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  1. "I don't know," Doreen replies. "However, if there are wealthy patrons at the play, their houses might be targeted by burglars."
  2. Jo Anne and Andrea stop by the guard's desk and Jo Anne says, "Some of the Stage Crew members are staying late to make repairs to the stage lighting." At that moment, Annette and Monica, both in black, arrive at the desk from their swim team practice. "We should join them," Annette says. "Agreed," Monica says. "Fine," the guard says. Jo Anne and Andrea leave the building.
  3. "Yes," Doreen replies, waving to Judy. "Don't stay too long." "We'll try not to," Sharon replies as she returns. "Hopefully, it's just a loose connection."
  4. "Circuit breakers for second electric are now off," Judy says. "There are three pair of electrician's work gloves rated for 1,000-volts in the electronics tool case. The line voltage to the lights is 120-volts. Sharon's also bringing safety goggles."
  5. "Right," Doreen says. "Work lights coming on and stage lights coming off," Judy calls out before flipping switches and adjusting dimmers. "Judy, while I get the electronics tools and safety goggles will you pull the breakers for the second electric?" Sharon asks. "Sure," Judy replies.
  6. "Sure," Doreen says. "Judy and I are staying over to repair the second electric," Sharon says. "I'll notify school security that you're going to be here for a while," Jo Anne says. "Thank you," Judy says. "You're welcome," Jo Anne says.
  7. "Dress rehearsal's in two days," came Sharon's voice from the lighting board. "Play's day after that." She sighs, then adds, "Meanwhile, I have to fix a fault with the second electric and the needed drapes and set pieces are going to be picked up tomorrow by Jim Reese, the Stage Crew's student head." "Everyone, clear the stage," Jo Anne says. "Lights are being lowered from the fly loft." Once everyone is clear, she says, "All yours, ladies." "HEADS UP!" Judy calls out. "LINESET 6, SECOND ELECTRIC, BEING FLOWN IN!" She lowers the bank of lights to three feet off the stage floor, then locks it in place. "All yours, Sharon."
  8. "I know." Doreen unzips the cocoon. "Need a hand with the dress?"
  9. (Drama Club members have at least some familiarity with stage makeup due to Mehron Mini-Pro® Student Makeup Kits club members purchased. Jo Anne suggested that additional supplies could be purchased from either the local drug store makeup aisle or a local makeup supply house.)
  10. Jo Anne came over to where they were. "While the Disney folks aren't here to cover the play, we do have a visitor," she said, pointing to where Andrea Joy, R.N., the redheaded school nurse, stood by one of the doors. As usual, she wore wine-colored scrubs.
  11. "I'm fine, my love,"Doreen replies. "The Disney folks might send a photographer to document the play, but they also might send one to document Annette either competing in a swim meet, or swimming, with Monica, as a mermaid. They may even want to photograph Judy and Sharon working on stage crew."
  12. "True, but it gives the illusion that it restrains you, which is all that's required," Doreen says.
  13. "It restricts the arms a lot more than the legs," Doreen replies.
  14. "That was the style of dress then," Doreen replies. "The cocoon may be to hinder your arms more than your legs. I don't know."
  15. "Thanks," Doreen says. "I think wardrobe wanted people to know that the characters were being played by people of the opposite sex." (Although Doreen speaks with a Japanese accent, I'm not writing her part with one.)
  16. Miss Carol Marcus, formerly an English teacher and now the activities director, enters and walks over to Jo Anne Forbes, who is sitting in the audience near the edge of the stage. She says, "I checked the athletics schedule. While the swim teams are currently practicing, there are no meets scheduled for when your play is on." "That's good news," Jo Anne says. "Yes," Carol says before exiting. (Annette, one of Rob's fellow Mouseketeers, and Monica, AKA Arachne, are on the school's women's swim team.)
  17. "Okay," Doreen says. She walks over to the wardrobe master.
  18. (Very cool!) "You two are good," Jo Anne says. "Keep up the good work." At that moment, Judy Kaplan, looking somewhat like a cat burglar, descends the ladder from the above-stage catwalk. "Everything looks good," she says.
  19. "Okay," Doreen says. "Fortunately, I'm a quick study. Let's practice the duet."
  20. "Got it in one," Doreen Mariko Tanaka laughs. Jo Anne Forbes passes her a script. "Thank you, Miss Forbes." "You're welcome." Doreen goes to one of the one of the four wooden armchairs in the stage left wing, sits, and begins to study her script. (There are four wooden arm chairs in each stage wing that are used when speakers need to be seated on stage.)
  21. "He's one of your fellow Mouseketeers, and a member of the Drama Club," Jo Anne says. "In fact, I think half the Mouseketeers are in Drama Club, and I know two that are on the Stage Crew." "Going to check something topside," Judy says as she heads for a ladder that will let her go into the stage catwalks. "Understood," Jo Anne says.
  22. "The Disney folks already okayed it," Jo Anne replies with a smile. "We're still casting the hero. Before I forget, I asked Mark Stein to act as makeup artist for the males."
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