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  1. TWELVE BUCKS?! Jebus! You wanna take my horses, and the rest of the stagecoach, too?! No, I'm kidding. Her birthday is in September. How big is the print? Is the size variable? I'm seein' it floated on a matte, under frameless glass, hanging in the living room. Whooo!
  2. STORN -- Dude! How are ya? I like your stuff, here. But then you know I'm a fan, so it kinda figures. Don't worry about people not liking palettes. More to do with one's natural aesthetics than with your skill. About that piano picture -- I told my wife the other night that when we get to be insanely wealthy, I'll buy her a print of it, and put it in the living room of our (future) super-cool house, 'cause she likes it so.
  3. Oh, yeh! I totally downloaded that .pdf a'ready. I ought to have looked at it. Arigato!
  4. So! Not having Horror Hero, how DO you do fright/sanity checks, ayway? Presence attacks of at least 6d6 when the Nightgaunts come down from the steeple, their leathery wings churning the air, shrill unintelligible cries rending asunder your very humanity? How good IS HERO for horror, by the way? It strikes me as a wrong fit. Enlighten me! ROTWANG! COMMANDS!
  5. URBWAR -- Thanks! I can only get better, huh? I hafta work today, else I'd finish the picture I started last night -- a villain named Voltang, who answers the immortal question: "What if Thor had a flail, and were a drunken, shirtless hobo?" Meantime, here's an uncolored, unstatted character naned Lorna Trent. She's a slinky, two-gunned precognitive chanteuse in exotic 1930s Shanghai, perfect for a Justice, Inc. game. In fact, she's good for ANY pulp game. I might stat her up on break at work today; I have GURPS stats for her upon request. I hope nobody minds that I said "GURPS".
  6. Belya Auri AKA "Ice Maiden" -- one of my wife's growing collection of HERO characters (of GURPS characters she has a Geek's Ransom). The human incarnation of Winter, and the Daughter of Mother Nature. Crazy, huh? Drawn by hand, scanned into and screwed around with Paint Shop Pro 5.0.
  7. A Purely Technical Question I have PSP 5.0, a scanner, some pencils and about 15 years' worth of trying to draw. I can sorta draw, so I'm part of the way to contributing. ("You can draw just fine!", says my wife, with finality. The Scotman's wife on Samurai Jack she isn't, but I'm inclined to agree with her lest she be angered.) Can anyone suggest a good way to prepare a B&W outline for coloring in PSP 5? All the online turorials I've found refer to using tools ("Load Channel as Selection" and such) that PSP 5 either doesn't have, or calls something else. Julie Dillon's old "How to Color your Manga Pics" tutorial is totally rad, but she's usin' Photoshop and I'm confused. Your help is appreciated. So appreciated, in fact, that if you help me, I'll post some half-arsed pictures of superhero-like thingamadoodles! EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out.
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