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  1. "I don't think anything will," Diana Grove says. "From what I've read, that's not his style. However, the Paranormal Alert Response Team will be with us just in case." "Wouldn't Captain Butz have them with his men?" Arachne asks. "He doesn't think they're necessary," Diana replies.
  2. "Let's head for Lieutenant Grove's van," Arachne says.
  3. "Right," Arachne says. There is a paved driveway leading from the street to the doors and the grass on either side of the driveway is undisturbed.
  4. "What?" Arachne asks. "My guess is that he got in through the loading doors." She shakes her head. "Let's go. We have a rat to catch and a Mouseketeer to save."
  5. "There are a number of Mouseketeers in Drama Club and Stage Crew," Monica points out. "Any one of them could've been a target."
  6. "Right," Monica says as the auditorium empties out. Once it's clear of anyone not a team member, she changes to Arachne.
  7. "We wait in an unmarked van near the location," Diana replies. "When Butz's plan fails, we go in."
  8. "Yes!" Butz snaps. "We don't even need the Paranormal Alert Response Team or the Sheriff's Office's version." He then stalked out of the auditorium. "Nice try, Lady Heart," Lieutenant Grove says. "Unfortunately, his mind is made up."
  9. "No," Butz says. "My men can handle it. I don't know why the city even sanctions you capes." He then walks away. "Captain Butz is a decent fellow in many ways, but his refusal to adapt with the times is endangering both the people under his command and his career," comments Detective lieutenant Diana Grove, who serves as the police department liaison with sanctioned heroes. "PRIMUS has tried to assist in matters of small unit tactics and so on, as they need the manpower the San Angelo Police can provide as support, but Captain Butz just sees this as an attempt to take command from him."
  10. "No," Captain Butz replies. "He's a lunatic who needs to be stopped before he hurts himself or others and put in a padded cell for life."
  11. "Judy, please," Annette says after warning everyone on stage to stand clear and they stand on the stage apron. "Flying in Batten Two, First Electric," Judy calls out as she lowers it. "I'll position it three feet above the stage floor." "They're shattered all right," Butz says. "Jane, get pictures, then, we'll take them with us as evidence." "Because of the broken glass you'd better wear heavy gloves," Annette says. "Sharon, please cut the power to the on-stage electrics." "Already did," Sharon replies. "Pocahontas thinks of everything," came a teenage female from the audience. As Sharon growls, Dr. Barnes says, "That will be enough of that, Miss Hunt." The second and third electrics also have broken bulbs. However, the fourth electric, LED Striplights, doesn't.
  12. "He'd probably contact either the local Disney studio or Disney headquarters to arrange for the ransom," Monica says. The police, under the supervision of Captain Eugene Butz, who is a bit old-fashioned in his ways, arrive and take statements. While they do that, the note and dagger are photographed and bagged. The broken glass is also photographed and boxed. "You know where this glass came from?" Butz asks, pointing at Annette. "It looks like the glass in the stage lights above us," Annette replies. "Want me to ask Judy to lower the four groups of lights?" "Yeah," Butz replies.
  13. He doesn't see Foxbat, but he does see police vehicles and the press converging on the school.
  14. "Never heard of him kidnapping anyone," Monica replies. "You'd think he knew that Mickey Mouse was a cartoon character." She sighs, and adds, "We'll have to leave the glass from the all the light bulbs on the floor until the police say otherwise. Hopefully, they've been called." "I called both the San Angelo and school district police," says a strong adult voice from the center door to the crossover. "Good evening, Doctor Barnes," Annette says, recognizing the school principal. "Thank you for calling them." "You're welcome, Miss Fox," Dr. Barnes says. "My wife and I enjoyed the play. Too bad Foxbat decided to kidnap someone here tonight." "I'm leaving the house lights and the balcony and catwalk lights on," Sharon adds from the control board. "Good," Dr. Barnes says.
  15. It's from Foxbat. He'll be in touch with the Disney folks to trade Doreen for Mickey Mouse's autograph.
  16. The play runs smoothly. As the cast's taking a curtain call, a couple of yellow tennis balls bounce onto the stage and explode. When everyone comes to, there's glass everywhere, Doreen's missing, and there's a note pinned, with a knife, to a set piece.
  17. Rob gets his cues either from Sharon or the actor he's on stage with.
  18. Bonita, Don, and Doreen stand on their marks. Sharon looks around, checking the Stage Crews' positions. Finally, she says into her two-way radio, "Thirty seconds, folks. Ready, Judy?" "Set," Judy replies. "Roger," Sharon replies. "Bringing stage lights up and dimming house lights." When the house lights are off, she nods and Judy opens the main curtain. Sharon then cues the first actor. (All Stage Crew members have two-way radios with headsets.)
  19. "Yeah," Jim replies. "It would be something if we ever did it."
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This is a corrected version of Taylor Allderdice High School
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