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  1. Sooo ... what, exactly, are you supposed to put into the 'Mental' and 'Physical' columns on the first page? With no instructions, one must be clear...
  2. It ... isn't very good. If 1 die is equal to 7.5 AP, 1 DC does not increase it by a die. The rounding in the spreadsheet gets done too often and too early.
  3. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares *laughs hysterically* +1 to you, sir - and I'd read it.
  4. Re: The Non Sequitor Thread Look, term, sixteen thousand iterations all say you're both boneheaded and wrong. It's computer fact, man, you can't avoid it.
  5. Re: Bullet Kata Which I, at least, don't have. Nexus, I'd personally go with the missile deflection/reflection with appropriate limitations to the target reflected into; after all, with sixty zillion people shooting at you, it gets harder every time...
  6. Re: Follower/Summon Question I'd add a minor additional disad to that EB -- 'Bear can do nothing (-1/4)' -- considering that it's supposed to be adding power to the EB. Otherwise, yeah, Split seems to have a good version.
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Holligan? You mean Hooligan?
  8. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I think I would've voted for yours instead ...
  9. Re: Archery shields? Mmmm. DCV bonus, OIF (since it's strapped on) ... I suppose. Smart archers use Force Wall, OAF Bulky.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... *laughs* That's perfect.
  11. Re: Assemble / Disassemble I think that if it was 'just' damaged, I'd still permit the Minor Transform; it is the equivalent of Healing. If it was totally shredded, compressed into a 4' cube, or whatever, then yeah, a Major Transform would probably need to be used -- but plain battle damage down to and below 0 Body (before its Negative Body) I'd say Minor.
  12. ... or vice-versa. You know the trick -- Lorna Dane catches a Dagwood knocked off the table, and not only does it not all spill, she puts it back together. That's just a TK trick; going off the bigger (combat) scale, Magneto completely disassembles a car -- or a suit of power armor. Then, three pages later, he puts it back together. What level of Transform would you put this at, Minor (not changing the 'reality' of what the thing is, after all) or Major (hey, it IS practically a killing attack)? My current build is thus: Take Apart: Major Transform 2d6+1 (Assembled into Disassembled), Invisible Power Effects, Source Only (Fully Invisible; +1/2), Partial Transform (+1/2) (70 Active Points); Limited Target Technological Foci / 'Restrainables' / Special F/X (-1/2), Variable Limitations (requires -1/2 worth of Limitations; Focus, Concentration, 1/2 Effect vs. Non-Magnetic; -1/4): Real Cost 40. On a similar vein, how would you build reassembling -- or more to the point, 'healing' a damaged vehicle? Healing (for people) costs 10 points per 1d6; that'd equate to a Minor Transform. Repairing something, it being a 'defense', should be less expensive than the original attack, right? Repair: Minor Transform 5d6 (Reassembly / Integrated Repair), Partial Transform (+1/2) (75 Active Points); Limited Target (Technological Foci / 'Restrainables' / Special F/X; -1/2), Variable Limitations (requires -1/2 worth of Limitations; Focus, Concentration, 1/2 Effect vs. Non-Magnetic; -1/4): Real Cost 43. How's this look?
  13. Re: Help with A Spell That looks about what he's looking for -- and what I'd design myself. Kudos on a spot-on design.
  14. Re: Order of the Stick Only if she gets a name.
  15. Re: Order of the Stick I'd say 16 Int, with both Wisdom and Charisma in the 14-16 range.
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