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  1. The team has gotten together for the first time in the communications/situation room. Communicators, team ID cards, and smartphone-size tablet computers that can, like Tara's computer, connect to the computer used by the Justice Foundation teams, have been passed out by Bonnie Curtis, Ph.D., the base electronics expert. Team pilot Joanna Rivers briefs you on the Airbus Helicopters H135 the team will use and the various airport beacons. (Her briefing is on the handout.)
  2. The updated JJF handout has gone to the proofreader. No doubt, it'll be ready to be posted shortly. After that, I just have to find my notes and it'll start.
  3. Doreen Mariko Tanaka, Rob's girlfriend, is, possibly, thanks to Coyote, Spirit Cat, an NPC ninja and a fellow member of the Junior Justice Foundation. I'm about to update the Junior Justice Foundation handout. Cornerstone needs to be added and a few other corrections have to be made. The campaign may start tomorrow instead of today.
  4. Yes, he'll be able to keep his ID secret if he's a member.
  5. The entire handout is attached to this thread and on the club page.
  6. From the handout: Power level is Standard, that’s a 400-point base plus an additional 75-points from complications. Needed complications include secret ID and code vs killing. Also, the heroes in 9th or 10th grade, add Minor (under 16) Frequently, Minor. It is worth 10 points. Close is fine. It doesn’t have to be exact.
  7. Yes, I'm still looking for players. Characters are teens and young adults.
  8. I'm using my own version of an updated San Angelo with Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood and the southwestern part of its Shadyside neighborhood servicing as the basis for the University Commons. The city's Shinto shrine is now in that neighborhood, too, along with UMC Children's Hospital of San Angelo. UMC also owns The Saint Mary's Hospital System. Samuel Brackett City Park is based primarily on Pittsburgh's Highland and Schenley Parks and the Justice Foundation Headquarters, along with the superteam base, is now in University Commons.
  9. I hope to start the campaign by Saturday.
  10. I would like to start the campaign by this coming Saturday.
  11. San Angelo County is Solano County. The Del Oro River Delta is where it empties into the Sacramento River, just two miles above the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, or California Delta, an expansive inland river delta and estuary in Northern California at the western edge of the Central Valley that lies just east of where the rivers enter Suisun Bay.
  12. Any idea which county in Northern California's Central Valley could be San Angelo County?
  13. This is what we’re given about Coastal City in the 3E module Atlas Unleashed. Items in [] are my additions. Coastal City Bay [the harbor?], Coastal City Museum of Fine Arts, the swank Birdmore Hotel, Coastal Metro Power Company, Wayne Air Force Base (located outside Coastal City), overburdened freeway system, [Intersection of] Navigation Boulevard and Loop Highway, one of the many factories that line the channel [a river that either feeds the harbor or connects the harbor to the bay], nearby NASA telemetry station, Old Military Road leads to the air force base.
  14. Yeah, especially since K-Mart is closing many of its stores. The city I mentioned above is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, my home town since was an infant.
  15. Okay. What about this? The Justice Foundation bought out the former Kaufmann's Department Store building. The first few floors are retail. The Justice Foundation itself occupies floors five through 10. The Justice Foundation superhero teams occupy the top floors and the two sub-basement levels. The lowest has the pool, gym, and locker rooms. In truth, a Target is going into the first floor of the building.
  16. I, too, would like to see a more detailed map of San Angelo. In my just ended San Angelo campaign, University Commons was based on Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood and the southwestern part of Shadyside while Highland and Schenley Parks were the basis for Samuel Brackett City Park and the University Medical Center had bought Saint Mary's Hospitals and the Children's Hospital of San Angelo.
  17. I'd planned to use San Angelo, California with San Angelo County replacing Solano County. In that case, Del Oro County would replace Napa County.
  18. I was thinking about placing it north of Jenner, but south of Plantation. If that doesn't work, it'll be in Mendocino County.
  19. Quite true, Dean. The bridges play an important role in the city’s transportation system. Without bridges, the region would be a series of fragmented valleys, hillsides, river plains, and isolated communities. The Cathedral of Learning has been renamed Stewart Hall. While Heinz Chapel and the Steven Foster Memorial Hall aren't on the same block, they are nearby. Pitt itself becomes UC Coastal City while CMU becomes California State University Coastal City.
  20. I'm going to be using Coastal City from the 3E book Atlas Unleashed. Although it's in Sonoma County, California, I's actually modeled on my home town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  21. While I'm not sure if she's a villain, we could add a 20th century version of Xena, with the same weapons and armor and substituting him for Gabrielle.
  22. What about a female harlequin jester whose juggling balls and clubs are knockout gas grenades?
  23. Fox Brat could be one of them. She's the rather snooty daughter of wealthy parents who are always away somewhere, leaving her in the care of their kind-hearted housekeeper. One night, our snooty teen discovers the entrance to Foxbat's lair and, somehow, downloads his memories and personality into her brain. Now, I have to think up a few more.
  24. I like Fox Brat as a character. I see her as a rather snooty teenage girl who is disliked by the "popular" girls at her high school.
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