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  1. Re: Mind Control and Mental Illusions Creating light always seemed kind of tacked on. Light isn't an Image, it's Light. Seems more appropriate for Change Environment to me. I know RAW it's Images, but again, Light isn't an Image. What I see: Images affects multiple people, one sense at a time. MI affect multiple senses, one person at a time. It's the same power made to work two different ways for no good reason.
  2. Re: "Outsider" perspective on Hero System Not necessarily.
  3. Re: Mind Control and Mental Illusions Mental powers overall seem to occupy a weird niche between generic effect and sfx. I'm kind of big on the idea of cutting down on needless Mental versions of similar powers. I can't see the utility of Ego Attack being separate from EB or RKA either.
  4. Re: "Outsider" perspective on Hero System Seems like a winner there. I will say I'm capable of making characters that are just too downright weird to fit well in the system as well.
  5. Re: Mind Control and Mental Illusions Still seems like we have two powers that essentially do the same thing though.
  6. Re: Really quite crazy campaign idea.... Sounds fun. I'd play it. Fantasy with Super Powers is one of my favorite uses for HERO, actually.
  7. Re: "Outsider" perspective on Hero System I have a little problem communicating sometimes, and had I thought any regular HERO players were going to read that post, I might have worded things a bit more diplomatically. The thing is, HERO doesn't quite do Universal, it does HERO. It has a very specific framework and it's a great game, I never said it wasn't. But what HERO does best at the end of the day is HERO, and I think other senior members of this same board who love the game quite dearly have said as much. My examples were bad, and I apologize for that.
  8. Re: "Outsider" perspective on Hero System I'd like to point out that I have read it, but 1) It is a very big book and 2) I have a lot of other games to remember as well.
  9. Re: "Outsider" perspective on Hero System I do post on this board too guys.
  10. Re: Power Null Just as some thoughts on it... The Haitian doesn't seem to have to control the power directly or know someone is there to use it. He loses out on anyone with positive powers. So no healing, no being teleported, etc. It deactivates when he is unconscious. He's in no way immune to just regular bullets. Side Note: Is it possible to combine Damage Shield and Area of Effect?
  11. This is a pretty simple concept, but one I am both fond of and have struggled with in the system. I'm sure the solution is something basic, but even then, it'd be good to have someone eyeball the points. I'm fond of characters with linked damage. Some examples: Magician and familiar: If you hurt either the magician or the familiar, both take equal damage. Phylactery: The character has some object with his life force bound up in it. If it gets damaged, he's damaged too. I have a specific character in mind, and I can't really do him justice. I'd like to call out that this is supposed to be a bad thing (can get hurt by relatively defenseless thingie getting hurt), so I don't get my weakness represented as a 500 pt power or something. Thanks guys!
  12. Re: Hammerspace Either a HTH attack with Variable Special Effects and Physical manifestation, or Energy Blast with same, or RKA in Stewie's case, or Multipower, depending on how many effects they can pull. The standard hammer from nowhere is a relatively mundane HTH attack.
  13. Re: Mind Scan confusion Where does it say PCs have to be Human minds? The default is human, but I don't see where it's required.
  14. Re: Mind Scan confusion I greatly enjoy the Class of Minds rule. That's it. Carry on.
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