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  1. I'm playing an elf in a Fantasy Hero game, and the elven package deal includes ultraviolet vision. Everybody knows what IR does, lets you see heat. The GM and I are both wondering, what the heck would UV be good for? Does anybody know of a practical application for this other than some odd thing the GM decides "uh yeah, the elf can see it."?
  2. I didn't think I asked that right. Basically, when does a block occur, and how does it affect subsequent phases? I have a character being attacked- Can he block that attack if it is not occurring on his phase, or does he have to abort to it if it is not? What's confusing me is that someone can block and set their self up to strike first their next phase. But if it is an action that has to be aborted to if it's not their phase, then they can't strike first on the next one because they just used their next action by aborting to defend their self. Does it make sense what I'm asking? The idea of a defensive action that requires an attack roll is throwing me for a loop. Thanks Steve.
  3. I hope I ask this right. When Blocking in combat, does the action have to be in the same phase as the attack it's blocking or can it be used like dodge, to take effect until the next phase? Sorry, just coming back to playing after several years and scratched my head when I got this during my refresher course. Thanks!!
  4. What stat is used to determine the attack roll for Transform? Specifically, we're playing "A Night Out of the Rain" from FH Battlegrounds and one of the PCs volunteered his services to Ille Sorden, and thus will shortly be transformed into a Shadow by the Demon Minted Coin that he accepted. What would be used for the attack roll, Sorden's OCV or ECV, or is it something different because of the Trigger on the coin? Thanks!!
  5. Re: First edition Champions Cool, thanks! Okay, I have that, but the revised edition. I guess the "second edition" is really just a revised first edition. I'd still love to have an actual first edition though.
  6. Does any one have know what the first edition of Champs looks like? I'm getting some stuff to fill out my early HERO books, and I can't find an image of the first edition anywhere.
  7. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Testament- Practice What You Preach.
  8. Went to it for my occasional check in and found it. My computer didn't show whatever the big image was, but I saw the skeleton hanging by a noose.
  9. Re: SpaceCraft Miniatures... Yeah, some of those Terran ships are big hunks of metal. And they're all one piece, unlike the Kharadorn. Some of them are up to 6 pieces.
  10. Re: SpaceCraft Miniatures... I highly recommend the Cold Navy stuff. I have the Terran and Kharadorn fleets and they're beautiful. And their website is Xtreme-hobby.com. They have the size of all the minis there. And if I can throw up a plug for a friend's store, try Exodus Road Hobbies and Minatures at exodus-road.com. Great people that take good care of customers. They have Cold Navy.
  11. Re: Re-imagining the Star Wars universe. Okay, now that explanation I'll buy.
  12. Re: Re-imagining the Star Wars universe. I guess I'm just easy to please but I have very few gripes about the Star Wars movies. I've been an SW geek since I was 5 years old in 77. I've seen the people that hate the prequels and the Ewoks and I don't know, I guess I just see it as no matter what the annoying parts are it's still a continuation of the story and I get to find out what happens next in the big picture. So my opening diatribe out of the way, the things I would change are to get rid of the midichlorians. Let the Force stay mystical and mysterious, don't quantify it and explain it. It's like a joke, it's just not as funny when the punch-line is explained. And Jar-jar was a little annoying so axe him or at least get rid of his comic-relief factor.
  13. Re: Post your Cybernetics! Off topic and pretty late I know, but that's just gross! In a funny, cartoon sci-fi attack kind of way, but still gross. I rep you.
  14. Re: My group voted ... It's Star Hero! And hey don't forget about Terran Empire! Sorry it's my favorite setting book so far, gotta push it.
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