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  1. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I've always wondered why the dice-roll modifiers between HERO and GURPS were so different, even though they both use 3d6. I'd guesstimate that modifiers in HERO are about half as to what a GURPS modifier would be when describing a certain level of difficulty. GURPS will throw around -4 and -6 penalties to tasks pretty casually, whereas HERO modifiers seem more reserved (tasks of the -4 and -6 penalty will be of the -2 and -3 penalty for HERO). In my opinion, GURPS just overdoes it with the modifiers. Would be a pretty interesting discussion in de
  2. Re: Combat Tracking Chart A Combat Record Sheet is what I meant. Sorry for the misleading title, Steve; I wasn't sure what the name of the sheet was. I'll go check out the Online Store now, and thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. Greetings, everyone. Can someone be so kind as to put up a link to a Combat Tracking Chart of some sort? And is it possible to put this thread in a sticky so that it could be easily accessible to anyone needing such a chart? Thanks.
  4. Re: Eliminating Killing Attacks About the STUN lottery... IMO, I like the STUN lottery. Yeah, it's an extra die roll, but it's just one die that you roll. Yeah, you multiply, but multiplying is easy! Roll 3d6 and get 9 BODY, roll 1d6-1 (get a 4), 9 x 4 = 36. Easy. Also, you can interpret the STUN lottery roll as another form of hit location. A STUN multiplier of x1 probably hit the body or a limb, while a STUN multiplier x5 hit someone right in the head! Much more convenient than having to roll another 3d6 and looking at a chart (I want as little to do with charts as possible
  5. Normally, in HERO, powers that are not inherently invisible must be detectable by three sense groups. Sight and Hearing is obvious, but what's the third one...touch (like when you get hit by the power)?
  6. Hello, Steve. I know I've seen this topic somewhere, but I just can't find it. Well, I'd like to know when a character can use Healing on another character after Healing the maximum amount of character points worth of a characteristic. There is no mention of it in the power's description.
  7. Re: What do you think is the best way to balance armor use? Sorry if this post is taking the whole "armor is heavy and restrictive and adds body heat, etc.", but another way to make armor less effective (if you don't want to use hit locations) is by applying an Activation Roll. Armors that cover less of the body have a lower Activation Roll (which is rolled after the attacker makes a successful attack roll). Sure it's an additional roll, but it makes for more variation of armors instead of just how much PD/ED it provides. And that's all I have to say about that.
  8. Re: Using 1-second turns instead of SPD chart Yeah, 1-second turns seem to be too nit-picky. It seems that taking away the piece called the SPD chart would make the Jenga tower called the HERO system fall apart, at least when you micro-manage it in 1-second turns. I wonder how GURPS players deal with 1-second turns?
  9. Re: Fifth ed revised name? If FREd stands for "Fifth Revised Edition", why is everybody calling it FREd in the first place? Because it's revised from the earlier editions? That's what the "F" is for. But I admit, FEd does sound stupid (almost like FES from That 70's show, meaning "Foreign Exchange Student"). As a name to throw around, I think HERO Fiver sounds cool, and it makes sense, too. I've never really been big on FREd; HERO 5e comes more natural to me. As for page references, hmm...either Steve Long can go out of his way and give us the references for both HERO 5e and HERO Fi
  10. Re: OCV bonus or extra roll? What's wrong with the way Autofire works now? The better your attack roll, the more bullets land on target. If you want to talk about riddling a hex with bullets, that makes it an AoE attack, where the DCV is 3 (modified by range). If someone is in that hex, he gets hit, unless he Dives for Cover. It's that simple. If the operator of a firearm isn't a good marksman, autofire isn't going to make him much better. If the weapon has recoil, that'll cancel out the benefit of multiple bullets having a greater chance to hit than a single bullet. If the wea
  11. Re: Sidekick character sheet .pdf What is the diff errence between the Side kick character sheet . ... .... damn, my haiku was too long to complete! What I'm trying to say is "what's the difference between the Sidekick sheet and the regular FRed sheet?
  12. Re: Using 1-second turns instead of SPD chart Hmm, let's see here. Opinions opposing 1-second turns: check. Ideas contributing to 1-second turns: ... ... ... ... That about sums it up. I see that messing with the SPD chart is blasphemy to many HERO players out there. I can understand why; it IS a pretty neat mechanic that simulates speedsters really well. I had presented the idea of a power for M&M that would allow you to take more half-actions in one round to the M&M boards (to simulate the SPD chart more), and everybody hated it. Kinda like the old say
  13. How would you feel about using 1-second turns instead of the traditional SPD charts for combat? You'd have actions that would take no time at all, zero-round actions, full-round actions, and longer-than-a-round actions. SPD itself would probably be abolished, unless you had some power that would let you take twice (or more) full-round actions in a turn (good for simulating REALLY fast speedsters, but would be really expensive). As for holding one's breath, you could either prorate END loss per second, or just simply count END loss per 6 seconds (just like having SPD 2). Also, characters ca
  14. Hello, Steve. I have a question concerning how CSLs can be assigned to increase the damage of certain attacks. Normally, the rules state that it takes 2 CSLs to increase the DC of an attack by 1 (for heroic campaigns) or the BODY of a killing attack by +1 or the STUN of a normal attack by +3 (for superheroic campaigns). Do the CSLs being assigned have to be related to a specific attack in some way or can you just assign any 2 CSLs about the 2-pt. to increase the DC of any attack? For example, I have a character with 2 3-pt CSLs in Swords, Knives, and Axes and 2 3-pt CSLs in Pistols, Ri
  15. bushido11


    Re: Dante Don't forget that in DMC 1, there was a stage where you had to reflect the skeletal T-Rex's fireballs back at him, so Dante should have some Missile Deflection & Reflection. And he should have TF: Planes (that's how he leaves Mallet Island in DMC 1) and TF: Motorcycles (in DMC 2, if you don't already have it). About the Disad: Must flip coin to make major decisions, I don't think that's really a disad. After all, he knows it's a coin with heads on both sides, so he just does that for dramatic effect.
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