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  1. Re: Heroes Who Mess-Up Oh man oh man oh maaaan! Hancock could've been an honorary member of our group! Sad to say but true none the less. He woulda fit right in.
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Well for what its worth I only have three heroes on CoH now. I used to have more but deleted them. You can reach me @Hypothermic but I haven't been on since Halloween of 2006. Love the game still but it tends to distract me from getting anything done in RL like school, work, paying bills... Hypothermic Ice/Ice Blaster Lvl 45 Hazard Zone Invul/Earth Tanker Lvl 44 or 45, I don't remember honestly Pessum Dare Dark/Dark Scrapper Lvl 45 I may get back on again for a short time in the semi-near future. If I do I'll sound off here for an invite to the Heroboard SG. I didn't know there was one till now. Guess I should have though! I'm on the CHAMPION server BTW.
  3. You dont need IPE on extra BODY.
  4. Yeah guys and gals Shrike you outta put a warning on that thing so you don't inadvertantly scare someone not expecting to see our ugly mugs.
  5. Rook's views on his teammates:Chitin, Gravitic, & John Wrath. Chitin: Nice guy for a 7' tall bug(beetle). He's got determination, guts, and heart to match. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have a lot of experience under his belt for street fighting. Don't get me wrong I've seen him take on three super criminals at one time when he probably shoulda just let them go to fight another day but there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity in my book. Still he broke outta P.R.I.M.U.S. HQ and was never held accountable for his actions so he must have some friends in very high places. Something just doesn't add up with that guy, that's what bugs me, no pun intended. Gravitic: This guy read too many comics growing up and watched way to many movies. I mean he acts like he's one of those heroes in a movie based off one of those frickin comics! Who announces their name and their intentions to the criminals as their doing it?! I could not believe this guy was/is for real. "I get my powers from my SUPER-HUMANITY!" What in the world is that all about? It turns out though after spending some time around him that he isn't that bad after all. He bought me my first costume when I mentioned to the group I couldn't afford one on my own. So what if it's so silly I can't wear it in public. It's a fricking checkered board black and white spandex suit with a chess piece on the front! If the guys back home caught me in that I'd never hear the end of it let alone these criminals we've been running into and the other heroes running around town would never stop laughing. Don't get me started on the press, those vultures. Still it's the thought that counts, and I have yet to meet a "super-hero" as willing and eager to do the right thing as this guy. That counts for alot in my book. Agent John Wrath...of P.R.I.M.U.S.: You know my old man had a lot of respect for this guy back in his day. He used to tell me you have to admire a man who won't sell out his orginization no matter what, even if that man is standing in your way or interferring with your buisiness. I'm sorry pop but I just don't see it...I don't see what you saw in him. Maybe he lost it, maybe he got to old for the buisiness and shoulda retired a few years ago. Maybe he finally broke under it all, you put enough responisibility on a man and it will break him quicker and surer then anything else. I think he's past his prime and needs to move to Florida. From what I've seen he's afraid to take risks and unwilling to own up for his mistakes when other people get hurt because of them. I've also seen him nearly get himself killed needlessly twice now and he would have been killed if I hadn't saved him. Maybe I shoulda let him die, maybe that's what he wanted. He seems like he's got a beef with the whole world and thinks he's untouchable. Everybody's touchable. If he's one of the best P.R.I.M.U.S. has to offer then it's no wonder the feds are trying to cut their budget and any mook with a special trick thinks he can just do whatever it is he wants. Being on this side of the law is new to me but I think I see where these criminal bozos are coming from. I guess it really is like Father Mulcahey said..."God works in mysterious ways". God definately has a weird sense of humor thats fer sure.
  6. Our group has more famous quotes by fellow players then I can remember. However one quote in particular just wont seem to go away for us. It happened while I was DMing a nostalgia quest for our group... The Temple of Elemental Evil (not to be confused with Return to the ToEE). Anyways during one of the fights with a particularly powerful priest the said priest blasted this player with a spell which did close to or slightly over fifty pts of dmg. This player looks to the other players and seeing their looks of concern for his well being merely shrugs and says "It's ok guys! I only took a little over half my hit points from that ONE hit!" This was in the opening round of the combat too. The priest still had plenty of spells to throw down with, that was just the first. It will never be said that this player isn't overconfident in just about any situation and he doesn't even take the disadvantage for easy points either. Go figure.
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