lights come to full brightness. As the cast leaves the stage, the musicians pack up their instruments, and the stage crew begins to work, principal oboist Lauren Kay comments, "I have to go over my oboe
  2. Miss Jennifer Collingsworth, the school's orchestra teacher and conductor, and student Michelle Karpman, the concertmaster, have the orchestra ready. Ms. Andrea Price, Jennifer's teaching assistant, is close by.
  3. Doreen and Ghost Cat stood, with other cast members, in the backstage wings, awaiting their cues. The Stage Crew was close by. Even Ms. Victoria Swanby, the principal, was backstage, looking like any stage crew member.
  4. Rosemary Trueheart watches as her son/daughter practices. As far as the rest of the heroes go, Doreen's playing the mother and Ghost Cat's going to be the villain. As far as other parts go, fellow Drama Club member Tim Clark’s going to play the librarian. But then, he excels at playing female roles and can do his own makeup. The Anderson twins will be the makeup artists for the female performers and take bit parts. Miss Addams, who runs the Drama Club, is directing. Miss Forbes, the Drama Club wardrobe mistress, is handling wardrobe. Miss Clarke (no r
  5. (Yep. You start it. I have a few things relating to Taylor Allderdice High School to finish up.)
  6. "Your mother is very wise," Doreen replies. "But then, she is Allderdice's head school nurse. "My boyfriend, of course."
  7. "Yeah," Doreen says. "Fortunately, you have clothing you that your Rebecca identity can wear."
  8. "Don't forget that there only two dressing rooms in the auditorium," Doreen replies. "One for men and one for women. If you change there, people will know that Robert Trueheart is Rebecca Valentine, and since people know that Rebecca Valentine is Lady Heart, the cat will be out of the bag."
  9. "The mother," Doreen replies. "I think Tim Clark wants to play the librarian. But then, he excels at playing female roles and can do his own makeup. The Anderson twins will probably be the makeup artists for the female performers and take bit parts."
  10. "Should be cool," Doreen replies. "Miss Clarke and the rest of the Stage Crew are probably going over the script, as are Miss Forbes, the Drama Club wardrobe mistress, and Miss Addams, who will probably be directing it."
  11. "About what?" she asks. "Did something happen at school?" (I turn her over to quozaxx for the rest of this conversation and conversations relating to it.)
  12. Doreen pulls a script from her backpack and starts studying it.
  13. "This building is connected to the main Justice Foundation building," Doreen replies. "We just exit through Margo's office."
  14. "I guess we head home," Doreen replies. "I can walk it. I'm on Morewood Avenue, just up from the Tree of Life Congregation."
  15. (Beast has left the club. I will be running Ghost Cat as an NPC.)
  16. Spirit Cat transformed to Doreen and did her report. Joanna, Simone, and the senior team did their's, too.
  17. Joanna flew the junior team back to headquarters while Simone flew the senior team back.
  18. "Now we have to do after action reports," Azteca comments as Quantum joins them on the sweep. "I hate those." "Everyone has to do paperwork," Joanna says. "Sometimes, I think it's the bane of civilization." "Same here," Quantum says. The sweep turned up nothing. "Defender, the area's clear," Lotus calls out. "Right," he says before pushing the bus outside.
  19. "We'll do a sweep to check," Lotus replies. "If there aren't any more trapped or injured, we'll head home." "Once we're clear, I can move the bus," Defender says as he joins them. "Someone's going to be hit with a huge bill for damages and the federal government may file charges for what he did to the mailbox." "You're right," Lotus says. "Are you okay?" "I'm fine," Defender replies.
  20. While the Paranormal Alert Response Team takes Amok away, Andrea and Melody are busy, too. Melody is taking the patient's vital signs and relaying them to the University Medical Center Trauma Unit along with her observations. "IV Ringers Lactate and transport once the bone's stable and the wound's closed," comes the doctor's response. "We'll have radiology prepped." The ladies acknowledge and get to work. Finally, they have their stretcher brought in and take the patient to the helicopter. After everything and everyone's loaded, they take off. "All of y
  21. "We might," Theo says. "Her left femur broke and punctured both the skin and both the femoral artery and vein on that side. Since the seat's applying pressure to them, we can't move the seat until Melody and Andrea arrive with their gear." "You're going to have to heal the artery and vein," Lady Heart," Spirit Cat says as Andrea and Melody arrive, carrying equipment bags. "Can you do that?"
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