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  1. The closest that Craig has to a young sidekick is a teenage boy and girl (his godkids, the children of Frceknight III and Celestar) who occasionally share his adventures.
  2. Highly unofficial, but potentially useful. The Northern Guard.pdf
  3. Cap (Steve) Thor (Sigard Jarlson) Hawkeye (Clint) Captain Marvel (Monica) Captain Marvel (Carol) Scarlet Witch Black Widow Hank Pym/Antman Super Skrull (forcibly assigned, for conflict)
  4. Well, tried uploading it. I don't think that site is for me. Way too many hoops to publish, cut off the story mid-stream, and it looks like it has a shelf life. I write to avoid shelf lives!
  5. Alas, they're in indd and not doc, and fanfiction.net doesn't accept pdfs. It would be a lot of retyping for work that I'm not even sure would interest anyone over there.
  6. More fiction. Purge is the creation of @Reldin .Warning: Some not nice language. A stream of consciousness experiment. Inspired by some art I commissioned recently. (Art by Vincentius Matthew). ___________________ My town. I’d walk into fire for you, Vancouver. And today, I’m doing just that. And the fire strikes me, red as an angry sun. Holes burn in my uniform. Holes burn in my skin. The smell of human flesh, charred and toasting, wafts into my nostrils. Who are these people? The Men in black, armed with red lasers. Slipstreams of sunheat,
  7. I thought I linked this earlier, but I don't see it on the boards. For the patient with a lot of spare time on their hands. Apologies if I did link it earlier and I'm just too klutzy to find it. Omniback.pdf
  8. God save the Queen, who, while not perfect, is a pretty nice girl, even if she doesn't have a lot to say. And happiness to the royal couple, and to all the non-royal couples out there.
  9. While looking through old files, I found this one. It was a free download on the Blackwyrm site, but hasn't been available for years. A bit out of date, but shoulkd have mineable ideas. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zslTKkLkXIsvX5-Yjw3abNCGYZoor0UC/view?usp=sharing
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