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  1. "Not a problem. Being a ballet and tap dancer, I have to keep my endurance up. That's why I hit the hit the hiking trails in the Samuel Brackett City Park several times a week and compete in the Komen Bay Area Race for the Cure every Mother's Day."
  2. "Mother and I are taking self-defense classes through one of UC San Angelo's leisure learning programs," Doreen admitted.
  3. "No, I can't," Doreen replies. "However, I know it's there."
  4. (Should've ended her statement with a comma instead of a question mark.) "We might be like Cheryl and Mark. After all, they plan on getting married after high school."
  5. Doreen enters, in costume, from the stage left wing. "Bonita and Don are in the green room, in costume," she says. "Mark and Miss Forbes are checking their makeup." "Lighting's fixed," Annette says from the stage right wing. "A number of connections were coming loose." "New drapes are hung and set pieces are ready," Monica says from behind Annette. "Jim Reese and Sharon are setting up the follow spot," Judy adds. "It'll be up by the projection booth."
  6. Drama Club members, and Blue-Team Mouseketeers, Don Grant and Bonita Forest have joined the cast. Don will play the heroine's mother. Bonita will play her father. They have been given scripts.
  7. Lotus later contacts Rob to mention that she had contacted friends in the San Angelo Police and San Angelo County Sheriff's Department about their concerns.
  8. "The same way we approach the other songs," Doreen replies. "Six of our fellow Mouseketeers who are not involved in this play attend school here. They might be able to take parts in the play."
  9. "Good plan," Doren says before sipping from the shake.
  10. "Good point," Doreen says. "Lotus will probably also notify the police and Sheriff's department."
  11. "Monica's on Stage Crew," Doreen says. "I think she and Annette, who is also a Stage Crew member, are helping Sharon and Judy."
  12. "The play's been mentioned in the newspaper," Doreen says. "I'm sure the bad guys have probably been keeping an eye on their targets. Don't forget, they probably know who attends the semi-annual play for charity."
  13. "I don't know," Doreen replies. "However, if there are wealthy patrons at the play, their houses might be targeted by burglars."
  14. Jo Anne and Andrea stop by the guard's desk and Jo Anne says, "Some of the Stage Crew members are staying late to make repairs to the stage lighting." At that moment, Annette and Monica, both in black, arrive at the desk from their swim team practice. "We should join them," Annette says. "Agreed," Monica says. "Fine," the guard says. Jo Anne and Andrea leave the building.
  15. "Yes," Doreen replies, waving to Judy. "Don't stay too long." "We'll try not to," Sharon replies as she returns. "Hopefully, it's just a loose connection."
  16. "Circuit breakers for second electric are now off," Judy says. "There are three pair of electrician's work gloves rated for 1,000-volts in the electronics tool case. The line voltage to the lights is 120-volts. Sharon's also bringing safety goggles."
  17. "Right," Doreen says. "Work lights coming on and stage lights coming off," Judy calls out before flipping switches and adjusting dimmers. "Judy, while I get the electronics tools and safety goggles will you pull the breakers for the second electric?" Sharon asks. "Sure," Judy replies.
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