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  1. Years ago I ran a D&D game. As usual all the PC's were in the local watering hole. A dwarf (I think) comes up to them. Dwarf NPC: Excuse me gents, would you care to go on an adventure? (Ok, so I wasn't too inventive) PC's in unison: NO!! Dwarf NPC: Aw c'mon guys...please?!? Another amusing moment... GM (me): Ok so you do (dice roll) 8pts of damage * 6 (head shot)...hey...what's 8*6? Pete: Lots!! During a superhero game... GM(me): Ok, so he falls to the floor with a resounding thud...uh, Chris what are you doing this round? Chris: He's fallen to the ground? I get out and beat 'im in da' head!!
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