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  1. "Not that I know of," replies an officer who had been with Diana. "Time to head to the station and do paperwork." After the officers leave, Arachne says, "We have after-action reports to do. Hopefully, they'll let us do them tomorrow."
  2. "You're welcome," Foxbat says before Diana reads him his rights and he's lead away.
  3. "Of course," Foxbat says, as he turns. "Hopefully, I won't stay in the Graybar Hotel for very long."
  4. "Your suggestion is much better than mine," Foxbat says, handing "Mickey" a sheet of paper.
  5. Foxbat groans, shakes his head, and says to Doreen, "Your rescuers await you. Thank you for your company." "You're welcome," Doreen says before walking toward Lady Heart and her associates. Meanwhile, Foxbat puts his head in his hands.
  6. "Quite true," Foxbat replies. "However, I want Mickey's autograph and this seemed the best way to get it." "Aren't they the same thing?" Foxbat asks.
  7. "Of course." Foxbat shows Doreen, still in costume, to Lady Heart. Doreen waves to Lady Heart. Unknown to Foxbat, she's signaling that she's okay.
  8. "Good to hear," Foxbat says. "I saw the police trap a mile away. Now, young lady, where's my autograph?"
  9. "I'm fine," Becca says. "I was in the hall when I heard a boom and saw a flash of light. I looked, but didn't see any damage to the classroom windows."
  10. "Yes, a ping-pong ball-shaped flashbang did that," Diana replies. "Looks like I'm going have to clean the glass up," the black-haired woman says. "We'll take care of it after the lab boys get through, Becca," Diana says. "We also have to get a city tow truck for the van and an ambulance for Captain Butz and his officers." "We don't need an ambulance," Butz says. He takes a step and looses his balance. Fortunately, Diana and Becca catch him.
  11. Butz and his team stagger out of the police van. Then, a black-haired woman wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki slacks emerges, carrying an orange bag. "First aid kit from the Religious School office," she says. "Anyone else inside?" Arachne asks as the black-haired woman provides first aid. "The cantor and his daughter are in the sanctuary, winding a couple of the Torahs to the proper position," she replies. "That's his car beside mine." "Did you see where the flashbang came from?" Diana asks. "No, but from the hole in the van's windshield and the glass on the ground, I'd guess it came from the general direction of the church across the street from us. Of course, it might've come from the street." "Thanks," Diana said. "You're welcome."
  12. The cars are nowhere near where the flashbang came from. One, actually, belongs to Golden City Maids, the maid service the synagogue custodian works for. She lives in the building and is cleaning a classroom.
  13. Besides the police vehicles, there are two other vehicles in the parking lot. Also, there is motion in the building.
  14. "Agreed," Arachne says. "Looks like Butz blew his chance. Our turn, Lieutenant?" "Yeah," Diana says.
  15. (Here is Captain Butz from Hermit's People of the Campaign City thread. Captain Eugene Butz is having trouble adapting to a changing world. Every time he turns around lately, there seems to be something new to cope with. Goons with blasters instead of regular guns were bad enough, but in his time they’ve had more and more criminals with superpowers hitting the town and trying old crimes with abilities he can barely comprehend, and new crimes he never imagined possible. Old tactics are failing, and yet, old tactics are what Captain Butz relies on again and again. He doesn’t know anything else. Superhuman task forces would require training and upgrades in tech that he fears would end up firing regular cops to make room in the budget, and would cost him a great deal of authority as well as whatever hotshot was put in charge of the program would be calling shots not just on the field, but in prep and fall out. It’s bad enough PRIMUS takes charge whenever they show up. Eugene is a decent fellow in many ways, but his refusal to adapt with the times is endangering both the people under his command and his career. Commander Hardin of PRIMUS has tried to assist in matters of small unit tactics and so on, as he needs the manpower the Force can provide as support, but Cpt. Butz just sees this as an attempt to take command from him. The Mayor, unknown to him, is feeling pressure from more than one source to replace him. As indicated, Eugene is a bit too possessive over his authority, and stuck in the past to boot. At one time, he won medals for holding his forces to the highest standards and keeping corruption out of the Police Department. Unbeknownst to him, some organized crime figures are actually upping the pressure on his police and thus him by hiring superhumans to come into the city, sew a little chaos, and leave. By revealing his lack of aptitude, the non-powered crime bosses can have him replaced by a less scrupulous man they can work with. True, the results will make it harder for superhuman criminals, but really that’s a perk for most crimelords who don’t have powers of their own. QUOTE: “What do you mean the blockade won’t stop this guy? No, no, my men can handle it.”)
  16. Suddenly, something smashes through the marked van's windshield and there's an explosion and a bright flash of light. "Flash-bang grenade, or something like it," Diana says. "Foxbat has to be nearby."
  17. "Marked police van and Butz's car are in the lot," Diana says. "What was Butz thinking? Foxbat might be a loon, but he's sure to become suspicious." She pauses, then adds, "Looks like normal traffic on the street, but Foxbat could be using a normal car."
  18. Diana says, "I've been listening to police radio chatter and it looks like Foxbat wants to get the autograph in Tree of Life Congregation's parking lot in 20-minutes. Since it's just down the street, we'll wait here."
  19. "I don't think anything will," Diana Grove says. "From what I've read, that's not his style. However, the Paranormal Alert Response Team will be with us just in case." "Wouldn't Captain Butz have them with his men?" Arachne asks. "He doesn't think they're necessary," Diana replies.
  20. "Let's head for Lieutenant Grove's van," Arachne says.
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